Interview : ‘The Lazarus Kid’ Liam Slater



Photo Credit : Brett Hadley

1) First of all, please describe yourself to the readers??

I’m a 20 year old wrestler from Bradford. I’ve been wrestling a touch over 3 years now. I’ve been fortunate to find a cracking entrance theme and that’s given me a bit of a buzz as the party loving Venga bus guy. I dance, have a laugh and try to be as entertaining as possible.

2) At what stage of your childhood did you get into watching wrestling and if so who inspired you to become a wrestler whether that is in the UK or on WWE television??

I’d say I became a fan of wrestling at the age of 6 or 7. I don’t really remember what the first match I ever saw was, I just remember watching. The Rock stands out as a prominate figure at the time, he was larger than life and really pulled you into everything that he did. Oddly I wouldn’t say a single wrestler inspired me to become one. It was more the drama, and having the ability to create iconic moments that made me want to be a wrestler. So, it’s less “I want to be the Rock” and more “I want to be in the Rock’s shoes, making my own moments.” If that makes any sense.

3. You trained with NGW how did you get involved in NGW training and how would you sum up the experience??

I had trained for about 2 years at UKW before training with NGW as my main base. Around a similar time, Dan James and myself decided that we needed to grow and the only way to grow was to train with someone like El Ligero on a regular basis. That was about a year back now and it’s the best thing I’ve done in terms of wrestling. NGW is a solid team of people all striving for the very best and it’s somewhere that I’m happy to call home. There is nowhere close to its standard in terms of training and production in the Yorkshire and now North-east areas, in my opinion.

4. Speaking of NGW, how would you assess your rise to the main roster and do you think you now being on the main roster shows how good the training NGW give is??

My rise from training to main shows has purely been down to a bit of luck and a lot of hard work. The luck came from finding the venga boy theme song and being given oppourtunities, but I wouldn’t have been offered those without putting in the hours not only at training, but outside training as well. Without the support offered at NGW from all of the team, I wouldn’t have become the wrestler that I am. The advice and knowledge was there for me to take, the question was if I was going to take it. Thankfully I did and I’ve grabbed everything that’s been put in front of me. That doesn’t mean that I’m done learning, this is only the beginning.

5. Last weekend you teamed with Matt Myers once again as the Super Power Party Force defeating Lord Barnaby & Nikos by Pinfall, what were your thoughts on the match and do you think teaming with Matt Myers could lead to a tag team title shot in NGW soon??

Its a blast tagging with Matt, we have very similar styles and ideas about wrestling. He’s also been doing it a good number of years, so tagging with him means I can learn as well. The tag match from Summer Smash Brawl wasn’t our best in my opinion, but it was needed in order for us to grow. The sky is the limit in terms of our development as a tag team, a shot at the tag gold is definately something that I’m sure we both see as an attainable goal in the near future.

6. You have become a major roster member for one of my affiliates TIDAL Wrestling including having a title shot against El Ligero, what were your thoughts on the first Season of TIDAL, the push you have been getting and finally are you looking forward to season 2??

If NGW is my home, Tidal is definately my Grandparent’s house, if they lived in a rock venue under a railway line. The first season of Tidal was a really fun experience, personally I’ve had matches with Ligero as you mentioned, also with Dave Mastiff, Kid Fite, Mark Andrews and Pete Dunne. What started out as a ‘jobber’ spot quickly became something more, and as with NGW, I’ve just taken everything that’s been given to me, which led to me challenging for the belt. Hopefully that’s not the last time and in Season Two, challenging for the belt is definately something I want to do. Also, I’m really looking forward to the teabag deathmatch on the TCW vs CZW show on October 8th, that should be interesting to say the least.

7. What are your thoughts on the current state of British Wrestling???

I’ve said it a couple of times, the british scene is constantly improving and growing. Things like WTTV on Challenge, NGW being linked with Jarrett’s new company Global Force Wrestling and promotions like Progress getting coverage on Sky Sports, the growth is visible. I’m just happy to be involved in it and making the most out of an ever expanding market.

8. What are your ambitions for the rest of this year and beyond??

In terms of goals, there is always the cliched answer of continuing to get better, I’ll never stop learning and any experiences I can take, I’ll grab with both hands. For promotions, in NGW I’d like to cement the Super Power Party Force as a main stay in the tag Division. At Tidal as stated, by the end of this year I want to challenge for the belt again, hopefully this time in front of the Cockpit crowd. Another promotion I’m excited about working for later this year is HOPE and their FUTR shows, hopefully I can impress and become a permanent player there as well. Who knows what the future holds though, I’m looking forward to whatever comes my way.

9. Where can the readers find Liam Lazarus??

You can find me mostly on Twitter @Liam_LZRS, most of my wrestling based news and random thoughts are posted there on a regular basis.

10. Have you got any future dates you wish to plug??

If you do want to come and party with me, I’ll be at Tidal in Darlington on September 6th, NGW’s next show, 50, is on the 14th and I’ll be debuting at HOPE:FUTR on October 18th.

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