Interview – Rich Ortiz



1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers??
 Gentleman, athlete, business man, family man, man of GOD, humble, grateful, rough around the edges, laid back, lone wolf, adaptive, ambitious and optimistic.
2. You started off playing American Football playing as a Linebacker, how did you then get involved in Wrestling from AF??
I had a dream of being a pro football player.  At the age of 10 I saw pro wrestling and wanted to be one.
3. You were trained at the OVW Wrestling School, who were you trained by and how much did these trainers help you make the transition from American Football to Wrestling??
The trainers at OVW did the best job that they could.  It was a tremendous help.  Making the transition from football nobody helps because they don’t understand a football locker room etiquette vs pro wrestling. They did all they could to help.
4. You went through OVW TV wrestling the likes of Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne where you were tipped to go up to the main roster basically as soon as you went to OVW do you think wrestling as much as you did in OVW help and why didn’t the Atlas DaBone gimmick go up to the main roster??
Yes OVW helped it was my only wrestling experience before wwe.
I was super green but they didn’t care about my dreams or future plans so I got hot shotted to the roster.  I was grateful still. Atlas Dabone was a self created character that I played in the football locker rooms prior to OVW.  That character was over in Louisville.
They dismantled that character and turned it into Atlas Ortiz, which they changed my name 2 days after my debut to Ricky Ortiz.  Lol
5. What was your reaction when you got called up to the main roster and who thought up the Ricky Ortiz gimmick??
I was ecstatic I thought it was a test. Stephanie McMahon is a part of its creation.
6. What were your overall thoughts on your main roster run, what was your favorite match in your time there and would you ever return to the WWE if given the chance??
I thought it was a series of tests.  I was grateful and never took a second for granted.   I thought it was short.  It felt like my dream was becoming manufactured and I was being pushed into a grey area.     Still I produced one of my favorite matches against Jeff Hardy were I dominated a baby face that was #1 in the world at that time.
I was cut 2 weeks later. Then I joined Urban Wrestling fed. Where I had my favorite match against Rashe Brown.
Match versus Jeff Hardy :
Match from UWF :
7. There was rumours that TNA were interested to sign you, is there any truth in this and would you ever sign with TNA??
Yes I would go back.  I left with intentions of creating a real hardcore athlete that was legit with a competitive jiujitsu background and mma.  I also moved in with Scott Hall and was mentored on the road doing house shows.  4 years ago I left to create what the wwe is now currently ready to pursue.  A new Era, a new type of character abilities, style, promos and legitimacy.
8. You returned to the ring after a two year break beating Homicide at Extreme Rising, what were your thoughts on returning and what do you think the future holds in terms of Rich Ortiz??
 I loved that match against Homicide he is great.  It was a big win.  The crowd was red hot, they hated me.  They were vulgar.  The match was sound from a psycology standpoint.  Fun fun times listening to the crowd chant ” worse than Cena”
“Asshole”, ” you can’t wrestle”- I was on high after that match- magical.
9. Where can the readers find Rich Ortiz??
I was training at team 3-D for a year but I left because they had me wrestle in 2 shows in 12 months.
10. Any dates you wish to plug??
 It is a dream to wrestle on TV I have so much ambition and passion to be back.  I will continue to wrestle and compete in submission grappling always.  I am currently talking with Global Force wrestling and Jeff Jarrett.
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