Interview : Joey Sanchez



1. First of all, please give the readers a brief summary of yourself?

My name is Joey Sanchez I have been wrestling for almost 6 years, I have held the EDW championship and the SWA championship at the same time dubbing myself #thekingofshropshire

2. Did you watch wrestling growing up and if so who were your heroes?

I first started watching wrestling when I was 7 and my Heroes are Bret Hitman Hart and Owen Hart

3. How did you then get involved in British Wrestling and how was your overall training experience?

My first experience of wrestling was when I trained at FCW in Dudley and trained there a few times, it was tough to get the body used to taking the bumps and running the ropes but overall it was an amazing experience as I got trained by some of the best like johnny Storm and Dave Mastiff

Also one of my biggest highlights was defeating Doug Williams at SWA inception 3

4. Have you got any tips for any up and coming wrestlers?

Train hard both in the gym and in the ring, also don’t try and rush it, being a wrestler takes time and dedication and more importantly patience!

5. You are teaming with Jayme Future to take on the EDW champion Michelangelo’s David and Edwards on the 13th June, what is the back story of the feud and do you have any words for your opponents?

The backstory begins with me and Jayme future, me and him have been rivals for 4 years and our whole rivalry ended when I beat him in a Ladder match in September, me and Edwards were friends and he turned his back on me and then I lost the title to Michalenagelo’s David, Edwards cost me the title and then cost me the match in my rematch I then got beat down and future surprisingly made the save so June 13th is the biggest tag main event In EDW history.

6. Also you took on Joey Ozbourne at SWA Schools Out 2, what did you think of the match and how did the crowd react to the match?

The match was great the crowd was literally 50/50 for us both we had duelling chants but ultimately I Came out on top

7. What are your overall ambitions for the rest of 2014?

Just to keep getting better and to branch out and join more companies

8. Have you got a message for the readers who have supported you since the beginning or the readers who have found out about you due to this interview?

Just would like to say this to people that know of me, thank you for joining me on this ride and I hope you have been entertained so far and without you guys I’m nothing so thank you!

For those reading type Joey Sanchez into YouTube and enjoy what you see

9. Where can the readers find Joey Sanchez on social media?

They can find me on twitter @joeysanchez247 and I also have a ‘like’ page on Facebook

10. Have you got any dates you wish to plug??

Friday June 13th in Shrewsbury

Friday 4th July in Telford

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