DVD Review – TIDAL Wrestling presents 20,000 Leagues Under The Tyne


First match was between former TCW champion El Ligero and AJ Anderson. The two men locked up with Anderson pushing him into the corner, they locked up for a second time with the same outcome happening again. Another lockup happened which turned into a pin attempt from Anderson, Ligero performed a side headlock onto the ground via a lock up squeezing AJ’s head in the process. AJ got up and reversed the headlock using it himself on Ligero. An irish whip by Ligero soon turned into a shoulder barge, they then performed another one which Ligero ducked under, jumped over and then performed a hip toss. Ligero focused on the left arm of AJ Anderson, Ligero then went around smashing his head off the turnbuckle and while working his way round he performed knife edge chops when Anderson was in the corner. Once finished Ligero performed a snapmare and a dropkick and went for a pin attempt but couldn’t get the win. Ligero got the crowd behind him but Anderson got up like a house on fire with a boot to the midsection and a European uppercut. Anderson sent Ligero into the turnbuckle but when he ran at him Ligero jumped over and performed a hurricanerana to Anderson. Ligero then followed this up with a dropkick out of the ring, AJ got up though and got back inside the ring performing a dropkick to Ligero in the process. Anderson then set him up for a suplex which was followed up by a snapmare and knee to the side of the face. Ligero went outside the ring and they both battled each other outside the ring getting equal offence on the outside. Ligero got pushed back inside of the ring but thanks to the crowd chanting his name he fought on. Ligero performed a side kick which was followed by a side elbow and a dropkick off the turnbuckle onto Anderson, Both men returned boots to the head, Anderson performed a sit down powerbomb after Ligero attempted a springboard move off the rope. Ligero got the slice on Anderson and then attempted a move off the turnbuckle but this failed. Anderson started to rub iit in by kicking him in the head when he was down. Anderson grabbed him up by the horns and Ligero attempted a superkick but this failed but it worked in his favor as this meant Ligero could dive off the turnbuckle onto Anderson and then setup the splash off the top turnbuckle to get the victory. Both men had a go at each other in the end but they both shook hands.

The next match was a tag team match between Liam Lazarus & Perfect Purdie and Dave Carbon Jainus Centurian. Lazarus and Carbon were the two wrestlers who were starting in the match, Both men locked up with Carbon getting the wristlock, Lazarus reversed this and applied it himself. Carbon then applied a headlock and then sended him down via a shoulder barge, Lazarus got back up and performed a high crossbody. Lazarus hit a back suplex onto the head of Dave Carbon. Centurian and Purdie got into the ring with Centurian hitting a couple of shoulder blocks but Purdie got a hiptoss to get back into proceedings. Centurian irish whipped him but Purdie jumped over a performed a dropkick. Lazarus was then tagged in and made Centurian dance when he was on the floor. Purdie was tagged in and Centurian got a boot to the midsection from it. Purdie then performed a suplex and got a 2 count. Lazarus was tagged in again and perfomed a double ax handle from the top rope. Purdie was tagged in once again but it didn’t last long before Lazarus was tagged in again. Purdie was again tagged in and they used hot tags to their advantage by tagging each other in every few minutes to keep each other fresh. Centurian tried to fight back by punching him in the midsection but couldn’t get back into the proceedings. Again when Lazarus was tagged in he tried to get back in but to no avail. He finally got Carbon tagged in after kneeing him in the back of the irish whip. Carbon had control of Lazarus even though he was fighting back. The referee was distracted which meant that Carbon could choke Lazarus in the corner and Centurian pull his head onto the rope. Carbon tagged Centurian in and Lazarus tried to get to Purdie but a boston crab prevented this! Carbon was tagged in once again and once the tag was made they were just taking shots at Lazarus. Carbon performed a snap suplex but Centurian was soon tagged in. Centurian tempted him by nearly irish whipping him into the Purdie corner, too much showboating happened and Carbon was flung out of the ring and Lazarus got the tag in. Purdie came in like a house on fire and even though Carbon came in he disposed of him using a neckbreaker. Dave Carbon nearly got the victory using the Carbon Fusion but couldn’t get the three count. Centurian sent Purdie out the ring and was then able to catch his breath. Centurian dived onto both Lazarus and Carbon on the outside. Purdie went back inside the ring to be beaten up at the most part by Carbon and Centurian. Lazarus came back into the ring and made an instant impact getting the victory.

The next match was between Violet O’Hara and Kay Lee Ray. The two women locked up with KLR getting the upper hand in the opening exchanges. They locked up again and exchanged wrist locks at the start of the exchange but it was Kay Lee Ray who once again took the upper hand. Violet kneed KLR in the midsection and then focused on the head but KLR reversed it and focused on the head once again. KLR got the crowd behind her and nearly flew out the ring onto Violet but Violet ran away. KLR finally got Violet out of the ring and performed a suplex onto the floor on the outside. KLR attempted a flying dropkick but missed, Violet got the chance to take the upperhand from this and she took it. Kay Lee Ray was not out though getting the crowd behind her to take control of the match once again. KLR flew into the turnbuckle though after irish whipping Violet and Violet moved out the way. Violet was taken down off the irish whip after Kay Lee Ray booted her in the face of the irish whip. In a similar situation to earlier but the other way round, Violet went into the turnbuckle which allowed Kay Lee to come in like a house on fire clotheslining her twice which followed with a cutter. Kay Lee attempted the Gory Bomb but Violet turned it into a pin attempt. Violet then made Kay Lee Ray trip over which meant she could kick her in the face. Kay Lee got up and performed an enziguri, she got the crowd behind her and attempted a Swanton but got knees to her face which was followed by a throwover from Violet which got her the victory. 

The next match was between BT Gunn and Bobby Jackson. The two men locked up twice before Bobby Jackson got the upper hand by slamming his face to the mat. BT Gunn left the ring to return, they locked up again with Gunn getting the headlock but this was soon reversed by Jackson who once again slammed his face to the mat. Jackson once again got the crowd behind him and they locked up again before Gunn got the wrist lock on Jackson then grounding him with a headlock combination. Gunn pinned him but Jackson kicked out. Once again they locked up this time Jackson got to focus on the wrist but Gunn reversed this and took him down performing an ankle lock. Gunn got a side headlock and a clothesline off an irish whip. Jackson then came back into the frame with a hiptoss off an irish whip this was followed with an armdrag and a side headlock. In the corner BT Gunn got a headbutt and a european uppercut coming back into the frame. BT Gunn once again headbutted him in the corner, Bobby Jackson then caught him with an ass to the face which was followed by another side headlock to try and wear him down. BT Gunn got up jumping over Bobby but he got another headlock followed by two knee’s to the face in quick succession. Jackson started kicking him in the midsection but when he tried this again BT Gunn caught him with kicks to the face, an enziguri and a dropkick off the turnbuckle. Gunn only got the two count off this and then continued the assault but smashing his head off the turnbuckle and performing two knife edge chops in two different turbuckles. The crowd was calling for another one but Jackson wasn’t having it and hit him with kicks to the midsection followed by a superman punch. BT Gunn reversed an irish whip but Jackson slammed him to the ground. BT started firing shots at Jackson and getting back into the match after being slammed down. BT followed this up with a nice pinning combination, Bobby fought back it with a forearm but was soon smashed with a dropkick, he still did not give up though performing a clothesline on Gunn. Both men exchanged stiff shots to the face and a theme for the whole match was that no-one was on top for long but in the end BT had to resort to grabbing a chair and also taking out the referee but Ligero got the save on Jackson. Ligero told the referee about this and the referee rang the bell and ended the match. BT Gunn cut a promo challenging Ligero to a match in November at Deep Rising in Newcastle.

The next match was between The Bucky Boys and The Proven in a No Countout match. Caz Crash and Davey Boy were the two men who were starting it out. They couldn’t get anything from initial lockups until Davey got the side headlock on Crash but this was soon reversed out of. Crash and Davey hada contest to see who could get either man down but Crash used this to his advantage to clothesline Davey. Davey got back to the forefront by using a hiptoss on Caz. Davey followed this up with a hurricanerana into the corner and a dropkick by Davey. Stevie got tagged in which allowed him to perform a grounded dropkick before Davey got tagged in once again but Stevie was tagged in as soon as Davey was tagged in. Crash finally took control and tagged in Wilder who went to work on him in the corner but Stevie returned to the helm of the match as soon as Wilder got in front in anyway with an armdrag and a dropkick. Stevie followed this up with a crossbody after a headbutt to the midsection to Wilder. Davey got tagged in and so they performed a double tag team hiptoss. Both men got thrown out the ring to be dived on by Davey and Stevie, The Bucky Boys went to work on The Proven and with the no countout rule it allowed them to go anyway in the venue without being counted out. Crash wasn’t out of it when they were on the otuside though coming back into the match a few times but Stevie was too good and took control again. Crash took Stevie out which meant The Proven could double team on Davey. The Proven went back into the ring to got to work on the lone member of The Bucky Boys in the ring Stevie. Davey returned to the ring apron but it couldn’t prevent The Proven beating up Stevie. Both men tagged each other in frequently to keep it fresh which was a good strategy. Stevie tried to power back in a number of times butt Crash and Wilder were in their corner so they could easily tag each other in. Stevie got back in finally after an attempted tag team move was scouted by him. He finally got to Davey Boy who got a double clothesline off the top rope on both men and then started to hit them with some stiff forearms which was followed up by a dropkick into both men who were in the corner. Davey then got a fireman’s carry on Crash and was so close to winning but Wilder got to it and Crash escaped the ring which allowed Wilder to come in. Davey did the same which allowed Stevie to come in and pin Wilder but he couldn’t get the three count. Wilder attempted a clothesline and an enziguri but Stevie ducked out of both of them performing an enziguri of his own to Wilder. Crash came in and nearly won it but Stevie got his feet to the ropes. The Bucky Boys performed the STD on Wilder and Crash to win the match.

The next match and sub main event was between Grado and Noam Dar. The tag line for this match was Best Friends, Rubbish Enemies. Grado did his usual routine of searching the referee before the match. This was followed up with Noam and Grado handing out their entrance clothes/merch to a fan on the outside. Grado started swinging punches at Noam which made him exit the ring. They locked up with Grado being put in the corner but this was followed up with high fives all round. Noam followed this up by sticking his thumb in Grado’s eye but then stroking his head. Grado ruffled his hair after this but then used a wrist lock but Noam then reversed this and did the same but grounded him instead. When both men got up, Noam did a wrist lock again but this time Noam spun around to add more humor to it! Grado did the same but without the spinning but again Noam reversed this and grounded Grado performing another wrist lock shoving his wrestling boot in between. Grado followed this up with a headlock but Grado reversed out but was hit by a clothesline. Noam took Grado down pulling his wrestling boots, When they both got up again they performed another irish whip but neither could get each other down so they just stood there talking and asking fans what moves they should do. Grado tried to do a clothesline but just ended up slapping him on the chest. Grado flipped over and performed a pin but couldn’t get the pin, for the next few minutes they were just pinning each other repeatedly. Noam left the ring followed by Grado. Grado went towards some fans and took a swig of beer. They both went to the snack bar and tried to get some chips with Grado getting one chip which was followed by Noam going to every fan and offering chips. Grado then grabbed some Irn Bru and started drinking it! They both returned to the ring and shook hands, Grado tried a rock bottom but Noam wasn’t allowing this to happen! Grado got an armbar and went towards the top rope with the referee holding him, Noam fell on the ropes so Grado fell on the rope. Noam finally went to work after this and reiterated this by pulling him through to the steel ring post and then wrapping his legs around and stamping on his shins and hands. Grado got back up and performed a right hand but Noam turned around and poked him in the eye. Noam sent him into the turnbuckle and performed a european uppercut before running and kicking a leg which was trapped. Noam wrapped his legs round and even though he started to be serious he still smacked his bum which means the comedy was still there. Noam got up though after attempting the knee bar. Noam sent Grado into the turnbuckle but Grado stuck a leg out and followed this up with a bionic elbow, Noam kicked the shin of Grado but Grado then performed a rock bottom, Grado called for him to go top rope so he did but Noam moved out of the way. Grado ran towards him and still performed the splash. Grado attempted the stunner but Noam reversed, Grado then grabbed the leg of Noam and threw it round so it would catch the referee in the down below region. Both Grado and Noam fell over after being punched in the nuts. Noam smashed a chair on the ground pretending it was Grado but both men pretended they got hit with a chair and the referee ended up thinking it was Noam at first but when he turned his back they both played dead. Grado unwrapped his singlet and both men went for multiple chokeslams. The referee got between them though which meant Grado and Noam performed a double chokeslam on the referee which meant Noam and Grado could pin him. They both celebrated on the turnbuckles and then hugged. They performed another chokeslam on the referee at the end. The fan from earlier pinned the referee again when he got inside the ring, Grado then gave him his snapback and they all celebrated in the ring. 

The last match was a 3 way Elimination match for the TCW Championship between Rampage Brown, Jack Jester and Dara Diablo. Rampage and Jester went after Diablo attacking him and teaming up with each other.They absolutely destroyed Diablo but I think Diablo had enough as off a double team move he double clotheslined both men and the crowd got behind him. Diablo pinned Brown but Jester got to the pin attempt. Diablo reversed a irish whip attempt but Jester kicked him in the face and clotheslined him. Rampage and Jester then went back to work on Diablo once again battering the living hell out of him. While Diablo was down, Rampage and Jester started going back and forth on each other. This led to Jester being clotheslined out of the ring. Diablo got up and dropkicked Rampage, He got Rampage into the corner and started hitting him with stiff shots but Rampage overpowered him. Rampage got pulled out of the ring though by Jester who was seeking revenge after being clotheslined out of the ring by Rampage. This allowed Jester to initially beat him up on the outside but like Diablo previously, Rampage overpowered him. Diablo somersault dived onto both men though while they were on the outside. Diablo knife edge chopped Jester a couple of times when it was just both men on the inside. Jester returned to the helm of the match after Jester kicked Diablo in the face while Diablo was running at him in the corner this was followed up with a clothesline by Jester to Diablo. Jester followed this up with a powerbomb and nearly got the win but Rampage got inside quick enough. Jester and Rampage started once again beating each other up with Jester getting the upperhand sending him chest first into the turnbuckle. Rampage wasn’t out for long performing a boot to the face to Jester but Jester wasn’t fully out so he didn’t get the 3 count. Diablo came out of nowhere afterwords performing a flying crossbody off the top rope. Diablo had to juggle beating both men up at once which allowed Jester to perform an awesome clothesline. Rampage once again though got up and performed a massive boot to the face of Jester. Diablo was then eliminated after a piledriver, the same outcome happened to Jester which meant that Rampage retained his title.

Rating 8/10 – A great end to TIDAL’s 1st Season. Great venue and great action with something for everyone including a women’s match, normal singles matches, tag matches and a triple threat! If the triple threat was longer at the end it would have got a ten but i think it put Rampage and his piledriver over for the next season of TIDAL!

I would like to thank TIDAL for the opportunity as always to review the DVD’s they produce.. I look forward to continuing doing it right through Season 2 and beyond!
If you want to support TIDAL please visit their Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/tidalchampionshipwrestling and Twitter @TIDALWRESTLING! If you want to buy DVD’s, T-Shirt’s or badges go to tcwrestling.bigcartel.com for more information! 


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