Interview : Tristan Archer





1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers??

Hello everyone, my name is Tristan Archer! I’ was train by Lance Storm, Jesse Hernandez and Joey Ryan. I’m 5.9 feet, 200 pounds. I’m the current ICWA French champion, N’catch heavyweight champion, FPWO Heavyweight champion and the former ECTA Heavyweight champion.

2. Did you watch wrestling growing up and if so who were your heroes??

Of course, i have! Still watching it, by the way.

When i was really young, The Undertaker but later it was Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle….

3. How did you then get involved in Wrestling??

I saved money and i moved to Calgary for a little bit more than 3 months, following Lance Storm’s class. One of the best part of my life. Unforgettable!

4. You were trained by Lance Storm and Joey Ryan, how was your training experience with them and how have they affected your wrestling style??

Lance has so much experience as a wrestler and as a teacher! I owe him a lot! He teached me all the basics! He’s also very strict and honest, if you’re not good enough to be in a ring, he will let you know!

Joey’s school was in California, close to mexico, his teaching was different than Lance’s one, he teached me a bit of lucha libre and SoCal’s style. He also showed me new drills to perfect my basics.

What i’ve learned with them helped me to understand that basics are the most important thing in this business. Everybody can do “moves” but if you don’t move, run or bump properly it’s gonna look horrible! So i really try to keep everything in mind!

5. You started your in ring career in 2010 including a tour over in the UK for Irish Whip Wrestling, what were your thoughts on your first tour and do you think you will be returning anytime soon??

Yes, i wrestled in Ireland and it’s was in association with IWW. It’s was a very good moment, i met some great english wrestlers like CJ Banks, Damian Shovelton and Danny Woodward. I have some contacts in England at the moment so maybe soon!

6. Of course you are from France and you wrestle mostly in France, what are your thoughts on the current scene in France and how do you think it could improve in anyway??

The current scene in France is better than 2 years ago, too many promotions, too many unprepared wrestlers! I really enjoyed some of my latest match against french wrestlers and i saw some rookies in action who can become very good if they keep working hard.

7. Speaking about French wrestling this year you have wrestled Chris Hero for ICWA, what were your thoughts on wrestling Hero and what words did he have for you after the match??

Wrestle Chris Hero was great, he’s such an amazing wrestler. I felt very proud when Booster gave me this booking, it means he has trust in my work. After the match, Chris gave my advice and feedback about the match and for the future of my career. He’s a really nice guy.

8. What are your ambitions for the rest of the year in Wrestling??

For the rest of the year, i should love to wrestle in Germany again espacially in WXW. And if i’m lucky enough making my debut in England.

9. Where can the readers find Tristan Archer??

You can find me on facebook: or twitter

10. Any dates you wish to plug??

I will be in Beziers the 16th of July, in britain the 19th and 20th of july… I’m almost booked every weekend until the end of october!

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