Interview : Ashton Smith

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1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers??

Outside of the ring I’m quite a nice happy go lucky guy, but inside id have to say I’m a man with a short fuse and a fiery temper.

2. Did you watch wrestling growing up at all and if so who were your heroes and did they inspire you to use the style you use today??

Yeah, I’ve watched wrestling from as early as i can remember always WWF/WWE though never WCW, i loved Hulk Hogan (as did everyone) but my two main favourites were Big Boss Man and Razor Ramon until one night they wrestled each other and i decided it was time to make a choice. So from then on Razor Ramon was my favourite until he left, leaving the door wide open for The Rock. I’d be fooling no one if i said his style didn’t influence me today, but i think you can see a little bit of every workers favourite wrestler in their own work, as much as some people try to deny it we’re all fans thats why we get into it.

3. How did you then get involved in wrestling and what did you think of your training experience??

I gave up on the dream of becoming a professional footballer pretty early on in life, unfortunately my Dad never did and kept pushing me to play but i’d lost all passion for it by then. One day i was walking down the road with my school friend talking about wrestling and we saw a flyer on a car for a new wrestling “School” that was opening 2 minutes from my house. It was a small dark dingy garage and we originally wrestled on carpet and 3 sofa cushions, and i loved every minute of it. Training was associated with Sovereign Championship Wrestling (named after the cigarette) and was ran by a man named Richard Caulfield and we were often guest trained by Jon Carnage. I hadn’t seen any other form of British Wrestling until SCW booked Spud and Jack Storm. As soon as i saw these two work i could instantly see a HUGE difference in quality between those guys matches and my own. After getting introduced to Jack Storm by BBS (another good worker from the midlands) Jack told me i had a lot to learn and that i should start training in London with a man Called Charming Don Charles and so i did. Charming Don Charles is the man that opened my eyes and so many others in British wrestling today.

4. You started off wrestling on the UK scene in 2007 for the likes of Triple X Wrestling where you had the Ashton Smith persona you portray today and Derice Coffie for the likes of AWW, Pro Championship Wrestling and SAS, was the Coffie persona different to the persona you have now and what was your opinion on your first matches??

I think i actually made my debut in 2005 for SCW under thaw name Blackdeath lols (thanks Richard), then i went to LPW and was spotted there by James Meikle the owner of Triple X Wrestling. I would like to thank James Meikle as he took a big chance on me as at this stage i was still green and very skinny. It was also my first time wrestling in front of smart fans against the likes of Zack Sabre Jnr and Stiro. Triple X is where i originally made an online name for myself and gained a connection with their core fans that still helps me to get over to this day. The Derice Coffie gimmick was born because Spud saw the suit online and thought it would be hilarious if we went to a party together with me dressed as a Jamaican Bobsledder. Charming Don Charles then created the Derice Coffie gimmick as it was a way to get me on SAS shows so i could learn to work and the comedy gimmick with a full body suit helped take the attention away from the fact i was a tall skinny kid. The Coffie persona is totally different to the Ashton Smith gimmick as they are at opposite ends of the scale, Derice Coffie was very happy and smiley whereas Ashton Smith has a bad temper and likes to fight. My very first matches were awful, as are most peoples. Id say my first good match was probably the match with Zack Sabre Jnr at Triple X, he was able to elevate me to a new level. However id say the most important match i had in those early stages was a match against Saul Adams (consistently voted number 51 in the UKFF top 50) at SAS, it was a squash match so i wasn’t able to hit any cool moves to get the fans on my side, all i was able to use was my facial expressions and my selling, THIS is when i learnt to WORK.

5. You wrestled current TNA superstar Rockstar Spud a few times back in 2007 and 2008, how does it feel looking back on it now to have wrestled a now major TNA Superstar and what do you make of Spud’s rise??

Spud, Jack Storm and Dave Mastiff have all been and continue to be HUGE influences on me, especially in my first few years. It’s no surprise to me that Spud has gotten to where he is today, as would of Jack Storm if he’d of carried on and as will Dave Mastiff. With Spud it was just a matter of time before one of the big companies opened their eyes and gave him a real shot, he has picked the ball up, ran with it, and it doesn’t look like he is planning on dropping it anytime soon. I could write a whole book on my opinions and what i have learnt from these 3 and it would all be positives.

6. You returned to Wrestling after a three year break with a new gimmick Ashton Smith in HXC, do you think it was the right time for you to return and are you happy now that you have returned to Wrestling??

I originally left wrestling because i began to think i wasn’t going anywhere so i decided to concentrate on a few real life things. I got a full-time job, learnt to drive then eventually enrolled to Manchester Metropolitan University which is how i got involved with HXC, i believe thanks to some kind words from Keith Roughneck and Tyson T-Bone. T-Bone is a genuine big brother to me and i would not have a single bad word said against him in front of me. As i haven’t finished university yet id probably say it isn’t the smartest time for me to of made my return but i have picked my shows wisely, doing 1 or 2 a month and making sure I’m working for promoters who have shown a lot of faith in me and who i respect professionally and as friends.

7. Also you made your debut for PCW this year in the 30 man rumble, what were your thoughts of your in ring debut in PCW and will you be returning soon if so who would you like to face??

Any time you get to have any kind of interaction with Mad Man Manson you’re going to enjoy yourself, i appreciated the opportunity given to me by PCW and i had a great time. At the moment theres been no further contact between myself and PCW about a possible return, i’ve had a few nice tweets from fans saying they would like to see me return to PCW so who knows, hopefully we could sort something in the future. It’s a great promotion with excellent core fans, strong ingredients for a successful business. If they ever managed to book The Rock id kill whoever i had to, to face him but on their current roster id have to say Dave Mastiff. I’ve wrestled him plenty of times but not really since my return to wrestling and i feel like I’ve improved since my return. I think we’d tear any house down.


8. On Saturday you made your debut for House of Pain Evolution taking on Nathan Cruz beating him, do you think this sent a signal of intent to the rest of the HOPE roster and you are returning to HOPE on August 8th to take on Kris Travis do you have any words for Kris Travis ahead of this match and what can fans expect who have not seen Ashton Smith before??

I actually made my debut for HOP:E June 21st against Bam Bam Barton in a very good match. Beating Nathan Cruz is a big victory for anyone, I’m 2:0 in HOP:E now and hope my winning ways can continue especially as they have announced their title tournament which i would love to be involved in. Ive wrestled Kris Travis in SAS once before and beat him in 5 minutes i think this next match though is going to be huge. Kris Travis is one of the best wrestlers in the UK and has been putting on some amazing matches recently. His match with Kevin Thorn at 1pw is one of my favourite matches I’ve seen on British soil so I’m looking forward to the challenge of rising to his level come August 8th.

9. Where can the readers find Ashton Smith??

My Facebook fan page: Twitter @trent99

10. Have you got any dates or projects you wish to plug??

Hopefully i will be coming out with my first ever official Ashton Smith merchandise T-Shirts. All being well these will be available at the next HOP:E show August 8th and at HXC Tequila Sunrise August 17th, you will also be able to purchase these direct from my Facebook page and Twitter.

I also wanted to say a huge thank you to the promoters at GPW, a company that has been around for a long time now and have shown huge faith in me, booking me in some of my favourite matches of my career.

So if you want to see Ashton Smith wrestle, you’re going to have to get down to either HOP:E August 8th, HXC August 17th or GPW September 5th

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