Interview – Tim Donst



1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers?

Reckless Mat Wrestling Machine

2. Did you watch wrestling growing up and if so who were your heroes?

Yes. I was into the Rock, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho and later appreciated more extreme guys like Terry Funk, Raven and Cactus Jack.

3. How did you then get involved in Wrestling (who were you trained by and how was your training experience)?

Mike Quackenbush, Chris Hero, Claudio Castangoli and Skyda. It was very hard but worth it. Made me appreciate wrestling even more. ”

4. Were you nervous before your first match and after the match what did you think of it overall?

I was very nervous and its not that great of a match by any means.

5. At Ring of Honor Future Honor 1 You were involved in a six man tag in which you teamed with Sam Shields and Ken Phoenix taking on Jimmy Nutts, Nick Blackwell and Vinny Marseglia, what was the atmosphere like backstage and do you think you will be returning any time soon?

It was alot of fun. Lots of hungry guys wanting to make an impact. I really hope so.

6. In 2010, you went over to Japan for Osaka Pro teaming with Lince Dorado for most of your time over there, how was your experience in Japan and do you think you will be going back over there any time soon?

It was great. It made me realize how universal our passion for wrestling is that it mixes two culutures. I had a great time while I was there and would love to go back.

7. Of course my blog focuses on British Wrestling, would you like to come over here in the UK in 2014 and who would you like to face?

I would def like to come over to the UK. I’d face literally everyone.

8. What are your ambitions for 2014 (where you want to visit and who you would like to face)?

Kevin Steen and Michael Elgin are two dudes I’ve yet to be in the ring with. I’d love to check out Austrilla, South America and….England!

9. Where can the readers find you on Social media and where can promoters book Tim Donst?

tdonst is my twitter handle and

10. Have you got any dates or projects you wish to plug?

May 23rd Jlit tournament for AIW will be a blast!

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