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Credit – David James Wilson

Thanks to David for permission to use these photos

1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers?

My name is Barry, I’m a 6ft and 19st pro wrestler from Glasgow and a multiple former heavyweight champion.

2. Did you watch wrestling growing up and if so who were your heroes and how did they influence your wrestling style?
Growing up I was influenced by my hero Hulk Hogan. He was always top dog and everyone went crazy for him. I’ve been told some of my mannerisms in the ring mimic Hulks, which I take as a compliment.

3. How did you then get involved in Wrestling training, who were you trained by and how was your experience training?

I got my start in wrestling through Jake “The Snake” Roberts. He put me onto BCW in East Kilbride, now run by Graham McKay. I was trained by various guys like Drew Galloway, Spinner McKenzie and Carl Conroy. Though a lot of my class eventually worked together to improve on our wrestling, helping each other learn more.

4. Have you got any tips for any up and coming wrestlers?
My only advice to young wrestlers is stick in, go to the gym, travel and do as you’re told by your seniors. Respect goes a long way.

5. At ICW A Show In London you made a surprise appearance taking part in the Six Man Tag Team match, what were your reasons for coming out and evening the odds and what was your overall opinion on ICW’s first show in London?

At ICW: A Show In London, I came out to help my pals Noam and Grado. The show itself, I think, was a great success. The crowd were amazing, it was as if we’d transported the passionate Scotland crowd straight to the O2 in Islington. Can’t wait to go back in July.

6. Speaking of the UK you wrestled in the UK for the FWA and IPW about ten years ago, would you like to come down more often for more promotions and who would you like to face if given the opportunity to come down here?

I’ve been wrestling exclusively in Scotland and never really pushed for a spot in England. If I was fortunate enough to be brought down I’d like to work with guys like Rampage Brown, Dave Mastiff and other heavyweights that England has to offer. I’ve wrestled with both those guys up here and it was a great experiance on each occasion. It’s not often I’m given the oppertunity to face guys the same size as myself or even bigger.

7. You run a pub when you are not doing wrestling as we found out in the British Wrestler on VICE, is it hard to juggle both things at once?

Working in the La Cala Bar and being my own boss gives me the oppertunity to work around my shifts so I can wrestle whenever I have to. I don’t need to ask for days off every weekend or use up holiday entitlement whereas before when I worked in an office I would often clash with my boss over wrestling dates.

8. Who do you think is the most underrated wrestler in the UK currently who we should all be keeping an eye on in the future?

I’ve always been a fan of Andy Wild. Whenever we get the opportunity to wrestle each other it’s always a match I look forward to. Liam Thomson has always been a guy that has the ability and personality of a great worker, he deserves mre recognition throughout Europe. More recently I’ve seen a lot of new talent coming out of the PBW training Academy. A few guys, and girls, had their debut at their Academy Attack show this month and I’ve heard gret feedback for everyone involved. Keep and eye of a few names emerging from the PBW school in the very near future.

9. What do you think of the current state of Scottish Wrestling?

When I started training 13 years ago, the Scottish wrestling scene was basically non existant to anyone that wasn’t having a good rummage for a training school or show. The talent wasn’t great either with everyone being so green other than a select few that had been training in England previously. Now when you talk about wrestling in Scotland there are household names that pop up, none more so than Grado. He has played a major part in bringing wrestling back into the forefront of etertainment in Scotland and is the first man I’ve considered a “draw” since I’ve been training. With such great shows being put on every weekend by various promotions it is hard not to notice us, and I doubt we’ll be going away anytime soon. I’m very proud to be allowed to take part in what truly is a phenomenon.

10. Where can the fans find you, where can promoters book you and finally have you got any dates you wish to plug?

Everyone who is interested in seeing more of me can do so on the Wolfgang page
It’s reguarly updated with upcoming shows, videos and photos from past matches. Thank you.

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