Interview : Slade Mercer


1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers??

I’m Slade Mercer, one of if not the best talent to come out of New Zealand since ages ago. I’ve been wrestling for 9 years and I’ve wrestled up and down New Zealand, Australia, America and the United Kingdom. I could probably spit a bunch of rubbish but the truth of it is I’m just a small town kid with big dreams and the things I’ve done in and through wrestling have given me great experiences and even better friends. Who can ask for more.

2. Of course you are originally from New Zealand, how did you get involved in Wrestling (who were you trained by etc.)

Originally trained by local wrestlers named Jonnie Juice and Inferno, after that my training was heavily influenced by Rip Morgan of WCW fame and Bushwhacker Butch Williams. People discount the Bushwhackers as being a comdey team, but if you look back at what they did before they went to the WWF, you’d think twice before calling them a joke.

3. In March 2010, you travelled to Los Angeles to train with Hernandez at the School of Hard Knocks, what would you say you learnt from the experience and how valuable was it to your style as a wrestler now?

Training with Jesse and his crew really opened my eyes. I’ll be the first to admit I went over thinking I was good – I was sorely mistaken. If you want to be in this business, let alone be good, you have to learn humility. Before I went out there I emailed every promoter in California I could find – the only one who emailed me back was Jesse. He picked me up at the airport, trained me, booked me on his shows, and was even at my tryouts in San Diego and Los Angeles. To this day I call him my Mexican dad and I mean that. He didn’t know who I was and had never met me before but he was willing to put himself out for me, and I won’t forget that. Something I like to tell people about travelling or meeting new people in wrestling is that no matter who you are, what your interests are or what kind of ice cream you like, the one thing you’ll always have in common is a love for wrestling. Friendships can, and have been, built on that alone.

4. Also you got a WWE tryout off the back of this again recieving one in 2011, was it surreal stepping into a WWE ring for the first time and do you think you will get a contract with the company in the future?

To date I’ve had five WWE tryouts in total; the most recent were while I was in the UK, November 2012 in Birmingham and April 2013 in London, and I had had one prior to my America tryouts back in New Zealand at 19 years of age. I have always told people I want to be in the WWE, ask my school friends when I was 16 and they’ll tell you the same, but actually stepping into that ring in front of all these guys you idolise is something else. Shawn Michaels was ringside when I was having a match during my tryout in Los Angeles – just sitting at the announcers table with his feet up. I had to put that at the back of my mind, things like that will throw you off your game. Whether I think I’ll get a contract with the company in the future… I’d like to think so. It’s hard to be confident without sounding arrogant, but if you don’t believe in yourself nobody else will. Time will tell, irrespective of the WWE there are a lot of avenues and opportunities I’ve yet to expore and I look forward to what the future holds.

5. You lived in the UK for 2 years only just moving back now, how would you sum up your experience in the UK and who was your favorite opponent?

Again, before moving to the UK, I thought I was good. Again, I was proven wrong. Within a week of landing I was working for All Star Wrestling and had a one on one with James Mason. Ask any wrestler in England who the best wrestler in the country is, they’ll tell you James Mason. He showed me the level I needed to be at, and I worked hard to achieve it. I wrestled more matches in a week than most guys back home wrestle in a year. Favourite opponent is tough as I did have some good ones; Marty Scurll, Zack Sabre Jr, Flash Barker, Mad Dog Maxx… but it probably goes to Jonny Storm. He’s a guy whos been there and done that twice, and getting in the ring with him was always a lot of fun.

6. Do you think you will be returning to the UK in the future??

I certainly hope so, I’m currently thinking about returning for the summer of 2015… If any promoters would like to discuss dates they can contact me via

7. A few weeks back you wrestled in MCW on your return to Australia, how did it feel to return to Australia to wrestle once again and do you think you will be chasing after the MCW title in the future?

It was good to get back into the Australian scene again, Emma has shone a light on the fact that there is wrestling in Australia and there is some incredible talent here. MCW is, bar none, the premier promotion in the country in my humble opinion, so to be a part of that is very exciting and I’m glad to be on board. The current MCW Champion is Carlo Cannon, a man I have fought in the past. It would be remiss of me to say my goals are anything but to be the best.

8. Where can the readers find you on Social Media? @kiwiwrestler on twitter

9. Where can they buy merchandise from yourself (where do you ship, what products do you sell etc.)

The can check it out through my Facebook page, currently have t-shirts and x10s on sale. Happy to sell and ship anywhere and everywhere! Ive already got tshirt orders to send back to the UK, across Australia and NZ.

10. Any dates you wish to plug??

Grindhouse in Brisbane, Australia August 2nd;

MCW Cash of the Titans in Melbourne, Australia August 9th;

I would like to thank Slade for taking part in the interview and please go and follow him if you can!

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