DVD Review : Falling Starr Wrestling presents Last Man Standing



We start the nights action with the MC Kyle Walker who hyped the crowd up for the night and gave the crowd a synopsis of the King of the Spartans tournament for the fans who may not know about it!

The first match of the night was between Shawn Simmons who according to the commentator is one of the finest prospects to come out of the Falling Starr Academy, He was hated by the crowd as boos rang around the venue. Shawn was facing ‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm who has wrestled all around the world and is in my opinion one of our best exports in the past 10 years, Jonny came out to a huge reaction from the Lynnsport crowd. Shawn started by smashing Storm off the corner to start his offence. Shawn wasn’t on top for long as his opponent used his experience to come back into the contest basically straight away! Shawn and Jonny had some outside exchanges with each other using various pieces of furniture such as the ring post and the steps, Jonny came back in with the offence to perform an arm drag to Shawn which allowed him to target the wrist of Simmons. Simmons cheated to get some offence on Storm and this continue with Storm getting offence and then Simmons coming back with an illegal move of somekind. He got the win to advance to the semi finals of the King of the Spartans tournament by using the dirty tactic in the end by low blowing and then pulling the trunks while he was pinning Storm.

The second match of the night was a tag team match between Sammi Baynz & Lola who were taking on the team of Liberty & Amy Lee Kramer. Baynz and Lola got a mixed reaction but Liberty & Kramer were definitely the fans favourites. Simmons joined Chris to call the Women’s tag team action and from the offset he sounded really charismatic doing commentary and he really shined through.  Liberty administered a tight wrist lock on Baynz but this was contoured by Baynz who came back with some awesome shots in my opinion. Liberty came back into the fold and tagged in Amy Lee Kramer who showed some great skill even though she is small. This made Baynz even angrier and she ended up coming back into the match with even more anger. Lola never got a look in and Baynz dominated her opponent without tagging her. Lola finally got a tag into the match and did the same to Kramer as Baynz did to her. After getting decimated by both women, Kramer found a way through and tagged Liberty who came in like a house of fire. Lola went back to decimating her opponent after Liberty’s spell with the offence but even this didn’t last long as Liberty came back and was angry and it showed as she wasn’t holding back. Kramer came in and did 2 tag team moves with Liberty, Kramer threw Baynz who was trying to help Lola off the rope which allowed Liberty and Kramer to pick up the victory!

The next match was between Karn who was facing ‘Dark Wolf’ Matt Walters in the King of the Spartans Quarter Final! Karn was hated by the Lynnsport crowd while Matt Walters was loved by the fans and this showed as he went round tapping everyone’s hand and I mean everyone whether they were in front or back row on the seating. The match started and it was obvious that Karn would have the offence from the start because of his size! Matt Walters though was really valiant from the start and wasn’t fazed by Karn’s obvious size and strength advantage using his high-flying ability to take out Karn. Even though Karn is huge, He allowed Walters to use all these moves when he should have got him at the start to get the 3 but whenever Walters got knocked down it hyped him up even more to come back ten times harder at Karn and I was really impressed with Matt Walters because of this and this match made me a huge fan of him. Karn even though he had the upper hand on many occasions couldn’t match the speed of Walters, Walters got Karn when he was on the top rope and superplexed the giant to get the 3 count and advance to the semi-finals of the King of the Spartans tournament!

The next match was a singles match between two former tag team partners Furio and ‘The Intergalactic Cowboy’ Kenny Mac. The stipulations were that if Furio loses the tag team has to reform and if Kenny Mac loses he will leave FSW for good! Furio was hated by the crowd but I loved his look I have to say, From his entrance he had the look of former WWE/ECW superstar Kevin Thorn. Kenny Mac was loved by the crowd, everyone was doing his dance and wearing his merchandise. The match started with back and forth stiff shots, It then spilled to the outside where Kenny continued to dish out punishment to Furio. The match then came back into the ring and the match went back to being back and forth with both men dishing out equal punishment to one and other. Furio took control and dished out some ferocious kicks to different parts of Kenny Mac’s body and for a while he was on top and didn’t let Kenny Mac do anything in the match. Kenny Mac came back with a samoan drop to Furio which was followed up with a few clotheslines and a great DDT. This was followed up by an elbow drop from the top rope. Furio came back with a great submission move which covered his biceps which was really impressive. Kenny Mac powered out from the submission which was so impressive. Furio then tried to kick him but Mac countered with a Mac 10 but Furio powered out when it looked like he would lose to Kenny Mac. Furio hid under the ring then came out the other side and tried to spit mist into Mac’s eyes but Mac ducked which meant that it was spat in the referee’s eyes, Mac followed up with his finishing move the Mac Daddy but the referee couldn’t see which buyed Furio some time to then low blow and kick Kenny Mac in the head, he then pinned him but Mac powered out at the 2 count. Another kick in the head followed which surely would of knocked him out but he kicked out once again! Kenny Mac dodged another kick to the head and followed it up with a Mac 10 to Furio, This allowed Kenny Mac to pick up the victory and stay in Falling Starr Wrestling. Furio now has to team with Kenny Mac once again for 6 months!

The sub main event was an 8 man tag team match between Earl Jonathan Windsor, The Warden Phil Ward, Paul St.Christiopher and Ant Thraxx who were facing Charleston, Enchilado, Kyle Mason and Reem Supreme. The first team especially Jonathan Windsor were hated by the Lynnsport crowd while the second team were loved by the crowd at the Lynnsport. The second team were clapping the crowd with their backs turned which allowed Windsor, Ward, St.Christiopher and Thraxx to come from behind and perform a sneak attack on that team. The second team turned it around and came back into the match. From their both Charleston and Enchilado both used top rope manuveurs on the opposing team when they were regrouping on the outside of the ring.  Ant Thraxx  then dominated Reem Supreme with some amazing kicks but this didn’t last long as Reem Supreme came back into the match and eliminated Ant Thraxx. It was then Jonathan Windsor who kneed Reem Supreme in the head to eliminate him which happened as soon as Thraxx was eliminated. Kyle Mason then came into the match and attempted a school boy pin on Jonathan Windsor which he kicked out of. He followed this up with a great submission move but was distracted by Phil Ward so he knocked him off the apron which allowed Windsor to find a way through to tag in Phil Ward. Phil Ward kneed Mason in the back and then tagged Christopher in which allowed Christopher to then go and suplex Mason. Mason just didn’t quit though and didn’t allow Christopher to pin him for the 3 count. Windsor then came back in and smashed Mason in the back which followed up with a knife edge chop. Mason DDT’d Windsor from there but Mason was too tired to pin which allowed Windsor to tag in Phil Ward. Mason tagged in Charleston who came in like a house on fire beating up everyone that came in his way. Charleston tagged in Mason who attempted a top rope move, Windsor tried to grab his leg but Mason kicked him away, The rope was then shook which made Mason fall onto the mat. Phil Ward then pinned Kyle Mason to eliminate him. This really fired Enchilado up and he came in like a house on fire really hyped up because it was his first time in the match and he was basically the fresh man in the team. St Christiopher was tagged in and was arm-dragged a few times by Enchilado which was followed up with a leg drop which was followed by a pinfall to St. Christiopher which means he was eliminated. The Warden then came back into the match and was leg dropped by Enchilado and it looked as if the other team would be down to only 1 man but Jonathan Windsor came back in and saved The Warden. Enchilado was eliminated by The Warden after a knee to the head by Jonathan Windsor when the referee wasn’t looking meaning it was the Warden and Jonathan Windsor vs. Charleston. Windsor and Ward thought it would be easy but Charleston took both men out with 2 Fameassers. Phil Ward (The Warden) was eliminated by Charleston after the Fameasser. The Warden distracted the referee which allowed a knee to the face to Charleston and the win for Earl Jonathan Windsor’s team!

The main event was a Last Man Standing match for the FSW World Title between ‘The Pitbull’ Bulk and Jimmy Starr.  Bulk was hated by the FSW crowd and Jimmy Starr was obviously loved by the crowd and everyone went to go and tap his hand on his way to the ring. 

The match finally started after about 7 minutes of chanting and taunting. Bulk had the obvious size advantage especially with the fact that that he is the UK’s largest wrestler and that showed from the very start as whenever Starr tried to get Bulk down, Bulk just used one finger and shoved him over. Starr kneed him in the downstairs area and found a way to basically power down the big man. Starr smashed Bulk in the head with a baking tray dazing Bulk and allowing him to get the upper hand. He then smashed him with a crutch which showed that using weapons against Bulk can get an upper hand on the big man and trying to get him down in other ways such as trying to clothesline him will not work at all. Starr tried this and got knocked down; Bulk then smashed him with a baking tray and got Starr to a count of 3.  Bulk was spewing buckets of blood from his eyes and lip which showed the toll that the shots to the head with the baking tray took to his body. Bulk continued to assault Starr using a paint canvas and then a hot drink to the face. Bulk gave Starr a bear hug but Starr fought back with a few chops to the chest and then a clothes line into the corner. Starr then opened a bag to unleash a Number 10 bowling ball which he rolled into Bulk’s downstairs area punishing Bulk for what he did to him. Bulk came back and smashed Starr with a pink chair to the back. Starr was down for 8 and then he got up once again but again was met by the chair. Starr pull himself up on Bulk but again was met by the chair this time to the chest and back. Bulk rolled over onto Starr which was sure to make Starr stay down but he got back up and smashed his head onto an open chair. Starr smashed him again with a closed chair which made an already dazed bulk fall onto the floor. Both Starr and Bulk were getting counted to 10 and Starr was the only one who got up which meant that he was the new Falling Starr Wrestling champion!

Summary : Rating 9/10 My first taste of Falling Starr Wrestling was in my opinion one word amazing! All the matches were great and considering I only know three men on the card Bulk, Jonny Storm and Earl Jonathan Windsor, I come away from this DVD with some new names etched in my memory and ones I will be sure to look out for in the future. The only complaints I have from the DVD is that is that some of the time you couldn’t really hear the announcer that well but apart from that an amazing DVD in all

The commentary was great and really added to the DVD! Having Shaun Simmons on commentary was a masterstroke as he was really into it and gave good knowledge and insight! The production values were really good from the match graphic before the matches to the logo on the matches at the bottom it really make this promotion look really professional!

I would whole heartedly recommend this DVD to anyone whether they are new to the British Wrestling scene or a veteran to the business well worth a buy and a watch! Finally thanks very much to Falling Starr Wrestling for providing this DVD for me to watch and review! I really appreciate it and I hope this is something I can do more of in the future

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