DVD Review – Tidal Championship Wrestling presents Point Break


Welcome to another DVD review this time we have another installment of Tidal Championship Wrestling with their Point Break show which was held on May 3rd in Darlington

The first match was between Janius Centurian and Bobby Jackson. Both men locked up and Jackson focused on the arm and head of Centurian to wear him down. Centurian got back up and took control of the match in the process with some impressive high flying moves. Jackson got back into the match after this and made up for it with some hard hitting moves. Jackson taunted Centurian and he tried to get back into the match but it failed to come through. Centurian had the support from the crowd which rallied him back into the match with an awesome enziguri. Centurian followed this was a centurian dive to Jackson on the outside. When Jackson returned to the ring Centurian followed up with a Springboard double foot stomp but only got a two count. Centurian kicked Jackson to wear him down and followed up with a neckbreaker which got him the 3 count.

The next match was between Violet O’Hara and the debuting Shax. This of course was under the British Bombshells banner with Fearn Wai as the official. Violet and Shax locked up with Violet focusing on the arm of Shax, Shax reversed and went into a headlock on Violet. Violet sweeped Shax pinning her to the mat but again Shax reversed this going into a standing wristlock. Violet performed a backflip to get out of the wristlock but this didn’t work and Shax went to work on the head of Violet. Violet sweeped Shax again and took control from there. Shax didn’t let Violet take control though performing a hiptoss to Violet. Violet performed a hard kick followed by a snap suplex. Shax caught Violet catapulting her into the corner in the process. This was followed by a fishermens suplex. This made Violet go out of the ring angry,  Violet dished out the punishment to Shax on the outside of the ring. Both women returned to the ring and Violet once again dished out the pain to Shax but Shax didn’t allow herself to be beaten performing a schoolgirl pin. Violet was angry though and didn’t let move an inch winning in the end with a shining wizard. Violet threw Shax out the ring at the end of the match, Ruby and Violet ended up having an altercation at the end of the match was Craig Anderson and Sebb Strife (the commentators) having to hold them back.

Dara Diablo vs Perfect Purdie followed the Bombshells match. The crowd was firmly behind the home town hero Perfect Purdie. The two men had a crowd support contest on the top rope and the final time Purdie went up, Diablo blindsided him smashing him from the top rope. Diablo went to work on the midsection of Purdie but this didn’t last long and Diablo was thrown out of the ring. Diablo returned to the ring to a dropkick from Purdie, Diablo tried to get back in but was hiptossed by Purdie. Purdie went out of the ring and kicked Diablo who was hanging on the ropes in the face. Purdie went to the top rope but Diablo jump onto the ropes making Purdie stumble. Purdie fought back though but Diablo caught him when he came off the top rope. Diablo proceeded to dish out punishment to Purdie wearing him down in the process. Purdie got back into the match with the support of the Darlington crowd but Diablo wasn’t fazed by this taking control from there on out. Purdie got back into the match with a missile dropkick which nearly got him the victory. After this Purdie nearly got the win on several occasions but it was an abdominal slam which got Purdie the victory.

The following match was between The Proven comprising of Sam Wilder and Caz Crash taking on Project Ego comprising of Martin Kirby and Kris Travis. This match was a rematch of their epic encounter from the Release The Kraken! Kirby and Wilder started the match, Wilder pushed Kirby into the corner in the opening exchanges but when Wilder wasn’t looking, Kirby slapped him on the butt. Kirby got the crowd behind him and this spurred him on to get Wilder in the wrist lock. Wilder reversed this into his own wristlock. Kirby got out of this putting Wilder into a wristlock but again Wilder got out taking Kirby down. Kirby produced a clothesline followed by a headscissors takedown before Caz Crash and Kris Travis were tagged in. Kris Travis immediately got Crash into a headlock followed by a leg sweep, head scissors takedown and a leg lariat. Travis and Kirby kept Crash in the corner with lots of quick tags. Kirby continued to dish out the punishment to Crash with another tag made to Kris Travis which followed with a double dropkick to the head of Caz Crash from Travis and Kirby. Travis followed this up with a suplex but Wilder was tagged in and hit a suplex and a headlock. Kirby tried to get back into the match but he was caught with a superkick. Crash got tagged in performing an awesome neckbreaker to Kirby. Kirby got a schoolboy but Crash went back to where he left off dishing out the punishment to Kirby. Wilder was tagged in and continued where he left off before. Kirby slowly got himself back into the match with an epic clothesline. Both Wilder and Travis got tagged in with Travis coming in like a house on fire attacking everyone and dominating the match. Even though Sam Wilder and Kris Travis were the legal men all 4 were in the ring. Project Ego ended up winning after a double team move.

The next match was between Rampage Brown and Johnny Moss. Rampage and Johnny are two of the biggest men on the British scene today so this was set to be a hard hitting encounter. Rampage started off with a wristlock to try and wear Moss down. Moss though didn’t allow himself to be beaten performing his own wristlock on Rampage. Rampage and Johnny both were equal in the opening exchanges with both men not allowing either of them to take over the match. Johnny Moss started to take over wearing Rampage Brown down with an armbar. The match spilled to the outside with Moss performing a front flip, Moss then went to the top rope performing a missile dropkick. Rampage didn’t allow himself to be beaten performing a big boot to Johnny, Rampage started to go into full control. Johnny was spurred on by the crowd and came back into the match with an awesome belly to belly suplex. Rampage again was trying to wear Moss down and even though Moss tried to come back into the match Rampage scouted it. The crowd were vocal and they were spurring Johnny Moss on, Moss did come back into the match but made the mistake of being distracted by the referee which allowed Rampage to strike with an Empire DDT to pick up the victory!

The sub main event was between Matt Myers and AJ Anderson. To start the match off, both men shook hands as a sign of respect. Neither Myers and Anderson took control in the opening stages with every hold being reversed. Myers dropkicked Anderson out of the ring which was followed up with a front flip to Anderson. Anderson didn’t bow down to Myers though and was as brutal as Myers outside the ring smashing his head against the apron. Myers got rolled back into the ring and AJ ended up performing a knee drop to Myers. Anderson got a two count and followed this up by beating him up in the corner. AJ irish whipped Myers into the corner but Myers performed a springboard crossbody onto Anderson. Anderson wasn’t out of the match for long beating Myers up and not allowing him to get back into the match again. Myers was cheered on by the crowd but Anderson was in overall control. Violet O’Hara and Ruby Summers came out of nowhere having a scrap outside of the ring. Myers was cheered on by the crowd to get back into the match and he did with a flurry of kicks. Myers went up top to try and perform a corkscrew 450 which he botched and allowed Anderson to return to the helm of control of the match. Myers took control for a split second performing a stunner on Anderson. The referee was distracted which allowed Anderson to low blow him followed by a bodyslam which got Anderson the three count.

The main event was between El Ligero and Liam Lazarus for the TCW championship held by El Ligero. This match was billed as teacher vs student. Both men shook hands before the match as a sign of respect. Lazarus was put into the corner after the lock up and was then chopped by Ligero, they then locked up for the third time with neither man taking full control of the match. Ligero got Lazarus into a scorpion death lock but Lazarus made it to the ropes. They locked up for the fourth time with Ligero and Lazarus putting on a high flying masterclass of an irish whip. Ligero was hurracaineranaed to the outside of the ring. Lazarus held the rope up for Ligero but he didn’t accept this. Ligero then sweeped Lazarus before performing a test of strength on the crowd. Lazarus reversed this and both men had their shoulders down. Ligero performed a hurricanerana to Lazarus before chopping Lazarus in 2 corners. Ligero irish whipped him but this was reversed by Lazarus which was then followed with Lazarus performing arm drags to Ligero. Lazarus performed a single leg flapjack to Ligero before putting him in the corner performing a chop to Ligero. Lazarus performed a european uppercut followed by a scoop slam and a springboard elbow. Lazarus ran towards Ligero but Ligero booted him in the face, Lazarus was then thrown to the outside. Ligero performed a suplex to Lazarus when he returned to the ring; Lazarus was irish whipped into the corner hardly. Ligero continued his assault inside the ring before throwing him to the outside. Lazarus was thrown against the wall which was followed with Ligero throwing Lazarus into the seats with Lazarus landing 2-3 rows back. Ligero went back into the ring but when Lazarus returned he had a moment where he was on top before Ligero went back on top again. El Ligero ended up retaining in the end with a tornado springboard DDT to end a cracker of a match!

Overall verdict and rating – 9/10 the card lived up to the hype! The two main events were both crackers! AJ Anderson is a man i cannot wait to see more of! The Ligero vs Lazarus was fast paced and worth the wait! TIDAL keeps growing and i cannot wait for my next taste of TIDAL which will be High Tide including Uhaa Nation!

Thanks as always to TIDAL Wrestling who supplied the DVD and also British Bombshells who bring some of the best female talent to wrestle in TIDAL!

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