Interview – Briley Pierce





1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers??

Animal lover, artist

2. Did you watch wrestling at all growing up and if so who were your heroes and how did they influence your future wrestling style??
Yes I did watch wrestling growing up. Of course. Our parents were a huge influence in that department. I was (and still am) majorly influenced by Andy Kaufman. I think he remains the best professional wrestler of all time. No one has accomplished what he has accomplished. No one. If you don’t understand why Andy Kaufman was such an incredible wrestler, it only reaffirms that he was an incredible wrestler. My choice here may upset people. Everyone has different opinions.

3. How did you then get involved in Wrestling training and how would you sum up your training experience??
I started with an independent promotion in Cleveland building rings and working as ring security. My older brother would teach me when he was home: just basics. We worked in that promotion’s ring, late at night. The building it was stored in was super old and super haunted. One night we couldn’t get in because a ghost hunter crew was in there investigating and filming. But I didn’t want to flounder up in Cleveland with training that was anything less than serious, regimented, dependable and worth my time. I took my talents to OVW and really got going. Rip Rogers, Jim Cornette and Danny Davis took me under their collective wings and prepared me for a journey. John Laurinaitis gave me a shot, and I found myself wrestling under WWE Head Coach Dr. Tom Prichard, FCW President and CEO Steve Keirn, and assistant coaches Ricky Steamboat, Dusty Rhodes, and Norman Smiley. Some of those names would change as time went on, but that was the crew that helped shape me and my skills.
4. Of course most people will know you as the brother of ex-WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler, are you proud of what Dolph has achieved and did you have a hunch that he would get as big as he has in WWE??
I am proud of him. Yes.
5. You were in FCW between 2011 and 2012 collecting the FCW Tag Team Championships with Brad Maddox, how did it feel to win these titles and on the subject of FCW what was your favorite moment when you were down in Florida wrestling on FCW??
I have too many favorite moments, including the night we won the FCW Tag Titles. Many of my favorite moments were funny things that happened during training or during promo class or during rides to and from shows. I can’t share those with you; they’re private.
6. You suffered a leg injury which led to you becoming an interviewer on NXT, did you enjoy doing this job and if you were sidelined for an even longer period would you have kept on doing it??
The leg injury did not lead to being an interviewer. I didn’t mind being an FCW interviewer, as I still wrestled on all house shows and it led to a TV angle with Maddox and eventually a really fun tag title run. When I was booked again as interviewer on NXT, I was extremely upset, and made it known to anyone who would listen, which often led to me being punished. On the pilot episode of the new NXT – which never aired anywhere – the very first time WWE ever did a show at Full Sail – I was booked in a singles match against Derrick Bateman (who had Maxine with him). I had the Florida Tag Title with me, and we had a fun match, and I won. So when I showed up for the first official tapings that were to be aired and found out somebody thought I should be interviewing again, I was livid. I was wrestling on NXT house shows regularly, but every time TV came around I was booked to put on a suit and asked to make other talent seem interesting during interviews. I tried to make the best of it, but it was extremely frustrating. I remember blowing up one time in front of the entire roster and staff, concluding with something like, “No, I don’t want to be an interviewer. If I wanted to be an interviewer I would do it for a real TV show. I came here to wrestle, be the best, and win titles.” The next TV Renee Young was handling interviews and I was booked in a dark match with Sami Zayn. I got mouthy a lot. I never interviewed while I had a broken leg. My leg broke while we were still tag champs. You have the chronology a bit mixed up.
7. When you were fit again you wrestled three matches on NXT before being released, what did an event day at NXT contain, could you maybe give a reason why you were released and is the door still open??
I wrestled in countless NXT matches before I was released. I wrestled on almost every single NXT house show during my time there. Only a few matches made it to air on the TV show. A highlight of this timer period was wrestling in a main event match with my older brother in Kissimmee, FL, in a sold-out building filled with thousands of people. We had family and friends there, and to main event on a show that included The Wyatt Family, The Shield, Paige, Woods, Big E, AJ, Maddox – everyone you see every week on TV – and to do it with my brother – it was incredible. I was released due to reasons I would rather not discuss in an email question-and-answer-form from a complete stranger. No offense. I don’t know if the door is still open, but I’m not going anywhere near it. No need.
8. What does the future hold for “Briley Pierce” as a wrestler??
I just wrestled a tour in Australia, which was great. It was with Outback Championship Wrestling, who will hopefully be airing a weekly television program soon based out of Melbourne, Australia. I am a bit more focused on screenwriting and other endeavors in Hollywood at the moment, But I love wrestling and will definitely stay involved and wrestle still.
9. Away from the ring you have written some books, could you maybe give a synopsis of these books for potential buyers and when were these written??
I have a book “I CAN MAKE-OUT WITH ANY GIRL HERE” – humor – available on Amazon in paperback. I also have a book “LIFE ADVICE FOR YOUR LIFE” which is available on Amazon as well as a Kindle book. Get them both. And if you don’t have Kindle, the app is free on whatever device you have. These books will make you laugh. Get them.
10. Where can the readers find Briley Pierce and have you got any dates/projects/merchandise you wish to plug??
Follow me on Twitter no matter what @HotYoungBriley . I sell shirts on and I keep a funny blog with written pieces, artwork, and funny original video content at . Check them all out.
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