Interview : Toni Storm



Photo Credit – Oli Sandler Photography/The Ringside Perspective

1. Please give the readers a quick summary of yourself?? Well, what can I say? I’m blonde and I’m crazy! Haha!

2. Did you watch wrestling growing up and if so who inspired you?? Huge Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho fan growing up and still to this day.. I’ll never get sick of them!

3. How did you then get involved in wrestling and what did your family think about it?? I started training when I was 13 years old after years of nagging my mum! She hated the idea of it at the beginning but has become the biggest support to me, she even makes all of my costumes!

4. Australia’s wrestling scene has grown over the last few years with the likes of Emma going over, do you think there is a real buzz in the Australian wrestling scene at the moment?? There definitely is, it’s grown a lot in the past few years, especially with Emma doing so well in the WWE. The Australian scene is continuing to grow and the talent is only getting better!

5. You have a WWE tryout in August when they come over to Australia, what is your mentality going into the tryout and what would be your reaction if you got in?? I’m not sure how much of this I’m actually allowed to talk about, but I am staying focused, like I am all of the time. I’m always training and there isn’t a day that goes past where I’m not putting 100% into everything that I do. I will make it to the WWE eventually, I can promise you that.

6. You are currently on a UK tour and have wrestled the likes of Kasey Owens and Nightshade so far, what is your opinion in the matches you have taken part in and who would you want to face next?? The girls in the UK are definitely tough competition, they sure can put up a fight! I’m back in Australia now.. but not for long! I’ll be returning to the UK by the end of November this year and will be staying for A LOT longer

7. Staying on the topic of the UK what are your thoughts on the UK in general so far??

I absolutely love the UK. I love the wrestling scene and want nothing more than to be apart of it. I’m also very lucky to be trained by Dean Allmark, who I have so much respect for and who has taught me so much. I love the UK so much, it’s become home to me.. and stay tuned.. I’ll be back soon.

8. You wrestled the other night at the charity show Wrestle Aid coming out on top in your match and the rumble, if there is another Wrestle Aid show in the future would you want to defend your crown??

Yes! I’m always up for a fight and I loved wrestling on the WrestleAid event.. I’m ready to do it all over again!

9. Where can the readers find Toni Storm??

You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram.. @tonistorm_

10. Have you got any dates or other projects/merchandise you wish to plug and where can promoters book you?

I don’t have any UK dates booked yet..but stay tuned because there will be plenty soon. Promoters can contact me on

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