Interview – Louis Lyndon




1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers??
I am kung fu fanatic and quite eccentric pro wrestler out of the United States Midwest. I am quite fond of moonsaults, crane kicks, cross armbreakers, and dragon sleepers.
2. Did you watch Wrestling growing up if so who were your heroes growing up??
I watch some wrestling definitely while growing up. I remember 1993 WWF Raw more so then the rest though. I found myself drawn to the 1-2-3 Kid, Tatanka, Randy Savage, and the Lex Express. My favorite was definitely Bret Hart though. The style and the sunglasses won the eight old version of me over. 
3. How did you then get involved in Wrestling and what are your thoughts on your overall training experience??
I had interest in wrestling ever since I was 14. I ended up start training in 2003 with various people. I got wind of training from a buddy of mine named Matt.  I had no car so someone who lived in East Lansing (I was going to MSU) a time or two offered to give me rides. I didn’t last very long. I ended up officially going to training in September 2007 after getting a car and hearing of Price of Glory Wrestling only being a bit over an hour from campus. After getting lost at least once I made to it training. The head trainer was Josh Raymond. It was difficult, but a great experience right from the beginning. Learning things from Josh, Keith Crème, and eventually CJ Otis (who had just come back from All Japan) really helped build the foundation I needed to become the pro wrestler I wanted to be. It can be a bit expensive, but it is worth of it with the right trainers.
4. Your brother is of course Flip Kendrick/Cassanova who has appeared on TNA television, are you proud of his success??
Oh yeah, definitely happy my brother made it to big stage. It was kind of mind blowing thing considering just years before we just working at one promotion in 2007 (Hybrid Wrestling) basically. It is crazy how things happen and can explode one little single voice being heard. Hopefully we can both make it to TV again.
5. Speaking of Flip you are part of Aeroform with him, do you think you are at an advantage due to teaming with your brother and what has been your favorite moment as a team so far??
Definitely an advantage. We have been around each other all our lives. We think similarly. Our timing seems to come bit more natural. Having teamed with other people seems to be a bit more difficult. My favorite moment was the collection of matches and travel we got with Lucha Libre USA. It felt like I was living the dream.
6. You were SCW Tag Team champions for 5 months losing it to the Young Bucks, what were your thoughts on losing a title which you have held for that long, will you be cashing in your rematch soon and do you have any words for The Young Bucks??
I feel like first title reign simply was not what I envisioned. We did not defend the belts at all. I want to do it over again. The Young Bucks are the TEAM these days. I know Flip and I ready to do the deal one more time on September 7th.  I want the Young Bucks know we are ready hang with them this time around.
7. You have also forged a successful singles career in the likes of AIW and POGW taking singles titles away from both promotions including a 303 day run in AIW, who has been your favorite singles opponent so far and what are your thoughts on the 303 day reign in AIW??
I wish POG was still around. The AIW Intense Title was my first real singles reign of any real length or defenses. I loved it. I have never had those types of matches until this reign. My favorite singles opponent during the run had to be Johnny Gargano. We have matched up even before this reign as well. Gargano is always a good test for me with a bit of a big fight feel in the Lyndon world.
8. What are your ambitions for the rest of the year and the future in general??
I am ready to continue progress. I have felt bit stagnant in terms of momentum upward. I really hope to build off a dark match I had in ROH. The goal has always been Japan, so I am continuing work toward it. A trip out of the US/Canada would be great.
9. Where can the readers find Louis Lyndon??
You can always find me on Twitter at LouisLyndon31.
10. Have you got any dates you wish to plug??
Definitely check me out at Squared Circle Wrestling on 9/7 for Aeroform vs. Young Bucks. Also check out Absolute Intense Wrestling RAGER 9/5-9/7. And finally check me out at AAW Wrestling September 12.


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