Interview – Kasey Owens



1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers?

Im one half of twin tag team The Owens Twins. Been wrestling for 5years now.

2. How did you get involved in Wrestling?

Was always a fan fr when i was little. But there was never any real opportunity for me to train. So inevitability i began backyarding shall we call it. Through this though I finally came across Alan Cunningham and his newly opened training school in Moneyreagh and started training with him and you can say rest is history.

3. You and your sister Leah are in a team together The Owen Twins, how does it feel to have your sister alongside you in the ring?

It has its ups and downs as you can expect and wrestling with your sibling. I love it because we have the inate ability to know what eachothers thinking and can work off that chemistry be it in singles action or tags. We support eachother through everything inside and outside the ring. to promos to coming up with new ideas etc.

4. You recently had a tour of Japan, how was this experience for you and is there a return on the cards?

The tour was singly the greatest experience wrestling career so far. It opened my eyes to how.wrestling truly is an art form of many styles in itself. From.IceRibbon were i worked promoting ProWrestling Happy to Reina showcases talents from all around the world. I certainly came into my own there and learned more about who I am as a person and my character Kasey is. Definitly a return on the cards.

5. What do you think of the current state of Women’s wrestling?

Thankfully it seems to be going the right way again. After the likes of Victoria and Lita etc came off tv screens it declined and became the “piss break matches”. Not the fault of all as many tried to keep the divas division legitamate but just didnt seem to cut it. Which had a detrimental affect on indy wrestling. Luckily for companies such as Shimmer female wrestling didnt disappear.or lose all credibility. And now with the likes of Paige coming up and showing what girls can do on mainstream. Im hoping that people will start looking forward to seeing the female matches on shows rather than taking a “piss break”. We train hard to put female wrestling back on the map and I hope it will continue its rise.

6. With you going to Japan last year, is there any other countries you would like to go and wrestle in and if so who would you like to wrestle in those countries?

While in Japan I wrestled two girls from CMLL at Reina. I would love to head to Mexico and wrestlr them again in either tag or singles. They are Zeuxiss and Vaquerita Vaque.

Of course I would love to head to the US and wrestle at Shimmer or Shine.

There I would love to get the chance to wrestle – Cheerleader Melissa -Jessika Havoc – Lufisto – Kelly Skater

7. How is it working in ICW?

Its a rollercoaster ride which I hope to be apart of for a long time to come. When I first stepped foot into an ICW ring in front of their fans at The Garage in Glasgow, the electricity in the air was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Theres something special going on there. Ive learned alot from the people who work there, from doing backstage promos to in ring. How to read the crowd snd perfect my skills. As it isnt your run of the mill show, if you make a mistake they are first ones to tell you. Ive met so many influencial people through this company learned alot from just watching the matches, how to build a credible storyline etc. Its a great place to learn and work as everyone is so supportive and welcoming.

8. You are from northern ireland but you haven’t wrestled there in a while as far as I’m aware, is there a return on the cards?

So far the only return i can see is visiting family and friends.

9. Where can the readers find you and where can promoters book you?

Facebook – Kasey Owens Twitter- @KaseyOwens5

To book me – email – Or The Kasey Owens Facebook page.

YouTube Kasey Owens

10. Any dates you wish to plug?

JUNE 8TH -Fierce Females

July 5th – RCW Hell Girls

July 6th – British Empire Wrestling

Please go and support Kasey by going to the handles and links in question 9! Doing this is supporting one of the best Women’s wrestlers in the world today!

Go and support #BWR!

Facebook –

Twitter – @BritWresRevival

Shop –


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