Interview : Alexander Croft



1. For those who don’t know you, please describe Alexander Croft?

Alexander Croft is the ‘Brains and Beauty’ of professional wrestling. He may not be the biggest or the strongest guy out there, but don’t be fooled by his over the top entrance and attire as he’s very smart and vindictive; he knows how to get into his opponents head and he’s quick thinking on his feet, able to take down any opponent.

2. When did you first start training and who were your trained by?

I first started training around three years ago when some friends and I went to a seminar held by Paul Malen. Not long after that I began training with Paul every week.

3. Did you watch wrestling growing up and if so who were you heroes?

I watched it on and off growing up as every kid does but it wasn’t until late 2002/2004 I really got hooked. I always preferred the underdogs; I was never a big fan of the main event guys. I was a huge fan of John Cena when he first started doing the Doctor of Thuganomics gimmick and I was always hooked watching Lita. She was a completely different Diva in her style and in-ring work. Both, I loved watching.

4. How is it working in Extreme American Wrestling?

I love working for EAW. They have an amazing set up with the pyro’s, lights and entrance way and the crowd they draw is great, they’re all loud and interactive, just what you want.

5. You have worked on EAW’s Over 18’s shows, do you think this allows you more freedom than in a family friendly show?

The atmosphere of the over 18’s show is completely different. It’s a different kind of rowdy crowd as a regular family show because everyone’s all getting drunk. I wouldn’t say it allowed more freedom; you just don’t have to hold your tongue as much as you would on a family show. Not that that’s stopped Alex Croft before!

6. What do you think of the current state of British Wrestling?

It’s blowing up and getting bigger and bigger. Everywhere you look there’s an event, big and small.

7. Who has your toughest opponent be?

Every match and every opponent is different. I’ve had many tough matches against completely different wrestlers.

8. What are your goals for 2014 in Wrestling?

To continue working hard at my craft and getting my name out there.

9. Where can the readers find you on Social Media?

@alexandercrofty on Twitter and Instagram, thenarcus on Youtube and!

10. Any dates you want to plug?

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