DVD Review – WWE Money In The Bank 2014


This is the next DVD review courtesy of WWE Home Video UK and ironically the latest DVD release from WWE Home Video UK! This time it is of Money In The Bank 2014, this event was held on June 29, 2014 at the TD Garden. The main event was first time ladder match for the vacant WWE Championship.

First match of the night was between The Usos and The Wyatt Family. The Uso’s came out in their usual fashion hyping the crowd up with their Samoan dance which is over with the crowd at the TD Garden. The Wyatt Family started off with the ‘He’s got the whole world in his hands’ which was sung by a child at Extreme Rules 2014, Harper and Rowan then came out in the dark with just the spotlight on Harper and Rowan. The lights came back on which was followed by a highlight package of how Harper and Rowan became the number 1 contenders on RAW. Jey Uso was starting it off versus Luke Harper. Luke Harper tried to go all guns blazing on Jey putting his size advantage first but Jay used his speed to kick Harper in the gut. Jimmy was tagged in which was followed by a right hand and another kick to the gut. Harper followed this up by dropkicking Jimmy who was hyping up the crowd. Rowan was tagged in which was followed up by a clothesline to Jimmy which he kicked out of. Rowan continued his assault in the corner which allowed Harper to return to the ring. Harper wasn;t there wrong and Rowan and Harper used quick tags to their advantage. Jimmy jumped over Rowan which allowed Jey to return to the ring and use his speed and agility to get them back to the forefront of the match. They double teamed and Jimmy performed a dropkick off the top rope then Jey tried to get the big man Rowan down but couldn’t and this just got Rowan fired up but Jey knocked Rowan threw the second rope with a drop kick. The Uso’s got the crowd hyped up which was followed by a flying crossbody by Jey Uso when Rowan got back into the ring. Harper slightly distracted Jey Uso which allowed Rowan to throw him off the top rope and onto the barricade. Harper was tagged in which allowed him to continue the assault on the outside of the ring. Jey was brought back into the ring but continued his assault once again this time on the inside of the ring. Rowan was tagged in which was followed immediately by an elbow right to the chest of Jey Uso.  Rowan continued where Harper left off but it didn’t last long as Rowan went for the leg drop but then botched it. Luke was tagged in and cleverly went and took Jimmy out which was then followed with a big boot, it was surely it but he couldn’t get the 3 count. Jimmy came in and went crazy flying all around the ring, he samoan dropped both men which was followed by a corkscrew but Luke kicked out. Jimmy superkicked Luke twice but couldn’t get the 3 count. Jimmy came to the aide of his brother who was about to get demolished outside of the ring by Rowan. Harper booted Jimmy in the face after a distraction. Rowan and Harper got Jimmy up but Jey came to the aide of his brother, Jimmy pinned Harper but got 2 and a half. Harper nearly got the victory after this with a powerbomb which was then followed by Harper flying to the outside onto Jey Uso.  Jimmy then flew but he was caught by Rowan which allowed Harper to dive onto Jimmy as well. Harper and Rowan double teamed on Jimmy but Jey saved him again. Harper missed a move in the corner which allowed Jey to deliver a superkick. Rowan went to the top but Jimmy grabbed the ropes which made Rowan fall down. He tried to suplex him off the rope initially but it didn’t work until Jimmy and Jey double teamed together to perform a superplex. Both men performed splashes to retain the tag team championships and cap off a great opener.

A highlight reel then showed of the ending of the Shield and then a great as usual promo by Ambrose back stage. The next match was between Paige and Naomi (who was accompanied by Cameron), Both women got good reactions by the crowd, I am a huge fan of Paige in general so I was touting her to win the match. Paige performed an armdrag on Naomi and then the fight went outside the ring with both women smashing each other off the barricades. This was followed by a double dropkick but Naomi went outside the ring to gain composure and then rip Paige off the apron. Naomi dived over the top rope to take Paige out. Naomi crawled back into the ring with Naomi taunting Paige who got back in the ring at 6. Paige kicked out which was then followed with a crossbody by Naomi, Naomi covered Paige but Paige turned this around and then Naomi turned it around. Naomi continued the assault on Paige including nearly winning by submission. Naomi was definately more impressive in the early going. Both women spilled to the  outside when it looked like Paige would go back on the offensive. Both women went back into the ring at the same time. Naomi backslided Paige but Paige went back on the offensive nearly making Naomi tap. Naomi came back into the match as soon as she was out of it building momentum on Paige,  Naomi performed the Rear View but it wasn’t enough. Naomi tried a springboard moonsault but Paige got her knees in the way. Paige looked really angry and as a result nearly got caught by Naomi, Paige retained the Divas Championship though after nearly being caught.

The next match was between Damian Sandow and Adam Rose. Sandow came out dressed as Paul Revere and was saying how Boston will always be in the shadow of New York. Rose then came out with his usual set of Rosebuds. Rose sent Sandow to the outside which didn’t keep Sandow out the ring for long, Sandow came back into the ring to fully start the match off. Rose smacked Sandow’s arse which made Sandow go crazy. Sandow was pushed to the outside of the ring but Rose was pulled down and then beaten up by Sandow. Rose was thrown back into the ring to be pinned and decimated by Sandow once again. Rose started to try and get back into the match but couldn’t as Sandow continued where he left off. Sandow hit the elbow but couldn’t get the three count. Rose kneed him in the face in the corner which got him fired up and back into the match. Sandow wasn’t allowing himself to be beaten though and got back up, Rose won though after Sandow botched a flip on the top rope with a party foul.

Promos from the Money In The Bank participants then played. Then all the participants in the match came out, Rollins and Ambrose didn’t care about getting the briefcase they went straight after each other.  Kingston on the other end of it went for the ladder with Swagger and Van Dam. Kingston performed a boom drop on Swagger in the ring and cleared the ring and then went for the briefcase. Kofi went to the top of the ladder but was taken out by Ambrose, Kofi jumped off the rope onto Van Dam and Ziggler. Ambrose grabbed the ladder and ascended it only to be taken off by Rollins, this was a running theme until Ambrose smashed Rollins off the ladder. Neither man could suplex each other onto the ladder but in the end it was Ambrose who did it to Rollins who went to the outside of the ring. Ambrose was thrown off the ladder and fought it out with Swagger. Van Dam, Ziggler and Kingston then fought it out to get up the ladder, Kofi and Dolph went to the top to fight it out. Kofi and Dolph went back to the top after throwing everyone out of the ring. Rollins came back in and used the ladder on Kofi and Dolph but RVD dropkicked the ladder into him. RVD set up a ladder in the corner and Rollins was thrown into it. RVD then rested it on the bottom rope then performed Rolling Thunder onto Rollins who was on the ladder. Ambrose went after him but he was thrown out of the ring. This was followed by Ziggler and Swagger. RVD then went up to the top of the ladder but Kofi was up there with him. Swagger threw him off but he kicked hi in the gut when he fell off. RVD was the next target for Kingston but RVD was on fire so he wouldn’t allow Kingston to get one over him. RVD and Kofi were on the top rope but Swagger drove a ladder into the back of Kofi and the kidney of RVD. Swagger rested the ladder near RVD to grab him up the ladder. Swagger tried to suplex him but RVD threw him off the ladder. Rollins got up the ladder just as RVD was about to try and jump for it and the two men fought on the top of the ladder to have the opportunity of the briefcase. RVD tried to suplex Rollins but Swagger powerbombed RVD from the top of the ladder with help from Rollins. This was followed by Ambrose superplexing Rollins off the top of the ladder. Ambrose tried to get a ladder open but Ziggler had other ideas dropkicking him then trying to do the same to Swagger but being flung into the ladder. Swagger then threw Kingston to the ground and then smashed the ladder off Kingston. Swagger then flew off the top rope onto the ladder hurting himself more than Kingston. Swagger brought the ladder to the middle of the ring and climbed up to the top but once again he couldn’t do it as RVD came back. Ambrose went after Swagger and Rollins after RVD after demolishing both men, they went to the top of the ladder. Ambrose looked like he would grab the briefcase but he couldn’t get to it due to Swagger who DDT’ed him off the ladder. Rollins tried to get up to the top of the ladder but Rollins went off the rope after being thrown off the ladder. Doctors made Ambrose leave the match after dislocating his shoulder, Rollins had his chance but couldn’t take it due to RVD who continued to battle. Kingston got another ladder and rested it on the ladder. RVD got thrown off the ladder by Kofi so it was Rollins vs Kofi for the briefcase. Rollins was thrown onto the ladder rested on the ladder. Kofi had the opportunity but Dolph ruined it. Kofi went for the SOS bu it didn’t work on Ziggler.  Ziggler then jumped on Swagger performing the Lou Thesz press on the ground and then started the punches in the corner. RVD came back in but Ziggler performed a fameasser. Ziggler then superkicked Swagger through the ladder. Kofi returned to the ring only to be Zig Zagged onto the ladder after a failed Trouble in Paradise. Ziggler got the ladder in place and climbed to the top but Swagger again didn’t let him win locking in the Patriot Lock on Ziggler while he was on the ladder. Ziggler used his arm strength to climb up and evaded the lock. Ziggler couldn’t move though for a while which proved fatal as Rollins returned to the ring and smashed him with a chair. Rollins then attacked him on the back with this chair. Rollins pushed him to the outside and then ascended the ladder, Ambrose returned to the ring dramatically smashing him with a chair multiple times as vindication for earlier on. It was Ambrose’s time for sure but of course another member of the Authority had to get involved, Kane came into the ring and at first couldn’t get him off but got him down and chokeslammed him. Kane then went back for more with a tombstone piledriver. Kane then cleared the way for Rollins to win the Money in the Bank briefcase and a guaranteed title shot at any time over the next year. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out to congratulate Rollins.

Byron Saxton then interviewed Randy Orton backstage saying he doesn’t need help to win the title.

The next match was between Rybaxel and Goldust and Stardust. A highlight package then played of the debut of Stardust before they came out to the ring. Stardust and Axel started the match off with Stardust getting the upperhand in the opening exchanges. Goldust was tagged in though and continued to be in control until an arm drag takedown by Goldust which allowed Stardust to return to the ring. Stardust went to the top rope but Axel went to the other side of the ring which allowed him to get the fresh man in this case Ryback into the match. Ryback pushed him but Stardust held his own using his speed and agility to floor the big man. Goldust was tagged in once again but it wasn’t long until Ryback came into the match. Curtis Axel was tagged in and started to beat Goldust up while he was on the floor. Axel then got him up and performed a dropkick. Ryback was tagged in and pinned him straight away and then got the air out of him on the floor. Goldust tried to get back in but Ryback used his strength to suplex him and then he tagged in Axel again after falling onto Goldust off the top rope. Axel got into the ring and did the same as Ryback in terms of keeping him down on the floor. Goldust powered back in for a moment but Axel once again floored him and kept him down. Axel sent Goldust into the corner and then tagged in Ryback once again. Ryback kept him up for a while and Goldust reversed the pin but Ryback was once again dominating. The Feed Me More chants rung around the TD Garden but Goldust came right back into the match to get a tag to Stardust and he came out like lightning. Stardust and Goldust sent Axel out of the ring but Axel sent Goldust out of the ring, Ryback tried the torture rack but Stardust reversed to hit the Cross Rhodes but Axel saved the match in the last half a second. Axel and Ryback then bumped into one another after attempting a tag team move which they couldn’t pull off. Stardust got the quick roll up to win the match but Axel came in to beat Stardust up but Stardust and Goldust worked together to see him off.

The next match was between Rusev and Big E. Rusev was accompanied by ‘The Ravishing Russian’ Lana and came out waving the Russian flag. Lana cut a promo about how Big E was bringing out the American flag and how it was a joke. Rusev got the microphone and said how he would crush Big E. Big E came out waving the American flag and chanting USA! Big E went straight after Rusev with forearms and from there both men clubbed blows at each other. Rusev left the ring to get some words of wisdom from Lana and it work as Big E went for the spear but was caught with the knee. Rusev followed this up with a suplex and then worked on Big E when he was on the floor with forearms to the head and also kicks to the head. Rusev wouldn’t let him get up wearing him down on the floor. Rusev botched a splash which allowed Big E to perform a Belly to belly suplex on Rusev but Rusev wouldn’t allow himself to be beaten and he hit Big E with some knees to his midsection in the corner but Big E dumped him on the back of his head. Big E speared him into the corner and from there he built momentum. Big E went for the splash which Rusev moved out of the way for but Big E scouted this and performed a belly to the belly throw on Rusev. Big E then speared Rusev off the apron and Big E tried to put him away by throwing him back into the ring and pinning but Big E made a big mistake going for the Big Ending as Rusev kicked him in the head which was again followed with a kick this time to the midsection. Rusev went crazy and Lana called for Crush which made Rusev put Big E into the accolade which Big E tapped out of in the second attempt.

This was followed with the kick off panel including Renee Young, Christian, Booker T and Alex Riley and the Kicoff including Bo Dallas and Daniel Bryan earlier on in the night and finally the Vickie Guerrero throwing Steph into a pool of mud video.

Fandango came out to the ring in a referee outfit to be the Special Referee in the Layla vs Summer Rae match. Summer Rae then came out to the ring followed by Layla. Layla started the match by throwing Summer Rae outside of the ring which allowed her to flirt with Fandango but she was pulled down by Summer Rae who then threw her into the corner and then thrust her long legs into the face of Layla. Layla kicked her but Summer Rae went right into the path of Fandango and they nearly kissed but Layla separated them and then started o take control of the match by keeping her down on the ground as much as possible. Layla pinned her but it only got her a 1 but Summer Rae got back into control throwing her face to the mat twice and smashing her head to the mat. Layla came back into the match with a kick which got her the 3 count and a kiss from Fandango. Summer Rae lay there in the ring “crying”.

A promo then aired about Bryan’s rise to the title and then his vacation. Triple H and Steph went to ringside, It went Sheamus, Bray Wyatt, Del Rio, John Cena, Cesaro, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns then finally Kane in terms of entrance order. At the start it was battle royal style and after a while it was only Kane and Orton left in the ring with Cena. Kane tried to bring a ladder into the ring with Cesaro and ADR dropkicking the ladder into Kane. They then bashed Orton with the ladder while fighting for it themselves. Wyatt came in and threw himself at the ladder to floor both men. Cena went for the AA but was planted onto the ladder by Wyatt. It was Reigns vs Wyatt with Reigns getting a Samoan Drop on Wyatt. Reigns put a ladder up but Sheamus hit a few blows to the kidney. Sheamus was in the ring on his own but Kane soon came in to beat up Sheamus. Reigns went after a ladder but Orton came in and he momentarily was in control. It was Sheamus vs Reigns in the battle of the ladders with Kane stuck in the middle, they sandwiched Kane with the ladders and then they both set up ladders under the titles and over Kane. Del Rio and Cesaro came in just in time when Reigns and Sheamus were climbing the ladders. Both ladders toppled and Kane hit Reigns with a  right hand and Sheamus with a throw over the rope. He took out Wyatt, Cesaro, Del Rio and Cena following this. Kane threw a ladder onto Del Rio which allowed him to grab Orton and thrust him up the ladder helping the authority in the process. Reigns came into to spoil this grabbing the ladder smacking Kane in the skull in the process. Wyatt drove him down to the mat and they exchanged forearms. Cena got to his feet and planted Wyatt to the ground. He went for the five knuckle shuffle but Cesaro came in and performed an uppercut on Cena. Cesaro had his opportunity but Sheamus went to the top and they exchanged forearms. Wyatt walked around like a spider and he threw the ladder over but the two men stayed hanging onto the titles. Cesaro stayed on the titles but he fell down without them. Wyatt cleared the ring apart from Del Rio who tried to fight back but Orton also went after him throwing him into the ring steps. Orton tried to shake off the effects off the ladder and got another ladder from under the ring. Sheamus layed into Orton on the outside and then grabbed the ladder himself resting it on the Spanish announce desk. Sheamus bounced Orton of the ladder 3 times before Orton came back in after Sheamus went on top of the rested ladder. Orton planted Sheamus with his trademark DDT before shoving the ladder back into the ring. Orton climbed to the top of the ladder but all the men apart from Sheamus came into the ring to try and get a spot on the ladder. Kane though was the deciding factor and whenever someone wanted to get to the top, Kane stopped him, Sheamus was getting chokeslammed but he fought back. Kane got beated on the chest 10 times before going to the top to take out Reigns and then Del Rio followed by Orton. Sheamus brogue kicked Cena when he was meant to originally go for Orton but he threw him out. Sheamus put the ladder in place but he was pulled out the ring by Kane. Sheamus though hrew Kane into the steps before returning to the ring to fight it out with Cesaro. Cesaro built a bridge to get to the top witht he titles dangling in their faces. Del Rio shoved the ladder through the ladder to Reigns but was taken out by Cena. Reigns used his raw strength to leave the ladder dangling with Sheamus having the chance to grab the titles but Cena put the ladders back before going to the top himself. Wyatt and Reigns came in though as well as Del Rio. Cena got threw onto the ladder by Wyatt to put him out of the ring. Kane laid waste to all men to help Orton win the titles.  Orton beat up Sheamus while Kane prepared the ladders but Sheamus still had fight in him. Reigns though speared Kane but Orton bounced the ladder off Reigns’ head. Orton taunted Reigns to get up trying to RKO him but a Superman Punch followed after a reversal. Sheamus got superman punched after this before Wyatt got smashed off the announce table. Cesaro came towards him before being speared. Cena came into the ring and the two men squared off with both men exchanging forearms. Cena tried the Attitude Adjustment but he was speared by Reigns. Reigns grabbed the ladder, Steph and HHH ushered Kane into the ring to take out Reigns but it was Orton who came in and performed a back breaker off the ladder. Orton went to the top buy Wyatt performed Sister Abigail to ruin the Authority’s plans. ADR though wasn’t going to let it happen superkicking him twice. Del Rio went to the top and had his hands on the title but Sheamus waved at Del Rio before planting him off the ladder and planting him as well with a brogue kick. Sheamus once again went to the top but Cesaro grabbed the ankle of Sheamus and then performed an uppercut and then the neutralizer. Orton RKO’ed him off the ladder though to deny him the title which was a pretty awesome move. Reigns and Orton battled it out to get up the ladder with Orton showing his brutal wounds. None of them could get the upperhand until Orton was bounced off the ladder. Kane once again though showed his worth by chokeslamming Reigns to the ground. Both men looked really smug as Orton climbed the ladder but Cena AA’ed Kane followed by Orton who was pulled off the ladder. Cena climbed up the ladder to claim his 15th WWE title!!!

Rating 8/10 – Every year the marquee matches make this event and once again they reigned, Both ladder matches were awesome for another year and to see Cena win the titles made this event for me. Only reason why it didn’t get a ten was due to some of the matches such as Adam Rose vs Damian Sandow and also Layla vs Summer Rae that didn’t need to be on the card and could of been matches on RAW at the most to be honest but I feel overall that WWE have produced another solid Money In The Bank event and long may it continue!

Thanks to WWE Home Video UK who supplied this release and I will have another DVD review up this weekend to finish off the set : Brothers of DESTRUCTION!!

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