DVD Review : TIDAL Championship Wrestling presents High Tide


The first match of the show was a tag team match between the makeshift team of T-Bone and Danny Chase and The Peace Kids also known as Peace and Lance Lawrence. T-Bone was playing face in this match which is not normal to see T-Bone doing. The 4 men hugged before the match started, Peace and T-Bone were starting the match off. Peace got the crowd behind him before the opening exchanges but T-Bone had the size and strength advantage taking control in the opening stages focusing on the wrist and arm of Peace. Bone tried to wear down the arm of Peace and it worked. Peace though had his high flying ability and off on irish whip Peace performed a hurricanerana to get back into the match. T-Bone once again used his size and strength advantage to return to the helm which was followed by Danny Chase and Lance Lawrence being tagged into the match. Lance focused on wearing down the ankle of Danny Chase, both men focused on the arm and it was back and forth with the wearing down of the arm. Neither man seemed to be in control both performing kicks off reversals. Danny went outside to ring to get consoled by T-Bone but was then met by a flying Lance Lawrence. Lance threw Danny back into the ring and Lance and Peace ended up performing a tag team move in the corner on Danny Chase. Peace then performed a Cartwheel Clothesline to Danny who was in the corner. Peace performed a slam to finish his session in the ring before handing over to Lance. Danny was spurred on by the crowdand that got him back into the match and ended up getting a tag to T-Bone who came in like a house on fire using his raw strength to topple both men. Lance left the ring but T-Bone continued his assault on Peace on the inside. Danny was tagged in and even though Peace showed some resistance he continued where T-Bone left off. T-Bone tagged himself in kicking Peace in the midsection this was then followed by an awesome looking irish whip into the corner where Peace smashed against it. Peace tried to get back into the match once again but T-Bone used his size and strength advantage once again keeping Peace down and wearing him down. Peace finally got back in performing chops in the corner followed by a dive onto T-Bone. T-Bone and Peace tagged in their respective partners and once Lance was tagged in he hurricaneranaed both Danny Chase and T-Bone. Lance was really fired up and continued to dominated Danny with his high flying ability but this was ground to a halt when T-Bone cross-bodied him in the middle of the ring, Peace was right behind him and he ended up performing a Peace stunner to T-Bone. Danny performed a school-boy pin out of nowhere to get the victory for the make-shift team. All 4 men hugged it out and celebrated in the end.

The next match was a British Bombshells match between ‘The Pocket Princess’ Violet O’Hara, Ruby Summers (formally known as Lexi Reckless) and The Living Dead Girl Felony who was making her Tidal debut. Felony sat in the corner with neither Violet or Lexi sure how to approach her. Violet and Ruby went back and forth in the opening exchanges with Felony just sitting there waiting. Felony finally got up attacking Violet from behind in the process. Ruby then performed a double clothesline to both Felony and Violet which was followed up with a clothesline just to Violet this was then followed up by a dropkick to Felony in the corner. Ruby really impressed me in the opening exchanges including performing an impressive move where she dragged to hair of Felony before dropkicking Violet. Violet got up and ended up slapping her in the face, kicking her in the midsection and performing a neck slam. Violet continued her assault stomping Ruby in the corner but Ruby got back into the match as soon as she was out with a clothesline and a side kick to the face. Felony got up kicking her twice in the midsection before smashing her face to the ring apron. Violet tried kicking Felony but was flipped over to then perform a drop kick. Violet got Ruby up but Ruby performed a scoop slam to Violet. Ruby followed this up with a suplex, Violet was getting frustrated which put her in the path of Felony who bit her. Violet went out of the ring screaming and so did Ruby when Felony went over to her. Felony continued biting Violet when she went for the pin. Felony went after Ruby but Ruby didn’t want anything to do with Felony. Violet kicked Felony in the midsection which was followed up by a DDT. Violet performed hard shots to Ruby but both of them ended up slamming their faces on the canvas. Felony performed a double bulldog to both Ruby and Violet while they were down. Felony irish whipped Violet into the corner where Ruby was then followed it up with a spear to Violet who was at the front. Violet attacked both Ruby and Felony performing a camel clutch into a surfboard to Ruby but Felony ended up wrapping her legs around the head of Violet then pulling down the hair of Ruby. Ruby got out of it but Felony continued to choke Violet. Ruby got up but was soon being attacked by Violet once again putting Violet firmly in control. Violet performed Sliced Bread # 2 on Felony but this did not get the three count. Felony rolled out of the ring disappearing under the ring apron, both Ruby and Violet were on the outside but Felony got out of the apron to the path of Violet and the rest of the crowd including former BWR interviewee Lana Austin. Felony continued to pull Violet while Fearn tried to restrain them but Ruby performed a forward crossbody of the top turnbuckle onto the 3 women who were on the outside including referee Fearn Wai. Ruby got to her feet returning to the ring, Felony got up and returned to the ring. Ruby tried performing a superkick but it failed which was followed by Felony irish whipping her and tripping her onto the ropes. Lana then attacked Violet from behind which could set up a match in the future. Felony back in the ring performed a post Morton but she couldn’t get the three count as Violet came back in the ring to save the match! Violet kicked Ruby once again and then performed a Shining Wizard on Felony to get a three count! Lana returned to the ring to slap VIolet in the face and then congratulate Ruby! A security guard then escorted Lana out of the ring. Felony got up even though it looked like she was originally knocked out.

The next match was between one of Scotland’s best Kid Fite taking on TIDAL regular Liam Lazarus. Lazarus went and got a microphone talking about Kid Fite doing teabagging, the fact he doesn’t know what it is and that he loves a good Yorkshire brew. Lazarus then asked Kid Fite if he wanted to have a tea party, he left and then returned with 2 cups and a teapot. Giving one cup to Kid Fite and Liam had one, they started drinking the tea until Kid Fite spat it in Liam’s face. Kid Fite started beating Liam up on the outside, Fite asked the crowd to move before throwing Liam through a fire exit. Fans followed the two men through the door to the outside onto the streets of Leeds where Liam irish whipped Fite into an archway and a metalpole. Fite got back into the fight resting Liam’s head on a barrier then kneeing him in the head. Liam went back into the ring and fans ended up following. Fite came back as well but Liam disposed of him with a  dropkick followed by a kick to the face after a dive attempt which didn’t work out. Liam threw Fite back into the ring uppercutting him for good measure in the corner. He got the crowd behind him performing a Springboard maneuver. Kid Fite got back into the match turning to a more fast paced style with a lot of kicks. Fite uppercutted Lazarus with was followed by an unsuccessful pin attempt. Lazarus tried to get back into the match but Fite didn’t let him choking him on the ropes after he attempted this. Fite turned to the floor squeezing the life out of Liam but Liam was spurred on by the crowd but once again this did not last long as Fite executed a scoop slam on Lazarus to evaporate any hope of this. Fite performed a leg drop which was followed up with an uppercut and a chop to the chest for good measure. Lazarus got fired up and ended up performing a few forearms to the face of Fite.Lazarus punched Fite in the corner which was followed up by an enziguri. This didn’t get him the three count though. Fite got back in the match with a brainbuster which was followed by the teabagging that Fite didn’t know about. Fite dropkicked him in the corner which was  followed by a buckle bomb and a sit down power bomb. Lazarus performed the Lazaslice but it wasn’t enough. Lazarus tried to teabag Kid Fite but Fite performed a schoolboy pin to get the victory against Lazarus. Fite put his arm around Lazarus whispering something in his ear and both men then left the ring.

The next match was between Nathan Cruz vs Matt Myers vs Joseph Conners. Myers and Conners went to work on Cruz in the corner  but it soon spilled out to Myers beating up Conners and then Myers beating up Cruz. Conners returned to the ring but Cruz halted him by kneeing him in the face, Conners reversed an irish whip attempt to irish whip Cruz into the corner which was followed by Conners halting Myers progress by kicking him in the gut in the corner. Cruz wasn’t out for long going to work on Conners as soon as he got out the corner, Both Conners and Cruz were on the ring apron only to be dropkicked by Myers. Myers then performed a suicide dive onto both men who were on the outside. Myers ended up throwing Cruz back into the ring only to be met by Conners who performed a backbreaker on Myers, Conners could not do the same to Cruz though and Cruz’s vicious nature shined through as he continued to work on wearing down Conners. Cruz then grabbed Myers and ended up smashing his head off the turnbuckle then dropkicking his back. Conners was thrown out the ring so Cruz could work on Myers. Myers didn’t allow himself to be beaten and ended up nearly getting himself back in control only to be met by Conners who slapped both men, Cruz suplexed both men off his precarious position. Conners and Myers went back and forth but Cruz returned to the match and it continued a counter for counter situation. Myers performed some stiff kicks which was followed by a suplex and a shooting star on Myers but every time a pin was attempted either Conners or Cruz was getting involved stopping the count. Cruz ended up getting a victory in weird circumstances, Myers was about to stop the count but Cruz just got it!

The next match was between ‘Big Bad’ Dave Mastiff who was a former interviewee and ICW’s own and also former #BWR interviewee Wolfgang! Both men locked up with Wolfgang getting the initial headlock, the usual spot then occured where Mastiff’s opponent would try and knock him down but due to the fact Wolfgang was the same size. Mastiff was trying to knock Wolfgang down. Neither man could be knocked down until Wolfgang dropkicked Mastiff. Wolfgang continued to work on Mastiff but Mastiff had the crowd on his side producing a dropkick of his own. Wolfgang didn’t let this hinder him though and he ended up getting the big man down once again ducking Mastiff of an irish whip which lead to Mastiff falling flat on his face. Wolfgang then dropkicked Mastiff of the ropes when he got up, Wolfgang followed this up by constantly irish whipping him into the corner and working on wearing him down. Mastiff returned to control after Wolfgang came off the ropes to a german suplex from Mastiff. Wolfgang and Mastiff then exchanged forearms with Mastiff getting the Mastiff crossbody followed by another dropkick. Mastiff nearly got the cannonball but Wolfgang scouted it but Wolfgang then botched a swanton bomb off the top which allowed Mastiff to get the cannonball and the 3 count against Wolfgang!

The next match was between arguably the best in the UK and a former TNA superstar and former #BWR interviewee Mark Haskins taking on DGUSA star and one of the best in the world right now Uhaa Nation! After the initial lock up Nation was put into the corner only to be slapped hard by Mark Haskins. Haskins escaped but returned to the ring fighting and not letting Uhaa take control of the match. Haskins flung himself from the ropes numerous times only to be met by Uhaa Nation who due to his size and strength alone made Haskins hurt. Uhaa flung himself from the ropes which Haskins tried to dodge but Uhaa ended up clotheslining him which made him fly to the other side of the ring. Uhaa then went to work on Haskins including an awesome suplex which wore Haskins down. Uhaa followed this up with a dropkick which looked like it must of hurt. Haskins did try to get back into the match but it wasn’t until he dodged a dive by Uhaa which was followed up by a kick through the ropes that he got back into proceedings! When Uhaa returned to the ring, Haskins grounded Uhaa and kept him down. When Uhaa got back up he soon got grounded again and Haskins went back to where he left off.   Uhaa did get back up though and when he did a boot to the head was followed by a firemans carry and lots of forearms which wore Haskins down. From there Haskins got back into the match and it looked like he was going to win it after the earlier blip but an enziguri got Uhaa back in when it looked like he would lose. Nation then performed a dead lift superplex followed by a shooting star press to win the match and also recieve a crowd of fans chanting Uhaa. I saw Uhaa Nation a week before this match for Southside and he is as good as he comes out on this DVD and if you buy this DVD for one thing it is this awesome match! After the match he ended up going round to members of the crowd and high fived them which i thought was a nice touch!

The next match also known as the sub main event was between Project Ego also known as Martin Kirby and Kris Travis taking on The Bucky Boys also known as Stevie Boy and Davey Boy! Kris Travis and Davey Boy were the two men who were starting proceedings! Davey started off with a tight headlock off the lockup which was followed up with Travis getting into proceedings with an arm drag and also a flurry of kicks. Kirby was then tagged in and Kirby and Travis ended up performing a double dropkick to Davey. Kirby was mowed into the corner and Stevie was then tagged in. Kirby didn’t allow this to be a code for his downfall and he ended up performing an awesome dropkick to take control of the match from there on out. Davey then get involved to perform a tag team move but Kirby went out of the ring, Travis tried to help out but they gave what they were going to give to Kirby to him. The action got taken to the outside for Travis and Davey while Stevie and Kirby stayed on the outside but Kirby and Stevie didn’t stay inside for long and before long Kirby performed a springboard dropkick to get Stevie out of the ring.  The cameraman couldn’t even keep up with both sets of the action as both sets of men were not giving an inch going all around the Cockpit. Kirby dragged Stevie to where Travis and Davey were which allowed Kirby and Travis to double team on the outside. Stevie performed a suicide dive onto both Travis and Kirby to take control of the match. The assault continued on the outside with Davey and Martin going back and forth. Neither tag team was giving an inch but it was Project Ego who came away with the victory after double team slamming Stevie to the canvas. The Bucky Boys got hailed by the TIDAL crowd and a rematch would be welcomed by me and also the crowd in attendance at TIDAL that night!

The main event was a TCW Championship match between the champion El Ligero and the challenger Rampage Brown. Both men locked up with neither man getting the clear advantage. Brown had the size advantage but Ligero is fast paced and has the agility which stood him in good stead during the opening stages. Ligero and Rampage left the ring with it going back and forth once again, Ligero was thrown into the wall and a TIDAL poster for the September weekender was smashed in his face. Rampage grabbed his cape and choked him with it but Ligero showed no sign of letting up and he ended up wearing him down after Rampage did it to him prior to it. Like their previous encounter it went to the back and the bar and merch table. Ligero was smashed onto the merchandise table but Rampage was sat on a chair and kicked in the face. Ligero ran at Rampage but Rampage ended up flipping him onto the bare table. Rampage and Ligero went back to the main arena with Rampage stalking Ligero, Rampage ended up smashing Ligero’s head against the ring post. Ligero smashed Rampage against the wall coming back into the match after Rampage beating him up seconds before. They ended up going outside to the streets of Leeds where Ligero and Rampage went back and forth using bins as weapons. Rampage was then thrown head first into a Biffa bin, they then went back inside with Ligero dragging Rampage back in. Ligero continued his assault using the wall as a weapon once again. Rampage was thrown into the stage which was followed by a moonsault which made The TCW crowd was going bonkers. Rampage went under the ring apron only to be beaten up once again by Ligero. Rampage was clever though and ended up trapping his head in the apron and stomping on it making him get back into the match. Ligero was then mowed against the apron, Rampage threw Ligero back into the ring and started choking all air out of Ligero. Rampage didn’t allow Ligero to get any momentum but when distracted Ligero started to get back into the match again but Rampage used his raw strength to reverse a springboard DDT which was followed up with a kick to the face. Rampage followed this up with a shoulder tackle off the top rope which once again showed his raw strength, Rampage attempted a suplex on the apron but Ligero landed on his feet. Both men exchanged stiff shots on the apron but Ligero pulled a superkick out the bag to get Rampage to the ground. Ligero went up to the turnbuckle to perform a boot to the head followed by a springboard DDT which nearly got him the three count. Ligero performed Sliced Bread #2, then a second springboard DDT and 2 superkicks which didn’t put Rampage down to the ground. Rampage used this momentum to perform a boot to the face followed by a piledriver to win the TIDAL Championship Wrestling Champion and become the only second champion in TCW history!

Rating – 10/10! TIDAL management told me that this was their best event yet and they weren’t wrong! Every match was main event quality and you could tell the wrestlers were pulling out all the stops! If i could give this an 11 i would! Cannot wait to see what TIDAL come up with next when they return for Season 2 after a break in September including Tommy End!

You will be getting 1 more DVD review from TIDAL this season as far as i am aware which will be the Newcastle show inc. Jack Jester! But you will be getting your next Leeds review in September so watch this space for that!

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