DVD Review : Tidal Championship Wrestling presents WipeOut! 2014


This is my 2nd DVD review from the good people down at TIDAL Wrestling. I loved the last DVD and with the addition of having the choice of commentary on this one it made it even better from the offset.

We started off with the Tidal Wrestling preview which is available on the YouTube channel right now.

The first match of the night was between ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero and Noam Dar. We started off with the usual Noam Dar shenanigans and that’s what i see in a promotion such as this where Noam is allowed free reign because of the fact it is not a family-friendly show which is good to see. Noam had the initial offence on Ligero but soon this switched the other way and Ligero dictated the pace over Dar for that period in the match. Even though both men did have equal offence on each other, Ligero dictated the offence of the match, I think Ligero brought his high flying skill to the table while Dar brought his technical but mostly comedic offence to the table which allowed both men to gel in this environment.  This match was won by El Ligero who won by pinfall who achieved this after a C4L. Overall in my opinion this was a great opener and allowed both men to have that comedic free reign that you wouldn’t normally see in a match between the two at a family friendly promotion.

The next match was a British Bombshells Four Way between Kay Lee Ray who I have said before is the best female wrestler in the UK currently, Pollyanna, Lana Austin and Violet O’Hara. The first two women in the ring were Kay Lee Ray and Pollyanna. KLR started off by dishing out huge amounts of punishment to Pollyanna. Pollyanna escaped this and it was equal offence from there on out. Violet O’Hara came in off the tag of Pollyanna and Lana came in off the tag of Kay Lee Ray. Violet and Lana both had equal offence but Pollyanna was tagged in again after Violet being irish whipped onto Pollyanna. Lana didn’t know and was slammed down by Pollyanna. Pollyanna attacked Lana and even though Lana got a little bit of offence, Pollyanna continued to dish out the punishment but Lana was hyped up by the crowd and came back into the match. Kay Lee then came into the match and performed a dive to the outside onto Pollyanna and Violet O’Hara. Lana then performed a dive of her own of the top rope onto the other 3 competitors of the 4 way. All four competitors made their way to the ring and attacked each other. Kay Lee was thrown out of the ring which led to Lana and Violet double teaming on Pollyanna which then led to Pollyanna performing a double submission on Lana and Violet which in my opinion was really impressive. Kay Lee Ray ended up winning by pinfall after a moonsault off the top rope onto Lana Austin. After the match Violet O’Hara came and attacked Kay Lee Ray which led to a match on March 8th at Spring Storm in Darlington.

The next match was a tag team match was between NGW’s own The Proven (Sam Wilder and Caz Crash) taking on ICW’s own The Bucky Boys (Stevie Xavier and Davey Blaze). The match started with Sam Wilder and Davey Blaze, Sam got the headlock on Davey which was then contoured by arm drag’s and clotheslines. Stevie and Caz then came in and Stevie had most of the offence and I was really impressed by his high flying skill and this match in general was one that was really fast paced and one that I really enjoyed watching. Davey and Stevie performed an impressive dive to the outside onto Crash and WIlder. Wilder irish whipped Blaze into the ring post which then led him to take him into the ring and him and Crash beat him up even more. Wilder got tagged in and continued to dish out the punishment to Davey. Davey came back into the match but was soon being beaten up again by the Proven. Stevie came in but the Proven’s Caz Crash kicked him when he was performing a move on Sam Wilder. Both men did the same as what they did to Stevie as they did to Davey using raw power and strength to beat the hell out of Stevie. Stevie was hyped up by the crowd and tagged in Davey which allowed him to get some revenge on Sam and Caz. I was really impressed by all 4 men and especially with the Bucky Boys this match showed me what everyone raves about. In the end The Bucky Boys won after performing a double team move on Sam Wilder.

The next match was another tag team match between 4 of my favorite wrestlers in the UK currently. First of all the team of Matt Myers and Liam Lazarus and second of all the team collectively known as Flips and Forearms, Mark Andrews and Pete Dunne. Myers and Dunne started off and Dunne had the initial offence against Dunne and even though Myers got out of Dunne’s move, Dunne was firmly in control against Myers. Lazarus and Andrews came in off the tag. Andrews was using the same technique as Dunne in terms of doing submissions and not allowing the opponent to get up but instead of just staying down like Myers, Lazarus got out of Andrews submission. Lazarus performed some impressive moves on Andrews and Dunne but was soon caught by the d0uble team arm stomp from the top rope. Dunne came in off the tag to perform suplexes to keep Lazarus down which allowed Andrews and then Dunne to come in and perform submission moves on Lazarus which were effective as they put Lazarus in a lot of pain and kept him down. Myers came in really hyped up and kept both men down. Andrews came back and performed a grounded 450 splash on Myers but this was then countered by kicks from Lazarus. Dunne came into the match and attacked both men and attempted a double team move on Lazarus but this failed and Lazarus performed a diving move of his own on Pete Dunne. Myers then performed a funny routine where for both men he put his middle finger up and shouted ‘F**k you’ and then ‘F**k you too’ and gave both men stunners. Pete and Mark then performed a double team move in the corner to Myers but Lazarus was not out and he attacked both men. They tried to pin the duo but were unable to. Andrews and Dunne won after a 450 splash from the top rope.

The next match was between ‘Big Bad’ Dave Mastiff and Rampage Brown. This match was hard-hitting from the start with both men getting equal offence. We had the usual Dave Mastiff where his opponent was trying to get him over and this was even the case in a match such as this one where both men are two of the biggest in Europe today but it wasn’t the usual squash match as Mastiff was trying to get Brown down as well. The match spilled to the outside where both men were beating the living heck out of each other and it even spilled out to the bar where Brown put on a Ligero shirt and he got obliterated onto the merchandise table by Mastiff. It went back into the arena and it didn’t stop once which huge amounts of punishment being dished out by both men. In the end Rampage Brown won by hitting the Samoan Drop on Mastiff and then smashing him to the ground.

The main event of the show was between Grado and ‘The Showstealer’ Nathan Cruz. Grado was his usual comedic self and was loved by the crowd but Nathan just didn’t get it which made it even funnier. The start of the match included them showing off their muscles and a test of strength. Nathan started off by countering out of an armbar administered by Grado. Grado then countered out of the armbar administered by Nathan and this was a common theme throughout the match where Nathan would work  on the arm of Grado. Nathan of course was the more serious of the two and this match worked perfectly as it was a mix of comedic in Grado and serious in Nathan Cruz. It was good from Tidal Wrestling to put Grado and Nathan in the main event as you had the more serious wrestling to start off with earlier and then you finish off with the frankly hilarious Grado to end the evening on a high. In the end Grado won via an F5 to Nathan Cruz. A great match to cap off a great show!

My thoughts – Rating 10/10 I don’t have any growns about this show at all! Amazing from start to finish! Once again the production by IMedia Productions was amazing so hats off to them, I loved the vibe of the crowd and I could imagine if i was there it would have been even bigger, I cannot wait to review the next DVD they release and I would advise everyone to go and pick it up!

Buy your copy here on DVD or Bluray for the price of £10 or £12 : tcwrestling.bigcartel.com

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