Documentary Review : Supermen : A Story of British Wrestlers.


Supermen: A Story of British Wrestlers. is a documentary film that explores what a life in British wrestling is like. In the film, wrestlers with ages ranging from 17 to over 60 discuss their involvement in wrestling, and how it has changed and shaped their lives. The film intercuts between wrestlers of differing ages, experience and backgrounds to create a dialogue and give a full picture of the whole experience. The topics covered include injuries, sacrifices, family and relationships, the dream of going to
America and more. Some of the wrestlers featured include Dave ‘Fit’ Finlay (WWE, WCW, WoS), Doug Williams (TNA), Robby Brookside (WoS, NXT trainer), Rockstar Spud (TNA), Joel Redman (WWE NXT as Oliver Grey), Danny ‘Boy’ Collins (WoS) and many more from all across the UK. The film was shot in 2012 over the course of a year, and was entirely self funded by the production team.
This included filming at numerous British promotions, including Southside Wrestling, New Scene Wrestling and BritWresFest.
I offered to do a review of the documentary as I wanted to get involved in reviewing a documentary that looked amazing in every sense of the word!
From the start i thought the documentary was outstanding from the production to the interviews. It was one of the best Wrestling documentaries I have seen in a long time. Every single person made sense being there as they are all huge parts of the British Wrestling scene from Jimmy Meadows who is at the young end of the spectrum to Robby Brookside who is a British Wrestling legend and a veteran in the business. It was a well spent time watching this as I learnt a lot from these interviews! I recommend this to any wrestling fan whether you know it all or are just starting out in the business as you can learn a lot from everyone who took part in the interviews. I cannot wait for everyone else to see it and hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did.
The film will be released online in early April (full date will be made available week commencing 17th March). It will be made available for free through the official website ( and hosted on YouTube. Viewers will be able to ‘tip’ money via PayPal which will help go to covering the costs of production. Donating £5 offers the viewer a physical copy of the standard edition DVD to be released in May. Donating £10 offers the viewer a physical copy of the Collector’s Edition DVD also to be released in May. Adding £2.50 to any of those offers will upgrade them to BluRay HD versions.
The standard edition DVD/BluRay will feature a standard copy of the film. The Collector’s Edition DVD/BluRay is a double disc pack that comes with the standard copy of the film, and a bonus second disc with additional full interviews of Rockstar Spud and Dave
Finlay, and additional match material. There is potential for these extras to change, depending on viewer feedback.
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