Interview – Blake



1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers??

I’m Blake, and i’m currently a member of the EAW roster, I started training with the EAW academy in April last year and have been wrestling for just over a year. I have an athletic style when it comes to wrestling and im more agile than your average “big guy” in wrestling.

2. You trained with EAW becoming trainee of the year in 2013, how would you sum up the training experience with EAW and would you recommend their training??

I’d definitely recommend it, without it I wouldn’t have got where I am now. The EAW academy has gone from strength to strength and the lessons have been getting better by the week and the attitude from those who attend make it a great place to be. I’ve been given so many great opportunities by EAW and they have led to myself getting bookings at other British wrestling promotions.

3. This weekend you wrestled for LCW: Elevation holding your own versus Barricade, what were your thoughts on the match and do you think you will be returning to LCW??

I really enjoyed it, even though I lost but thanks to the fans (#LCWFAMILY) getting behind me they were great and looked like they enjoyed it too, so I’d definitely like to and will return to LCW, its a great working environment with a great atmosphere around the place.

4. You have been booked for HOPE:FUTR being British Wrestling Radio’s sponsored roster member, what are your thoughts on the idea in general, where can fans see you in terms of HOPE:FUTR shows and do you think it shows fans faith in you seeing of other wrestlers to become the sponsored roster member for BWR??

Its a pleasure to have been sponsored by BWR and I’m very much looking forward to the new partnership. with regards to HOPE:FUTR im not sure what the plans are for me, but I do hope to be part of their first show so I can say I helped build something and help it to grow. Im very fortunate to have had a strong fan base develop in the short time I’ve been in the wrestling industry, they really are second to none and have supported me in everything that I’ve done.

5. Going back to EAW, do you think the push your now getting in EAW has got you noticed and got you booked for those promotions??

Without a doubt, Nick’s given me the platform to showcase my ability to wrestle and to entertain. Ive always worked really hard behind the scenes weather its handing out and delivering flyers, postering, or setting up the ring and the rest of the venues we work in.

6. Next weekend EAW return to Rushden including a steel cage match and a Fans Bring the Weapons/Dumpster Match, what are your thoughts on those two match types on this next show and what will be your role on this show??

Well I had my first cage match earlier this year and its daunting to step foot inside to say the least, its unforgiving and lets just say I was very happy to land my feet safely on the ground they are different and entertaining for the fans. with the bring the weapons/dumpster match, I have mixed emotions on this type of match as I believe that they can be great to watch if done right and also for the right reasons, at the end of the day its different stokes for different folks, ive got nothing against that style of match but I think that they can shorten your career.

7. What are your thoughts on the current state of British Wrestling??

I didn’t really know anything about British wrestling till I went an EAW show last year in Yaxley near my hometown, what I do know of it now is that its the strongest it’s ever been and there is a lot of talented wrestlers on our tv and on live shows all around the uk. After watching boot camp this year I’d say its in great shape.

8. What are your ambitions for the future in terms of wrestling??

my aims are to help LCW elevation and HOP:E FUTR to grow, to get onto the LCW, HOP and HOP:E roster, and to win my first championship in EAW, to show aspiring trainees what hard work and commitment can get you.

9. Where can the readers find Blake??

you can find me on facebook and on twitter @BlakeWrestling1

10. Do you have any future dates you wish to plug??

I’ll be at Rushden this Sunday 07/09 and the first Sunday of every month. Corby on 19/10 and 14/12 Yaxley on 18/10 and 13/12 for EAW Hopefully In Derby on 13/09 for HOP:E FUTR

Please go and support Blake at the social media above and also EAW who ironically I will be at next weekend for their Steel Cage and Fans Bring The Weapons/Dumpster Match Combo event in Rushden including Marc Massa, Stixx, Chris Tyler, EAW favorite Mister Monster and of course Blake, Tickets are still available but are limited buy them from : calling 07708896048 or from or on the door!

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