DVD Review – OMG! Top 50 Incidents in WCW History



Released on August 25th in the UK on wwedvd.co.uk

OMG, The Top 50 Incidents in WCW History is the follow up to OMG! Top 50 Moments in WWE History!

This DVD set counts down as the name implies the Top 50 Incidents in WCW’s history, this of course includes footage of the promotion that started in 1982 by Jim Barnett who then passed it on to Jim Crockett Promotions and then Ted Turner who bought the promotion in 1988.  In the 1990’s, WCW’s financial state improved by bringing in Eric Bischoff who basically turned it around for the promotion which allowed the hiring of Hulk Hogan and the introduction of Nitro the weekly program which of course rivalled RAW during the Monday Night Wars. Sadly the promotion went into decline and was then bought by WWF in 2001 but WWE have used up it’s extensive library of content from the WCW era to put this DVD together and is a follow up to both the Top 50 Moments in WWE History release and also the Rise and Fall of WCW which was massively successful and is called one of the best documentaries ever produced by WWE.

This countdown includes some of the best moments in WCW such as the Junkyard Brawl which was set in a Junkyard and the first person over the gate won the match, this moment would not happen today and would be classed as controversial if it did happen again in this era of Wrestling and showed what WCW was capable of at the time,  the debut of Warrior to interrupt Hogan and the build up to their fight, Hulk Hogan joining the Outsiders, NWO forming, DDP being unmasked as La Parka and Sting confronting the NWO as well as some of the weirdest moments/ideas in the history of WCW such as the Movie Magic moment, Human on a Forklift match, Sid screaming about Goldberg smashing his car, the Electric Chair match, Human Torch Match and finally the hilarious Shockmaster as well as interviews from some of the wrestlers such as William Regal, Bill DeMott, Fit Finlay, Jim Duggan, Hulk Hogan, Warrior, Booker T, Chris Jericho and Arn Anderson who appeared on the WCW roster at the time and for most of them went on to go and make a name for themselves in WWE/WWF as well as current superstars and divas such as Cody Rhodes, Natalya, Ryback, Christian and Dean Ambrose who gave their own personal experiences of them watching these moments growing up.

Special Features which took up Disc 2 and Disc 3 include some of the best matches in WCW’s history and some of my personal favorites in WCW history such as the the aforementioned La Parka vs. ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage and the Chamber of Horrors match which were of course moments on the first disc of the DVD as well as some unseen footage which has not been put on DVD before and also all the moments that we’re originally on the first disc but now in full length which i think is a nice touch for those fans who either don’t want to watch the countdown or just relive the moments after watching the countdown.

Rating 3/5 A great DVD which showcases the legacy of WCW from the best moments to the damn right funny and weird moments, My opinion I know differs from other people but I would recommend this release for sure! Only problems I have with this release is that some of the wrestlers who are the current WWE wrestlers shouldn’t have been used to talk about the moments and I would have just liked it to be ex-WCW superstars and producers/writers who were there and backstage at the time and they have used the majority of them with the likes of Booker T, Arn Anderson and even Vince Russo used on this release but apart from that I cannot knock the release and like I said before I would recommend it!

I would like to thank WWE Home Video and Fetch for supplying me with this release as well as Brothers of Destruction and MITB 2014 which are to come over the next few days. Go and support WWE Home Video and buy your copy of this release and many others from : http://www.wwedvd.co.uk, http://www.facebook.com/WWEHomeVideoUK and @WWEHomeVideoUK!

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