DVD Review – Pro Wrestling Chaos Best of Year 1



Match 1 – Jeckel vs Wild Boar (Yate. 22nd March 2014)

Jeckel comes out to a heel reception from the crowd intimidating the fans when he is coming down to the ring. Jeckel then cuts a promo telling all the crowd to shut up and here what he has to say and then goes onto say that he isn’t too happy about Pro Wrestling Chaos making another match including Wild Boar due to the fact he is the best that the company has and that he is main event material. Wild Boar then came out to the ring to a face reception from the Yate crowd. Wild Boar runs into the ring and starts to demolish Jeckel, After this both men have equal momentum for only a few seconds with Wild Boar taking control after this. Boar really got the crowd behind him and this spurred him on to take control. Throughout the match Boat really impressed me with some rather impressive moves and even though Jeckel did get back into the match and impress me in that fashion Boar impressed me the most from this match and this showed as he picked up the victory via a Powerbomb from the top rope!
Match 2 : Mike Bird vs Scotty Essex from Hanham 1st February 2014
The second match is from a different show and venue Hanham from the 1st February show! It is between Mike Bird and Scotty Essex there are no entrances this time so it is straight to the action! Bird started by focusing on the head of Scotty but when attempting to ground him he reversed it and performed an armdrag on Bird. The crowd was behind Scotty 100% and he was a favourite mostly with kids. Bird went out of the ring while he was chanting Lets Get Reem and further getting the fans behind him. Bird returned to the ring and went up to Essex attempting a lock up but instead he kicked him in the midsection this was then followed up by a wrist lock. Scotty went up on to the corner flipped over throwing Bird out of the ring in the process. Bird went and taunted the crowd who were chanting chicken at him which allowed Essex to suicide dive onto Bird. Essex continued his assault on the outside throwing Bird back in after a while when he did the momentum was still with him which allowed him to perform a top rope dropkick. Following this up with a suplex and a running Powerbomb to the face, Bird wasn’t going to let himself be beaten this easily though and came back into the match reversing a suplex attempt! Bird threw him outside only for him to come back in. Bird dominated from there on out and even though Essex did return to control a few times, Bird did dominate after that and ended up winning with a modified tombstone pile driver advancing to the next round of the King Of Chaos tournament!
Match 3 – Mike Bird vs Zack Sabre Jr vs Dave Mercy from Yate (12th October 2013)
The next match was between Mike Bird who was in the previous match vs Zack Sabre Jr one of Britain’s biggest exports and Dave Mercy in a 3-way!
First out to the ring was Mike Bird who got booed by members of the crowd like in his match vs Scotty Essex! Second out to the ring was Zack Sabre Jr. I think only a few members of the Crowd knew who he was which is fair as most were kids who will know the likes of Bird and Mercy but not Sabre which is why the reaction wasn’t huge! The last competitor was Dave Mercy who was well received by the crowd and was using the English patriot gimmick! Mercy and Sabre Jr shook hands but Bird didn’t want to cementing his heel gimmick! Bird didn’t want to lock up and went to work on both men taking control of the match in the early goings! Bird was soon halted by Mercy who stopped him performing a Powerbomb to ZSJ which allowed both men to double team on Mike Bird. Bird was thrown out the ring which allowed Mercy and ZSJ to have a proper technical exchange which is good to see. Bird came back in just to be teamed up on again. This was a common theme throughout the contest and in the end it worked in Bird’s favour getting the big win over ZSJ in the end.
Match 3 – Gideon vs Jon Gresham (Hanham, 1st Feb 2014)
Like Essex vs Bird there wasn’t any entrances just introductions and the action. Gideon pretended to lock up but just walked away multiple times which didn’t wash with Gresham who used his high flying ability to over power the big man. Gideon went out the ring and when Gresham wanted to fly he used it to his advantage getting him out the ring and attacking him which happened when he returned to the ring! Until near the end Gideon was in control of most of the contest with parts where Gresham would sneak back in but I was shocked because of how in control Gideon was that Gresham came out of nowhere and pulled the victory off when it seemed unlikely!
Match 5 – Pete Dunne vs Eddie Dennis vs Mark Andrews (Filton – 12th April 2014)
Eddie Dennis was first out and he ended up getting a good reception from the Filton Crowd at the start but then he started taunting the crowd which led the crowd to start hating him! Pete Dunne was out next getting a good reception from the crowd. Finally Mark Andrews came out to a mixed reception from the crowd with a few people booing him! From the start this match was really fast paced and having 3 people like Andrews, Dunne and Dennis in the same ring calls for. In the opening exchanges no one was giving an inch, it was a good move by the promoters as they stuck Andrews and Dunne in with Dennis who is hard hitting which balances it out! When 2 were competing in the ring mostly Dunne and Andrews, Dennis only came back in to smash them when they had done and take over proceedings! This did not work for him in the end like Gideon in the previous match and after a gruelling war and an epic match Andrews performed a shooting star press to end the match and become the new Attack 24:7 champion!
Rating 8/10 I think it was a great sampler of what PWC are about! Every match showcased different types of talent whether it was ZSJ or Mark Andrews it shows that PWC showcase all different types! I cannot wait to review what PWC have next!
They have a show tomorrow night from Filton inc Ex WWE star Chris Masters so if you are in the area get along to it they are close to sell out so you can get remaining tickets on the door!
If you want info or even to support them http://www.facebook.com/ProWrestlingChaos and @chaos_wrestling on Twitter
As always go and support us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/BritishWrestlingRevival and Twitter @BritWresRevival


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