Interview – El Excentrico

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1) First of all, please describe yourself to the readers?

To put it briefly, I’m a masked wrestler originally from México, who has since migrated to Europe. For the past six years I’ve been living in Finland while being fortunate enough to be able to get in the squared circle and do what I love the most

For a longer note, I’m an exciting mix of high flying Lucha Libre-style offense and technical takedowns comibined with classic British style locks and submissions with a hint a hard hitting strong kicking style. At the moment I’m one of the top masked wrestlers of Europe, but I am very passionate about wrestling and I work hard every day to some day be truly succesful in the business and to be considered one of the top talents in the world. Outside the ring I’m a very relaxed guy who loves comic books, hitting the gym and tattoos

2) Did you watch Wrestling growing up and How did this lead to you getting involved in Wrestling?

Yes, I’ve been watching wrestling as long as I can remember. Growing up Monterrey, lucha libre was a big thing there and I remember how the colorful masks, high flying maneuvers and larger than life personalities intrigued me. To me, the luchadors were real life superheroes and I couldn’t get enough. Later when me and my family moved to England, I really got into American and English wrestling and by that time, I knew this is what I want to do in my life

3) As far as I am aware you were trained by Starbuck and Stark Adder, how was your experience and how has this training affected your in ring style?

Yes, Starbuck and Stark Adder are the ones who originally trained me here in Finland. The experience was great, both Starbuck and Adder are incredible wise when it comes to wrestling and getting teached by them was a real privilage.

From Starbuck I picked up a hard hitting style, he helped me learn how to use my whole body and all of my weight to take down my opponent. Adder, who is a real martial arts master, taught me how to use my legs as well as he gave me lots of knowledge in the British technical style

4) Your masks are different nearly every single time you enter the ring, first of all where did the design come from and do you think the different masks give you more appeal to fans?

At first my masks design was just something that I thought looked cool, but over the years it has evolved to an eccentric eagle, that represents who I am; eagle is in the coat of arms of México, it represent my nationality and heritage, of which I’m very proud. Also it represents my high flying style and my eagle looks different than anybody elses, and that’s because I am El Excentrico; my name means “the eccentric one”, I’m different from the rest and I’m proud to me my own unique self.

I have many many masks; I love colors and I constantly want to have different combinations for my masks. I remember, ever since I was a kid, seeing a luchador, like Mil Mascaras, Dos Caras Sr, Canek or Rey Mysterio, using lot’s of different masks and that made the wrestler look like a real pro, the more masks the wrestler has, the better he had to be and I always liked to guess what color mask are they going to wear next. So I guess some fans feel the same way about me and that makes me very happy. I love hearing compliments about my masks as it’s the most important thing to me.

5)  So far you have mostly worked in Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Germany, Is there any other countries you want to visit in 2014 and who do you have in mind to wrestle in countries?

Basically, I want to wrestle in as many countries as I can. México and England are high on my list of coutries where I want to wrestle, also Japan and the US, as they are the biggest coutries in wrestling. But if a country has an active pro wrestling scene, I’d love to be a part of it

The list of wrestlers who I want to wrestle is too long to start writing. But there is one man I want to mention; the UK Luchador El Ligero. I’m coming to England in the summer of 2014 and I’d love to face him for the crown of top luchador hecho en México de Europa

6) Talking about Finland you have worked there for Fight Club Finland for most of your career, how has your experience been there so far and what do you think of the current state of Finnish wrestling?

Wrestling in FCF is bittersweet. There is unbelievable talent here, truly top tier in Europe. I want to give a shout out to not only my trainers, Starbuck and Stark Adder, but people like Heimo the Wildman, Jessica Love, Valentine, Aurora Flame and Kristian Kurki who are amazing wrestlers and deserve every bit of hype they can get.

But on the other hand living in Finland is hard. Traveling from here is 9 times out of 10 more expensive than any other country in Europe, so for understandable reasons, promoters often look to other places for talent and the great wrestlers here don’t get the opportunity they deserve. Also, wrestling in Finland lacks mainstream intrest and getting people to come to shows is difficult. It saddens me to say that I doubt Finland will never be a huge wrestling country and because of that, with heavy heart, I know my time here is coming to an end. I want to get further in my career and to do so, I need to move to another country within the next few years and leaving all the great friends I’ve made here in the past six years will be tough.

7) What would you say has been your favorite match in your Wrestling career so far and why?

I want to mention two matches: in 2012 in Finland I wrestled El Generico. I’ve looked up to him for years as he is one of the best masked wrestler today, it was unbelievable to be able to wrestle such a world class talent. After the match he was really nice and he helped me so much, giving advice and motivation. It was an unforgetable experience and to this day I’m grateful for all the advice he gave me.

Second match I want to mention took place late 2013 in Pro Wrestling Fighters in Germany as I wrestled danish wrestler Chaos. I think the match was good, but what really made the match special was the audience; it was my first match there and they gave me a warm welcome, but at the end of the night, I’ve never gotten such a positive reaction from the crowd, truly unforgettable. But speaking of great crowds, I want to give a special mention to the fans in Sweden, they are like no one else and wrestling for them is always a great pleasure

8) Have you got a message for the people who are reading this interview and promoters who may need someone like you in their promotion?

I work harder to become the best wrestler possible than anybody I know, putting me on a card will not be a cause for regret. I will do everything in my power to give the promoter and the audience more than their moneys worth.

9) Where can the fans find you on Social Media?

You can follow me on Twitter and/or send me a friend request on Facebook , for all my updates. I try to answer as many tweets and messages as I can as quickly as possible

You can check out my matches and other videos on my YouTube account I’ll upload new stuff every now and then

10) Have you got any dates you wish to plug?

I will be working of Allstar Superslam Wrestling in England as a part of their summer tour from July 19th to September 1st. Make sure you check out for all the info and I hope to meet many news fans over my trip to England!


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