Interview – “Dark Wolf” Matt Walters




1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers of TheBritishWrestlingRevival??

I am ‘the Dark Wolf’ Matt Walters, an intense, tenacious, hard hitting and determined wrestler in the ring. I’m 30 years old and live in London. I’ve been wrestling since 2001 but with a couple of years break in the middle. I trained at WAW with the Knights and also at WWA4 in Atlanta with Mr Hughes and Elix Skipper. I used to work under the name of ‘The Dark Angel’ Ashe but after my break I thought I’d change to something which I felt would better represent my style.

I’m quite different away from wrestling. I sort of separate the 2 things.

2. Did you watch wrestling growing up and if so who were your heroes??

To be honest, I was never really a wrestling fan. My parents never allowed me to watch wrestling as a kid. When Channel 4 started showing WWF, that’s when I really became aware of wrestling properly. I was just amazed by the athleticism and charisma involved. I was around 16 at the time I think. When I did get in to it though I was a mark for Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho and then later I was really into KENTA, Marufugi and Ibushi from Japan.

3. How did you then get involved with Wrestling training and how was your overall training experience??

In 2001, when I was 17, I went to see a wrestling show with my friends in Norwich. It was WAW Fightmare, which was one of the biggest shows in recent history with over 2000 fans there. I was really impressed with the scale of the show and quality of the matches. Afterwards we got chatting to a couple of the wrestlers and they pointed me in the direction of the WAW wrestling school. That summer I did a weeklong training camp with Sweet Saraya and Ricky Knight. It was intense and painful but I really loved it. At the end of that week I had my first show, I was in a tag match against Bash & Crash. It was only a small crowd but it was a fun experience. Really from there I was quite immersed in WAW doing as many shows as possible and learning on the road and wrestling on the camps.

4. You wrestled Roy Knight for FSW at Fight Night, what were your thoughts on the match overall and what did Roy have to say to you after the match and also on the FSW front you have wrestled for FSW for a while now what has been your favorite moment so far and why and finally who do you want to face next on the FSW roster??

I’ve wrestled Roy a number of times over the years and have always enjoyed it. Roy is probably one of the most talented wrestlers in Britain and it’s always quite an intense battle, very physical. The match we had a ‘Fight Night’ was particularly tough. It was my first match back after a month out and also it was the hottest day ever, the venue was boiling which made it real hard work. I’m not going to lie, it was exhausting and I personally feel that I could have done better, but under the circumstances it was a good match. Roy was on great form as ever, he is a machine, it was his 3rd match of the day having wrestled 2 camps already.

As for my favorite FSW moment has probably been seeing the young guys start out and the training school and coming to a point where they are having great matches on the shows. Guys like Karn, Kenny Mac, Furio and Charleston have all developed through the FSW school under head trainer Jimmy Starr and (lesser so) myself. These guys are starting to get noticed and are breaking onto the wrestling circuit which is cool. It’s been great to be involved with that a little.

I’ve wrestled most people on the FSW roster. I really enjoy wrestling Karn and John Windsor, again it’s always a tough match which I like.

We’ve had a few newcomers in FSW lately like Syd Parker and Kip Sabin who are probably 2 of the best & criminally underrated talents in British wrestling, so I’d like to face them soon.

5. World War Wrestling a new promotion based in Gillingham are having their first show in October inc. yourself are you excited for their first show and what will the fans expect who are going to this show??

I am really excited for this show, I’ve known the promoter for years and he has some great ideas. The roster looks really strong so far. I think the fans can expect great matches and a dynamic, well-produced show.

6. What are your thoughts on the current British Wrestling scene??

I personally feel that, in some respects, British wrestling has never been healthier. There is so much amazing wrestling talent all over the country. From athleticism to gimmicks, British wrestlers have really stepped up. Aside from the wrestlers, there are several promotions who are really pushing the boundaries creatively and coming up with concepts and identities for their ‘brand’ in a way that has never been done before in British wrestling. Probably the 2 best examples of this are Progress, who have really tapped in to aspects of sub cultures to really create an exciting and fresh product and Lucha Britannia who are totally unique and really fun.

7. Who do you think is going to be the next breakout star in the British scene and why??

From my experiences in FSW, there is a really healthy group of cruiserweights coming through. I mentioned Kip Sabin, Syd Parker and Charleston but there is also Sid Scala and Lance Lawrence who are both great wrestlers with character. Karn is another big prospect having found his feet teaming with Bulk as the Unnatural Disasters. There are loads of great wrestlers coming though at the moment.

8. What does the future hold for ‘Dark Wolf’ Matt Walters??

In terms of wrestling, I want to help Falling Starr continue to grow (I help with the training and some of the promotion there). Personally I want to do more of a variety of shows, working for different companies and getting a little more attention.

9. Where can the readers find ‘Dark Wolf’ Matt Walters??

Do you mean if they want to stalk me? You’ll probably find me in East London somewhere, probably watching a band or maybe in a gym or wrestling a show. On the internet, my facebook is- I do have twitter but I’m terrible at it, I usually write when I’ve been drinking- @darkwolffights

10. Any dates or projects you wish to plug??

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