DVD Review – Tidal Championship Wrestling presents Release the Kraken!


Welcome to my 4th Tidal Wrestling DVD review! This time it’s Release the Kraken which took place at the Cockpit in Leeds on Sunday April 13th 2014!

To start the DVD we got the usual TCW promo showcasing the product!

Our first match of the DVD is between Dara Diablo taking on Liam Lazarus. Lazarus got chants to start the match off, he then went for a handshake to be met by spit to the face from Diablo who looked to be playing a more heelish character than his normal persona. Both men locked up with Lazarus pushing Diablo into the corner. Lazarus then proceeded to roll up a distracted Dara Diablo which nearly got him the victory. Both men then locked up again and this time it was Dara who got the upper hand pushing Liam into the corner. This followed with an irish whip sequence which was ended by a kick to the face by Lazarus to Diablo. Lazarus got Diablo up taking him to each turnbuckle and smashing his head of it. Lazarus got Diablo on his shoulder for a firemans carry but instead of performing that he spun him round making him dizzy in the process. Liam then used this to his advantage performing a suplex to Diablo. Liam was attempting a dive to Diablo who was outside the ring but Diablo came back into the ring and performed a clothesline to Lazarus. Diablo used Lazarus being grounded to his advantage by kicking him on the chest and also getting him up and performing a mexican uppercut. Lazarus tried to get back into the match but Diablo scouted him well and got the better of him performing more and more impressive moves which continued to wear him down more and more. This lead to Lazarus going to the outside of the ring which allowed him to get back into the match while Diablo was distracted. Diablo though again didn’t allow him to be in control and dodged out of the way of Lazarus who was flying towards him into the turnbuckle. Diablo continued to inject more punishment to Lazarus nearly winning the match on several occasions. Lazarus didn’t allow himself to be beaten though dodging out of the way of a Crucifix by Diablo. Lazarus then ducked a clothesline and then got even more fired up hitting forearms to Diablo. Diablo was sent out of the ring by Lazarus who performed a springboard dropkick which was then followed by Lazarus performing a really impressive dive to the outside onto Diablo. Diablo then kicked out of the pin which was followed by Diablo dropping Lazarus onto his head. Lazarus was surely out when Diablo got him on his shoulders for a firemans carry but he was spurred on by the TCW crowd and got out of it performing the Lazaslice to get the 3 count vs Diablo!

The next match was a British Bombshells match between Nixon taking on Lexi Reckless! Fearn Wai as always was the referee! Nixon started the match by slapping Lexi which of course angered Lexi, Lexi performed a double leg takedown and started fight her opponent on the floor. Fearn had to separate Lexi from Nixon, Nixon escaped from the ring. Lexi tried grabbing the hair of Nixon but Nixon escaped this and pulled her head forward so it would be off the rope. Nixon came back into the ring and started kicking and working on the legs of Lexi. Lexi got back up to be irish whipped round the ring and every time that happened Nixon forearmed her in the face. Nixon went for another one and Lexi then proceeded to dodge 3 clothesline then performing one of her own. Nixon held onto the ropes when Lexi tried irish whipping her which meant Nixon could perform a forearm smash to Lexi. Lexi went to the corner and every time Nixon came for her she used it to her advantage and kicked her. Lexi went for a schoolgirl pin and Nixon kick out at two, Nixon gave Lexi another forearm smash and after this Nixon took control once again dishing out the pain to Lexi. Lexi got back into the match and dodged clotheslines again from Nixon to perform an impressive dropkick. Nixon originally did take control of the match and even though Lexi did get back into the match she took control once again. Nixon focused on the legs of Lexi once again and It wore Lexi down. Lexi tapped by submission after Nixon rolled her over and performed the submission.

The next match was between Sebastian Radclaw and ‘Wild Boar’ Mike Hitchman. To start off with, Sebastian Radclaw led the crowd with a chant of Chlamydia and STD. Radclaw entertained the crowd by telling them a story about how to approach an animal in this case Wild Boar which angered Wild Boar. Radclaw finally entered the ring with caution leading the crowd with another chant of STD. The bell finally rang but the shenanigans from Radclaw didn’t end. Radclaw tickled him round the ear which prompted Wild Boar to perform an impressive suplex to Radclaw. Radclaw then performed his trademark gremlin dance which actually gave him a window of opportunity to dropkick Wild Boar. Wild Boar used being outside to his advantage and when Radclaw came for him off the apron he countered it getting back into the match in the process. The two men returned to the ring and Wild Boar continued to dish out more punishment to Radclaw which would take the wind out of him which would give him the upper hand. Radclaw got back into the match via the support of the TCW crowd but this didn’t last long and Wild Boar returned to dominance with a huge clothesline. Wild Boar then proceeded to work on Radclaw when he was on the ground performing some impressive headbutts to Radclaw.  Wild Boar started elbowing him in the face when Radclaw got back up again. The crowd chanted for the gremlin dance, Radclaw jumped over the rope and performed a flying clothesline to Wild Boar. Followed by a dropkick in the corner they then went over to the turnbuckle where he attempted it again, Wild Boar jumped over and Radclaw dropkicked him off the apron to the outside. Radclaw then performed a really impressive moonsault to the outside onto Wild Boar. Wild Boar did not give up and following dodging a frog splash he hit a package piledriver to get the 3 count against Sebastian Radclaw!

The next match was between Rampage Brown and ‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm! This was for the No.1 Contendership for the Tidal Wrestling championship! The two men locked up, Rampage Brown had the size advantage and in the opening exchanges overpowered Jonny. Jonny though was not fazed at all about the size difference and performed some impressive moves including an epic hurricanerana. Jonny then chucked him outside the ring which was followed by a dive by Jonny where he was caught by Rampage who went for a powerslam into the ring post, Jonny got out of it and Rampage ended up going into it. Jonny smacked him on the chest once and then tried it again but was countered by Rampage. Rampage then tried it and his hand was then smashed off the ring post. A fast paced sequence followed including arm drags which showed impressive ability and also put Rampage down to the floor which meant he could work on grounding him and dishing out more pain to Rampage. Rampage Brown came back into the match but Jonny returned to the helm of the match after performing a head stand which allowed him to give Rampage the submission he was previously giving him. Brown got back up and performed the same submission move Storm was performing on him before, Storm got out of this and got back into control but Rampage put the referee in the way which meant Rampage could punch Storm in the head. Rampage then used his size advantage to put Storm under a ton of pain for basically what Storm dished out to him. After this Storm never really got back into the match and Rampage performed a Samoan Drop to win the match and become the No.1 Contender to the TIDAL Wrestling Championship.

The next match was an Attack Pro Wrestling showcase between ‘White Lightning’ Mark Andrews and ‘Dynamite’ Pete Dunne. This was one of two title matches on the card and it was for the Attack Pro Wrestling 24:7 championship. Both men team with each other as Flips and Forearms having a successful tour in America back in 2013! They are of course the founding members of Defend Indy Wrestling! Both men locked up with Dunne getting the upper hand to start off with focusing on the forearm of Mark Andrews. Andrews did a flip and started focusing on the forearm himself. Dunne got out of this and started using the Boston Crab on Andrews very early on in the match. Andrews got his hand on the rope and started to get into the match more focusing on the forearm again which he used to get Pete Dunne grounded with an ankle lock. Dunne got out of this and both men came to a halt and locked up once more. Dunne got the upper hand and got Andrews got to the ground which allowed him to work the legs and administer an Indian Deathlock on him. Both men got up, Dunne tried an irish whip which was countered by Andrews who gave him an irish whip of his own. Dunne was clever and instead of coming back or going outside of the ring he got tangled in the ropes. This was then followed by a lot of pin reversals by the two men. Dunne and Andrews shook hands only for Dunne to hit Andrews with a stiff clothesline. Dunne continued to target the arm of Andrews. Dunne tried irish whipping Andrews only for him to jump over him and hit two arm drags in quick succession. This was then followed with a hurricanerana and a pin by Andrews who was finally getting his grip onto the match. Dunne got back up though and kept fighting, he hit Andrews with a kick to the midsection followed by an elbow to the throat. Dunne continued to focus on the throat when Andrews was grounded which was really clever in my eyes. Dunne got Andrews up and hit more kicks to the midsection followed by a nice powerslam off the Irish whip. Dunne continued to target the arm once more of Andrews following a pin which of course wore Andrews down.  Mark Andrews got back into the match once more in a similar situation to when he last got back into the match which was off an irish whip. He kicked him in the face and then he hit a spinning DDT on Dunne when he was dazed. Dunne tried to get revenge but Andrews was really hyped up which gave him the upper hand. Andrews hit a Northern Lights with a bridge followed by a corkscrew moonsault but could not get the 3 count. Andrews tried to finish him off but Dunne hit a superkick to Andrews which was a pretty good one at that. Andrews hit a jawbreaker to Dunne after Dunne had the upper hand after the superkick. This was followed by a hurricanerana off the top turnbuckle. Andrews tried a Shooting Star Press on Dunne but landed on his feet he tried this again but this time Dunne was up and when Andrews attempted it he got European Uppercutted in the face by Pete Dunne. Andrews followed a pumphandle attempt with an enziguri but Andrews was tombstoned by Dunne which Andrews kicked out of. Andrews finally finished it off with a shooting star press to get the 3 count and retain the Attack Pro Wrestling 24:7 title. Both men hugged it out and shook hands at the end of it. Nixon came out of nowhere and pinned Mark Andrews to win the title off him which put the 24:7 rule into full effect. Wild Boar then came out and hit the package piledriver followed by a pin to take the title from Nixon.

The next match was between The Proven (Caz Crash and Sam Wilder) taking on Project Ego (Martin Kirby and Kris Travis). It was Caz Crash and Martin Kirby who were starting off the match. Both men locked up and Caz Crash put Martin Kirby into the corner. Martin Kirby did the same to Caz Crash. Kirby kneed him in the stomach and Crash went behind, Kirby performed an Irish Whip and when Crash when to the floor he did a handstand over him which was a nice touch he then produced a pretty good arm drag something I have never seen Kirby do live or on DVD. Travis was tagged in and so was Sam Wilder. Wilder got kneed in the stomach and got put in a headlock. Wilder hit Travis with two shots to the gut but Travis then hit him with a stiff clothesline off an irish whip. This was followed with an irish whip sequence with Wilder getting a dropkick at the end of  it. Wilder was spun round by Travis on to the top turnbuckle, Travis then got kick in the face but then Travis enziguried Wilder in the face. Travis got Wilder up and then tagged Kirby in, Kirby hit a sick back breaker on Wilder. Travis tagged himself in and hit a suplex on Wilder. Travis then hit a backbreaker of his own on Wilder. Kirby tagged himself in and irish whipped Wilder to the other turnbuckle followed by a running headbutt to the stomach of Wilder. Kirby hit a suplex on Wilder  which was then followed by Kirby botching an elbow drop off the ropes. Caz Crash then came into the ring like a house on fire hitting Kirby with all he had. Travis got involved with Caz Crash which made him angry, Wilder came back in and hit a suplex on Kirby taking control from there. Caz Crash got tagged in once again and hit a neckbreaker on Kirby, Travis got involved allowing Kirby some breathing room but Crash continued the beat down after this taunting Travis while he was doing it. Wilder came back into the match and tried to continue the beatdown but Kirby was fired up by the crowd and came back on top of the match. Travis came in like a house on fire attacking both members of the Proven and going into firm control of the match. The match spiralled out of control with all four men in the ring beating each other to the edge of their lives. The Proven ended up winning in the end with a tag team Ratcatcher on Martin Kirby. An incredible win for a great up and coming team.

The main event was between El Ligero and Marty Scurll for the Tidal Wrestling Championship. This was the inaugural title match and had a 30 minute time limit. Marty ran away and cut a promo about the promotion being bad and the fact last time he faced a lion and now he has to face a filthy mexican and the fact that Ligero lived in Leeds. Scurll finally came to the ring and the crowd was firmly behind El Ligero. Ligero went for a quick roll up which didn’t end the match, Scurll smashed him on the back  and performed an irish whip which was a bad idea considering Ligero is one of the best high flyers in Europe. After this irish whip, Ligero was firmly in control. Scurll focused on the arm and taking the mask off Ligero when he came back into the match. Scurll smacked him in the face and the chest which was then followed with Ligero doing the same. This carried on with both men exchanging blows. Ligero hit a springboard dropkick when Marty was on the apron making him land on the outside, Ligero tried to jump over and dive onto Scurll but when he did Scurll moved out of the way and Ligero landed on a member of the TCW crowd. Scurll continued his assault outside the ring throwing Ligero into the wall. Ligero got to his feet elbowing Scurll in the face, then smashing his head against a wall and finally smashing Scurll’s head against the ring post and also the apron. Ligero then bodyslammed a fan onto Scurll which made the fan mark out. Both men went to the stage which was followed by Ligero kicking Scurll in the face which made him land on the floor then Ligero diving off the stage onto Scurll. The two men returned to the ring where Ligero attempted a frog splash but Scurll put his knees in the way which meant he could get back in control of the match. Ligero was taunted by Scurll which then angered Ligero, Ligero then hit Scurll with an epic looking superkick to the chin. Ligero took control from there and even though Scurll had him in a chickenwing, Ligero countered out of it and beat Scurll by pinfall.

Rating 10/10 – This show was the best yet and shows how much this promotion grows with every single show! The Scurll vs Ligero match was out of this world, The Attack Wrestling match was great as well and showcased how good both talents were. Project Ego and The Proven showed once again why they are two of the best tag teams on the UK circuit currently, Rampage Brown and Jonny Storm had a great match showing both Rampage’s raw power and Jonny Storm’s aerial ability, Sebastian Radclaw and Wild Boar’s match was amazing as well and showed skill from both ends of the spectrum. Nixon became one of my favorite women’s wrestlers because of this show and shows real promise as does Lexi Reckless and finally Liam Lazarus and Dara Diablo were superb again producing a great opener that could be a main event in any promotion!

This was the 100th post on my blog! I never thought I would get to 50 posts never mind 100 posts in this short space of time and I hope with your help and support that I can get to two hundred posts very soon indeed!

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