Interview – Chris Ridgeway



1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers??

As a wrestler I’m a pretty determined guy. Very disciplined with myself and my training and I’ve always got something to prove, especially during this “breaking out” phase, so to speak. I can go out and put on my best match and still walk away like “shit, could’ve done better”. As a person, I’m pretty laid back. Perhaps too laid back. 

2. Did you watch Wrestling at all growing up and how would you say some of the people you watched inspired you??

I certainly did, every day! I’d just re watch the same shows over and over and over again for no reason at all but still get goosebumps whenever the good guys win!

I just loved the larger than life characters, it was great escapism too. 

3. How did you then get involved in Wrestling and how would you sum up your overall training experience??

My mum said it would be a career with zero injuries and super high wages to be earned, so she forced me into it. 

I jest. 
I started off being trained by John Moss, who still keeps in touch and will be re-opening a school at some point which is great for anyone wanting to start off. 

Attended some seminars around the country too and then I just took off! 

4. How do your friends outside of Wrestling react to you being a wrestler??


 Then I out-gay them by telling them I do it all wearing Lycra. 

A few of them are greatly supportive though and it’s always a pleasure when people come along to watch and see what I actually do instead of watching one random match on TV and assuming it’s the exact same thing as what I do. 

5. You wrestle for KOW based in Barrow-in-Furness where you are the champion, how did it feel to win the title and Knockout One was sold out was it good to see an event like this sell out before the show??

I am indeed, good research sir.

It was a proud moment for me as it’s a company I’m proud to be a part of since day one. I wrestled Kris Travis and we had an absolute war that saw me being lobbed into the crowd and a lot of dramatic near falls. Great fun. Probably my best match to date. It got a lot of reactions on the internet which was very humbling and surreal to hear so many people wanting to see me wrestle all over and to watch me and Kris do it again and hopefully KOW can provide that. 

6. You are wrestling for Pro Wrestling a Kingdom in a #PWKYOUNGLIONS Triple Threat against Jayson Maverick and Ethan Silver, do you have any words for these two men and how do you assess your chances??

Well, I am the King of the young lions so…. Pretty high chance of myself taking the W.

As talented as they both are, there’s not much you can do when you get a boot in your mouth. Good luck though GUYZ!

7. What are your thoughts on the current state of British Wrestling??

I absolutely love wrestling. But more importantly I absolutely love British wrestling. It’s going through a huge boom at the moment which is brilliant. So much great talent that I want to test myself against too, I know of some matches that are coming up that I’m keeping super secret for now but I’m excited for them as they are with guys I’m yet to work with but have been wanting to get involved with them for a LONG time. This year I’ve wrestled the likes of Damian Dunne, Chris Brookes, the aforementioned Kris Travis of whom is a mentor to me, Joseph Connors, Grado, Craig Kollins, Manson, to name a few and I’ve enjoyed each one for a different reason. All incredibly talented too. I do think that we should rely on our own guys though and not bring over TOO many imports as most of them aren’t as good as our lads but that’s just my opinion.

So yeah, all is good. 

8. What are your future ambitions in Wrestling??

To become a mainstay in British wrestling and to wrestle as much as I possibly can. I’d love to travel the world and wrestle too, that would be the dream.

9. Where can the readers find Chris Ridgeway and where can they buy your merchandise??

Various different places at the moment so it seems, which is great. Just follow my twitter – @chrisXpriority for all updates on future shows and to enquire about my beautiful T-Shirts. (Which look insane on women so buy one for yer bit of stuff to wear on lazy Sundays, boys)

10.  Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??

Aforementioned PWK show on the 10th of august will be great. Go to ALL their shows. Production and talent is brilliant, same applies for PAID promotions in Morecambe where I will be facing Joey Hayes on 31st August. These two promotions are giving me the ball and I’m going to run with it and never stop so watch out for them. 

And of course, KOW in Barrow, my home promotion. It’s the annual Road to Gold tourney coming up on 12th sept and that’s going to be a riot, I won it last year! 

The day after that I’ll be at the 02 academy in Newcastle for Target wrestling, which will be a great experience. 

Buy my merchandise, follow my twitter, eat lots of calories, learn a new skill and get used to my face folks! 

Go and follow Chris at the handle above and also buy his merchandise and go to shows he is on!

You can follow BWR on Facebook and Twitter @BritWresRevival

Finally go and support our affiliates under Our Affiliates especially TIDAL and Pro Wrestling Chaos who sent me DVD’s to review this weeks which will be up shortly!


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