Interview – ‘Amazing’ Matt Myers

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Photo Credit : Tony Knox Photography

1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers??

I wrestle under the alias of Matt Myers. I say ‘alias’ because it’s not my real last name… it’s actually a friends last name. I never wanted a cheesy gimmick name and with my legitimate last named being Butler, I felt I’d have to do some classic Andy Boy Simmonz FWA gimmick, or at least that’s what people would expect to see hearing my actual surname. But Matt Myers could be anyone… he could be a politician, a celebrity, a slasher from a horror film or in my case, a super-hero.

2. When did you start watching wrestling growing up and did this make you want to become a wrestler??

I started watching wrestling at a very young age… I must have been around five years old to be honest. The first time I remember seeing professional wrestling was at my Granddad’s house one dinner time; I remember hearing the glass shatter and down to the ring came Stone Cold Steve Austin. I just stopped in my tracks, put my toys down and walked over to sit in front of the TV and watched in absolute awe as thousands of people just gravitated to this one man… Essentially I wanted to be that man, and that’s what made me want to become a professional wrestler.

 3. How did you get involved in training to be a wrestler (what tribulations did you have training and how was your experience training overall)??

I’d gone to a small show at the other side of the city ran by a promotion called PWA (Pure Wrestling Association). There were guys there I was familiar with such as Simon Valour and Jack Domino, guys that I knew were part of Futureshock Wrestling down in Stockport and at the end of the show I asked some of them about training. They then referred me to Ron Wilkinson, or ‘The Urban Warrior’ as he’s more infamously known. I managed to get an email address and I spammed him constantly about getting a school set up in Hull and how many of us were interested in learning the craft of Professional Wrestling.

It was a rookie mistake on our part. We were all very young, 14, 15 etc. and we didn’t think to research PWA or Ron Wilkinson for that matter. Instead we just took the guy on face value as a legitimate professional wrestler and accepted his training and that every word that came out of his mouth was true, no matter how bizarre things may have sounded.

After being with the PWA for a couple of years, debuting on shows and working the Haven Holiday park camp shows, we began to realise that Ron wasn’t all he once appeared to be. He didn’t like us going to Futureshock for training and he hated the idea of us getting bookings outside of PWA… Now I can see why. He feared us learning the truth about him; about how bad of a professional wrestler he was and his ‘shit-arse’ reputation in British Wrestling. After numerous fall outs with Ron, a lot of his trainee’s left the school and a small handful of us went on to create New Generation Wrestling in Hull.

4. What advice would you give to aspiring wrestlers??

You never stop learning. I’ve been training since I was 14 and whenever the New Generation Wrestling UK: Academy has guest trainers down I’m always present. I’ve frequently attended full-day training seminars with House of Pain in Nottingham to learn from RJ Singh, Bubblegum, Mad Man Manson & T-Bone and I always leave feeling like I’ve learnt so much! Once in a while I’ll train with someone like Rampage Brown or Rockstar Spud who changes my entire outlook on professional wrestling and my approach to it as a craft, as an art. And don’t dismiss other trainee’s or even fellow wrestlers who maybe haven’t been doing it as long as you have because you can learn from anybody… I had a friend come and watch me wrestle once with no knowledge of professional wrestling and tell me my strikes looked weak. My Dad, another guy with no knowledge on professional wrestling said my match looked almost choreographed. Since then I do less in my matches and I hit a lot harder. Listen to anybody and everybody, you don’t have to take the advice but it’s always, and I mean always worth hearing.

5. You have wrestled for NGW since 2008 since the start of the promotion as far as I’m aware, you have seen NGW grow from the bottom to the top are you proud to have been part of that promotion for that long and what has been your best moment as part of the promotion??

There’s nothing else in my life I’m more proud of than New Generation Wrestling. Rich Dunn is a very smart promoter. NGW almost fell flat in its second year and there’s no doubt that around that time I thought it wasn’t going to go anywhere too. It had spent too much money and wasn’t drawing in enough of an audience to make any real sort of profit. Rich stepping in as co-promoter changed a lot in NGW and is no doubt the number one reason for its success as a product today… It’s my home from home. My favourite moment was winning the New Generation Wrestling Championship back in December 2011, but it wasn’t so much the actual booking decision of me winning the championship that was my best moment, it was the after match reaction. One of my favourite things about NGW is the loyal fans they have there attending each show month after month, and after my championship win over Nathan Cruz they climbed the rails and jumped in the ring to celebrate with me; hoisting me up on their shoulders as I held the NGW championship high above my head… it’s a moment I’ll never forget for as long as I live.

 6. You made your debut for All Star Wrestling this year a long standing promotion with very high regard, did it feel good to debut in this promotion this year and is a return on the cards to All Star this year and finally who do you want to face next on the ASW roster??

It actually wasn’t my debut this year. I’d done a few shows for the promotion at Haven and Butlins prior to my appearance at Hull City Hall. But to answer your question, it was a weird experience. The changing room atmosphere for All Star Wrestling is like nothing you’d experience across the country at any other promotion. You know, these are guys that have been doing this job for years and you know that when you’re in the changing room with them. When you’re on the Indy’s you’re in a changing room full of guys that are excited to be there; it’s their hobby they can’t wait to have their match and they’re really motivated to go out there. But most people who are part of the All Star Team work there as their full-time job. When you’ve been there as long as they have it’s normal to not be excited… I mean, does anyone really get excited to go to the office everyday and push paper? That’s not to say they don’t put the effort in because I can say now they’re the most hard-working team this country has when it comes to professional wrestling, but it’s a strange contrast between hanging with Mark Andrews and how excited he is to go out there and work to being in a dressing room with The American Avalanche and hearing him complain about green-horns and how the job is ruined.

Out of the All Star team I really wanted to wrestle Ringo Ryan. It’s a name that might go over people’s heads, but he’s one of the most technically talented wrestlers I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. He’s got such a strong reputation for just going out there and doing things on the fly and he was always the guy I wanted to work with out of those on the team. I had the pleasure of wrestling him earlier this year at the prestigious Victoria Halls in Hanley and it was a fantastic experience.

 7. Reviewing TCW DVD’s I get to see a lot of yourself in TCW a promotion that you also debuted for both Wrestling and commentary, what do you make of the rise of TCW and will you be returning in Season 2 if so who would you like to face??

Tidal Wrestling has risen very quickly. It’s had some fantastic workers of credible name value such as Uhaa Nation and Jonny Gargano grace their ring, and it’s soon to be having a show with a theme of Tidal Championship Wrestling against CZW. It’s risen quickly and the shows are often full of balls to the wall action featuring top British talent alongside these international workers. If Tidal were to bring me back for Season Two I’d love to go against my head trainer & mentor, El Ligero. We both play the blue-eye on shows, so it’s with this that we’ve only once wrestled each other in a friendly face vs. face bout. We’ve both come a long way since then, and after having such an enjoyable match with him so long ago, I think now we’d have an absolute belter.

8. In your opinion who is the best talent in the UK and the best young talent who we should keep our eye on??

It’s almost becoming cliché to say it, but the best professional wrestler in the UK at the moment is no doubt Rampage Brown. He’s everything a professional wrestler should be. He’s built like a brick shit house, he looks the part, and he’s consistently a professional both in and out the ring and his dedication to the business is second to none. Since returning from WWE Development and debuting for New Generation Wrestling in 2012, his independent appearances have spiked massively and despite being in the job for years on the All Star Wrestling team, it’s nice to see him finally getting the recognition he’s deserved for years by British Wrestling fans.

Definitely keep your eye on Sam Wilder. I’m not just saying that because he’s one of my friends, but because in two years he’s gone from learning to bump to stealing the show. You’d think he’d being doing this a lot longer than he has… He’s been taken under the wings of El Ligero, Kris Travis and is constantly seeking advice from anybody and everybody as to how he can get better.

  1. Where can the readers find ‘Amazing’ Matt Myers??

Do you mean the fictional comic regarding my adventures as a Super-Hero? Or myself in general? Either way… the ‘Amazing’ Matt Myers issues #1 – #5 can be found in all good comic store retailers, as for me you can find me debuting at House of Pain: Evolution on the 19th of July and as part of New Generation Wrestling’s Summer Smash Brawl tour throughout August with dates on the 2nd, the 16th & the 25th.

   10. Any future dates you wish to plug??

If you’re not familiar with New Generation Wrestling’s product then they’ll be at Keighley near Bradford on the 25th July. Every show there has received 100% positive feedback and with the debut of Sha Samuel’s as he takes on the NGW Champion El Ligero, I can confidently say that this one is not to be missed! 

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