DVD Review : Lincoln Fight Factory Wrestling Live (April 4th 2014)


The menu includes Dutch with the trailer for the DVD running in the background which is in my opinion brings the professional touch to it

Starting the DVD off we have the two commentators talking about the fights including Will Jackson vs Robbie X which is in my opinion the best match on the card from the get go!

The first match was between Roby P who got quite a lot of support from the Lincoln crowd versus Simon Rose who looked very arrogant with his own belt and of course he was playing the heel. The fake title was on the line. The crowd got behind Roby to get hyped up for the match. The two men locked up with Roby pushing Simon into the corner, They did the same again but this time Simon pushed Roby into the corner. Roby got Simon into a headlock which was then followed with both men irish whipping each other with neither man falling to the ground. Roby got pushed to the ground with an overhead forearm, Simon got Roby into the corner and proceeded to chop the chest of Roby, Simon irish whipped him into the opposite corner  kicking him in the gut and a forearm straight to the head of Roby P. Roby P was then thrown out the ring, Roby gained his composure but Simon was not done and he ended up dropkicking him when he was outside through the ropes. Simon then smashed his head against the apron then the ring post. Simon played dirty and when the referee wasn’t looking he smashed his title belt over the head of Roby P. Simon further rubbed it in by stomping on the face of Roby P. Roby P came back with some shots to the gut of Simon Rose which was followed by a sick leg drop and a massive clothesline. Roby carried on his massive wave of momentum by carrying out another clothesline but this did not last long as Simon came back into the match with a clothesline off an irish whip followed by an elbow drop! Roby tried to get back in with a few punches to the midsection but Simon wasn’t having any of this and he ended up kneeing him in the face. Simon Rose then choked Roby P in the corner, This was followed with a dropkick after an irish whip. Roby P got back in once again throwing Simon to the outisde off an irish whip, Roby went to the outside and tried to continue the assault but was again beaten up by Simon Rose who came back into the match. Roby P got Rose on the apron kicking him in the gut then pinning him but they were too near the ropes. Rose then kicked Roby P in the face after an irish whip attempt let Rose jump onto the top rope and kick him in the face. Rose choked Roby P of the ropes, Roby P reversed a sunset flip and pinned but it wasn’t enough, Rose then hit the Rosebub to get the 3 count.

The next contest was between ‘The Crazy One’ Annie May and Ellie Rollins. Ellie Rollins played the face while Annie May even though she had a lunatic gimmick the crowd loved her as well. The two women shook hands but Ellie slapped Annie in the face which was followed by a dropped toe hold. Ellie then used a boston crab on Annie May. Ellie continued her assault with two kicks, Annie tried to submit Ellie when they got back up but Ellie’s experience showed through and she hit a suplex on Annie May after getting out of this submission. Ellie looked firmly into control but was distracted and Annie went crazy on Ellie. Ellie got back into the match though with a firm clothesline. Ellie was then distracted by the fan and Ellie went crazy again with a facebuster which was enough to get the 3 count! Will Jackson and Leah Heart came down to the ring. Will cut a promo praising the two women for the match and then he introduced himself and his girlfriend, Leah Heart. Will Jackson made the announcement that on the next show a new Lincoln Fight Factory Womens Champion will be crowned and then he went on to say that it won’t be Ellie or Annie and that it is going Leah Heart. Leah then slapped Ellie and DDT’ed Annie May to make a statement of intent.

The next match was a British Rules Tag Team match between the team of “The Power” Lee Mason and “The Model” Dale Preston taking on Dutch and Rocky Royal. Mason and Preston came out to boos and overall hate from the crowd which was the gimmick they were playing. Dutch then came out to a massive reception from the Lincoln crowd, Dutch was sporting a Lincoln City FC shirt to the ring.  Dutch was hyping the crowd up on his way to the ring. Rocky Royal then came to the ring to a massive reception from the crowd. Dale Preston cut a promo about Lincoln and how he was promised there would be loads of beautiful women and a rugby team. Preston went on to say how all the women look like hookers and how someone in the crowd was wearing slippers and how he is a tosser which was quite hilarious. Rocky Royal then cut his own promo talking about Dale Preston’s physique. Preston cut another promo talking again about a mother who was in the crowd. The match finally started after the introductions. Finally there was a lock up between Preston and Dutch, Dutch got Preston in a side head lock which he easily got out of, Dutch and Preston contended a test of strength off the irish whips which was followed by a test of strength on a lock up which Dutch used his power to power Preston down. Mason came in  but as soon as he came in Dutch tagged in Rocky Royal and it was the end of round 1. Round 2 then started with Mason using his power advantage to get on top of Royal but Royal used his experience to get the better of Mason. Royal was then using a British style lock on Mason which was really impressive in my eyes. Royal hit a single leg takedown and then hyperextended the knee, Dutch got tagged in and  tried to go into hyper mode but Mason used his power to not let him smash him to the ground. Dutch finally got the better of Mason and tried getting the pin but Preston saved him. Dutch hit a suplex and pinned him but again Preston came back in for the save. Dutch hit an inverted atomic drop and a clothesline which made the crowd go wild. Dutch hit a senton on Mason but it only got a two count. Royal was tagged in again and at once went to work on Mason hitting two knee lifts on Mason. Royal irish whipped Mason into the corner twice which was followed by a rolling pin which got Royal and Dutch the first fall in the match. Round 3 then started with Dutch being tagged in, Dale Preston came in without even being tagged in, Dale tried to overpower Dutch but Dutch came back. Preston irish whipped Dutch into the corner which was followed with an uppercut but Royal was tagged in. Royal tried to lock up but Dale kicked him in the stomach. Dale then started an assault on Royal with his size advantage over Royal. Preston got up on the top rope hitting a flying forearm. Preston then hit an open hand uppercut to Rocky Royal. Preston went back up but Royal recovered to slam him off the top rope to the floor, Royal got a two count and then tagged Dutch into the ring. Round 3 ended and Round 4 started, Dutch was thrown to the outside by Dale Preston, Lee Mason came to the outside to double team with Dale Preston to beat Dutch up. Preston threw Dutch threw the fire doors and the Boston team was given a public warning, Dutch went back onto the apron but the offence continued. Preston dragged Dutch to the corner and Mason was tagged in, Preston and Mason double clotheslined Dutch and from there Mason continued the assault on the outside and Preston assaulted him on the outside. Mason opened hand slapped Dutch in the chest in the Lincoln corner but Dutch fought back tackling Mason into the corner. The end of round 4 was called and Round 5 began, Dutch tackled Mason in the corner and then Dutch hot tagged Rocky Royal in. Rocky Royal tried taking control but this was to no avail as Mason came back into the match. Rocky Royal didn’t let Mason take control though and he ended up dropkicking him to the outside. Dutch returned to the ring hitting a fisherman’s suplex to Mason,  Dale interfered though but Dutch got the three count but the referee pointed out that the shoulders were up. 1 fall was still needed. Dutch was angry and hit a headlock takedown but Preston came in and interfered again. Preston hit a scoop slam on Dutch as well as an elbow drop to level the match to 1-1. The final round started and Preston smashed the referee with the ring bell, Dutch had the bell in his hand and the referee accused Dutch of smacking him on the back with the bell. Dutch was disqualified which meant Dale Preston and Lee Mason won 2-1. Rocky threw Mason out of the ring which was followed with a dropkick by both Dutch and Rocky Royal. A trainee was slammed by Mason and Dutch and Royal helped him to the back.

The next match was between Prince Ameen and “Heartthrob” Tony Valentine. Prince Ameen showed no respect to the crowd even cutting a promo about how ugly the crowd is and how superior he is over the crowd. Tony Valentine came out to a great reception from the Lincoln crowd. Valentine started the match off by slapping Ameen in the arse, Valentine and Ameen locked up with Valentine getting the upperhand again with the atomic drop. Valentine and Ameen ran the ropes and Ameen was met with a slap to the face, They locked up and criss crossed again with Valentine slapping him again, Valentine then clotheslined Ameen off the irish whip three times in a row, Ameen was then clotheslined out of the ring to the floor. Ameen cut a promo challenging Valentine to a dance off, Ameen started dancing which was followed by Valentine but Ameen smashed him from behind to get the upper hand. Ameen choked Valentine off the bottom rope which was followed by shoulders to the midsection in the corner. Valentine got back up and tried to come back hitting a swinging DDT to Prince Ameen. Prince Ameen came back in with some boots to the face of Valentine but again Valentine came back with the support of the crowd! Prince Ameen hit an awesome clothesline but Valentine was spurred on by the crowd coming back into the match once again with strikes, a clothesline of his one, a dropkick and a slam. Valentine went for a clothesline when Ameen got back up but Ameen countered hitting a spinebuster, The match switched sides once again with a short arm clothesline off the reversal and a splash to a grounded Ameen. Valentine went to the top but Ameen pulled the turnbuckle, Valentine tried to hit a senton but Ameen moved out of the way turning the match on it’s head again. Ameen hit the Raw Plunge to win the contest!

The main event was between Will Jackson who stars for the likes of NGW and Real Deal Wrestling, 2 more of my affiliates and Robbie X who is the UK’s next breakout star in my opinion wrestling for the likes of Southside Wrestling Entertainment, PCW and even getting over to Italy for his first overseas tour! Will Jackson came out accompanied by Leah Heart to boo’s from the Lincoln crowd. Lincoln’s own Robbie X came out to a massive reception from his home crowd. Will Jackson had a good luck kiss with Leah Heart but this was a huge mistake by Will Jackson as Robbie X pounced. Jackson took advantage in the early stages but Robbie X came back with some arm drags. Jackson forearmed Robbie but Robbie drop saulted him off the irish whip. Robbie then sentoned onto Jackson off the rope, Will Jackson though came back with a European Uppercut and a knee to the face. Jackson didn’t give Robbie an inch putting his boot in his face.  Robbie then performed a head scissors takedown on Jackson after an irish whip into the corner which Robbie jumped over. Will Jackson escaped the ring and Robbie tried to dive onto Jackson but Heart provided the distraction. Robbie slid through Hearts legs to the outside to dish out more punishment to Jackson. Robbie threw Jackson back into the ring and tried to perform another high flying move but Leah Heart pulled his leg which was followed by a boot to the face by Jackson. Jackson again kissed Heart, Jackson pulled Robbie round the outside dishing out punishment to him. Robbie was thrown back into the ring and Jackson got a 2 count. Jackson performed a swinging neckbreaker which was followed by more kicks. Jackson taunted Robbie and the crowd which gave Robbie a window to perform an elbow, a side kick and a sunset flip. Jackson kneed Robbie in the stomach when Robbie’s pin attempt failed, Jackson then choked Robbie on the bottom turnbuckle which was followed by a distraction by Jackson which allowed Heart to choke Robbie. Jackson got Robbie up and performed a suplex but only got a 2 count. Robbie slapped Jackson and even though Jackson countered the irish whip and did one of his own on Robbie he hung onto the ropes, Jackson ended up on the apron which led to a springboard dropkick to send him to the outside. Robbie got onto the apron and kicked Jackson, Robbie then went to the outside and smashed his head against the ring post. Leah distracted Robbie which let Jackson smash him from behind. Jackson continued to abuse Robbie on the outside including Robbie being thrown through about 3 rows of chairs. Robbie got back in but Jackson threw him straight back out. Robbie got back into it though jumping onto the apron performing a moonsault onto Jackson. Robbie got the crowd behind him performing 2 clothesline, an awesome slam and finally a standing moonsault. Robbie was caught by a kick when running into Jackson in the corner and then again off an irish whip. Robbie jumped over onto the apron which was followed by Jackson running towards Robbie which ended badly for Jackson. Robbie performed a shoulder to the midsection and then a missile dropkick. Robbie got a two count. Jackson got back into it and nearly got the 3 count. The two men threw everything at each other back and forth, Robbie hit an X-Factor followed by a standing shooting star press to get the three count!! Joey Ozbourne came out and performed a massive clothesline followed by a huge spear. Ozbourne cut a promo about how Lincoln’s hometown hero was on the floor. Ozbourne stomped on his head and followed it up by saying you get all the hype in the country but you don’t deserve it! Ozbourne stomped him again and said next time your in this building I will kick your arse. Ozbourne then questioned how the LFFW wrestlers looked. Ozbourne entered the Rumble.

Battle Royal to determine the Lincoln Fight Factory Wrestling Academy Champion!

The entrants for this match are Joey Ozbourne, Dutch, Roby P, Annie May, Ellie Rollins, Leah Heart, Dale Preston, Prince Ameen, Tony Valentine, Lee Mason, Simon Rose, Aiden Drake, Will Richards, Toxico and the rest are other trainees from the Lincoln Fight Factory Wrestling Academy

Winner : Dutch last eliminating Dale Preston to become the new LFFWA Champion

Rating : 8/10

Verdict :

Commentary – Great, they knew what they were talking about and if the commentary wasn’t there It wouldn’t have been as good!

Production Values – Great, Everything was there inc. Match graphics, Wrestler name graphics and replays!

Wrestling – Again great, the only match that wasn’t memorable was the Roby P vs Simon Rose match but it was a good opener and if it would have been higher up on the card it would have been one of the best matches! The Robbie X vs Will Jackson match was amazing and the women’s match was amazing! The British Rules tag match showed why I love British Wrestling!

Would I recommend – Yes most definitely! It was the easiest wrestling DVD I have ever had to watch!

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