Interview : Michael Dante



Photo Credit : Brett Hadley used with permission!

1.First of all, please describe yourself to the readers?

My name is Michael Dante, Professional Wrestler from Amsterdam, Holland. 1 half of the Sumerian Death Squad. Current SouthSide tag team champ and ICW tag team champ.

2. Were you into wrestling growing up and if so who were your heroes?

I´ve been interested in wrestling practically all of my conscious life. I guess my favourites would have been: Benoit, Eddy Guerrero, Saturn and Dean Malenko.

3. How did you get involved in Wrestling, who were you trained by and how was your experience in training?

I started training Professional Wrestling when I was about 14/15 years old. I was first introduced to Dutch Wrestling Federation. An old promotion which started in Den Haag.

4. You have wrestled for WXW since 2005 as Anthony Zeus and now Michael Dante, how has your experience been so far in WXW, what has been your favourite match so far in WXW and what would you like to accomplish next in WXW?

My experience in wXw has been great so far. It has been such a huge platform so I am very gratefull for that. My best/most fun match… There are so many. Wrestling with Dave & Jake Crist is probably one of the funnest.

5. Of course you and Tommy End team together as the Sumerian Death Squad, who had the idea for you and Tommy to team and what makes you and Tommy different to other teams either in Europe or even the world?

We’ve had the idea from way back, as we’ve already tagged quite early on, without much succes. I think we needed to grow more as persons to actually make our tag team work as well as it does now. I think the way we look at wrestling and our own personality’s makes us unique.

6. Talking about the Sumerian Death Squad, you won the Southside and ICW tag team titles last month how did it feel to win these titles, what is your opinion on British talent and who do you think are the best wrestlers in the UK and finally do you have a message for any teams who are after you and Tommy’s titles?

It feels great to have 2 titles from great promotions such as SouthSide and ICW. It’s always fun working with them. The british scene is filled up with talent and loads of fun guys I consider to be very good friends of mine. I think making a small selection would be cutting a few other people short. So i’m just going to keep it a loads of talent!

7. You wrestle for Big Japan Pro Wrestling and have for a few years now, do you think its refreshing going to a country with a different style and was it a bit of a culture shock when you first went over there?

It was a MASSIVE culture shock for us. We’re from a very sober down to earth country and Japan is such a contradictory to our country. It was very fun and cool to actually wrestle with guys who have such a different outlook to wrestling and who actually do this 7 days a week on a busy touring schedule.

8. Where can the readers find you and how can promoters get hold of you for bookings?

You can look me up on Facebook (Michael Dante) to read all my day-to-day shenanigans and also mail me on there for future possible bookings.

9. Have you got any dates, links or projects you wish to plug?

Some days are always worth mentioning. Look for our future matches at wXw, SouthSide, ICW and Pro Wrestling Showdown. Lots of TAGS going on in the future!

10. Finally have you got a message for both the readers who may not have knew you and the fans who have stuck by you?

For people who did not know me yet, take a second to look me up and maybe come to an event that I’m on. For the trusted fans who have stuck by me from the get go.. Stick around!

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