Interview – Chuck Cyrus





1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers?

I am MR MASSIVE the Owner of THE BIG C’s GYM CHUCKIE C CHUCK CYRUS, which means that im jacked so women love it and men just envy me.

2. Did you watch wrestling growing up if so who were your heroes and how did that lead you to getting involved in Wrestling?

I watched the odd match as my brother was a fan of Bret the hitman so every now and again i would watch it, it wasn’t until Evolution made a faction that i jumped on the wrestling band wagon so you could say i was a late bloomer! i was 15 years old when my friend Jake invited me to train at the FWA Academy which is where i met my long time best friend and current Makeup and Muscle tag partner Ollie Burns aka Priscilla Queen of the Ring. he taught me for about 4 months before i left to progress in my rugby career. it was not until i was 19 until i started to really get involved into wrestling and wanted to see how far i could push myself in this amazing business. that is when i met Karl Atlas and he taught me all of my early career so i do owe that guy a lot he is now running a show called KAPOW which is amazing and highly recommended to any wrestler or wrestling fan to go check out!

3. How was your experience being trained by Saraya and Ricky Knight? Any stories?

Being trained by the knights was a very good experience for me, the boys aka zak roy ricky and the ladies saraya (paige) and sweet saraya i had all the time in the world for they really opened up my eyes to what i could achieve. i felt like it was time for me to venture out and take on the wrestling world by myself after being with waw for 2 years and being told i could be the next big thing from alot of the guys and girls and trainers that came down for example WOS legend Danny Boy Collins, i wanted to put it too the test so i moved back to portsmouth and am working a hell of alot so i am loving every second of this ride! haha i think the stories ill keep to myself for now.

4. Any tips for any up and coming wrestlers just getting into the business?

Any tips. ok just be humble and always ask the more experienced guys and girls to watch your matches take everything on board and ofcourse with a pinch of salt if you arent very good at taking criticism! most important rule is that there is a huge difference between being respectful to somebody and being a kiss arse so always keep that in mind.

5. You are wrestling ‘Mr Moonsault’ Jake McCluskey at Kapow Issue 10 on November 29th from Greenwich, what will fans expect from this match and do you have any words for Jake??

Jake Mccluskey is one of those hidden gems that NOBODY has given a chance to see and this guy has beaten former WWE talent, he was praised to the high heavens by Hardcore Bob Holly in his autobiography, not everyone can say that so the guy is an amazing talent…but hes no MR MASSIVE so he really does need to be on his A game come 27th september at Portchester community centre for KAPOW wrestling.

6. You were accepted for TNA British Bootcamp 2, how did you feel when you got accepted??

Man, how would anyone feel if you got an email from TNA headquarters telling you WE WANT YOU you know?! i really was over the moon about it and just trained with more determination then i have already to achieve the dream so we will find out october 17th on challenge TV!

7. You are a part of HOPE:FUTR, what are your thoughts on the FUTR idea and which FUTR shows are you booked for??

HOPE:FUTR is a great idea pitched by Harvey Dale i love the idea that hes creating for the hidden gems to have their chance to be noticed by the bigger leagues in the UK industry, i’m very honored to be a part of this company and you WILL be seeing me early part of the new year.

8. You are part of the Rev Pro Roster including beating Hiromu Takahashi, in the future would you like to be a part of the York Hall shows, what do you make of the rise of Rev Pro and what is the atmosphere like backstage??

yea wrestling for rev pro was awesome the match i had with Takahashi i cant thank the crowd enough for their ovation they gave the pair of us before, during and after the match. i felt like it was leading onto bigger and better things for me with Rev Pro. the backstage humor… was very serious if im honest with you!? its a big company as we all know so all the guys are looking to impress but i personally work better in a friendly environment not one that you feel you have to sit and wait and not talk its just not me.

9. Where can the fans find ‘Mr Massive’ Chuck Cyrus on Social Media???

Twitter – @ChuckCyrus Instagram – ChuckCyrus47 Facebook – Chuck Cyrus

10. Have you got any dates you wish to plug?

Kapow 27th september portchester i take on Jake Mccluskey for the Dynamite Division Championship, and november 29th London Greenwich i take on Jimmy Havoc. World War Wrestling Gillingham October 11th Vs Titan November 8th and 15th for SWF Southampton and Gosport November 22nd for RCWA Essex myself and Priscilla Fighting for the RCWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP. Future Pro Wrestling London, December 6th so im pretty busy but if promoters want to chat to me and book me please take my media and send me a message.

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