Interview – Red Eagle




1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers??
R: I’m a portuguese wrestler who is trying to build something in portuguese wrestling not only by wrestling outside my country but also helping guys that have the same dream that I have in my school, CTW. I travel around the world to learn from everyone I can, and bring all knowledge I can to Portugal because all help is needed. Portugal is not a “wrestling-country”, and to make things worse our economy here is doing really bad so not everybody can afford going to the gym, which is an important thing in wrestling. But even under a lot of difficulties we actually had our school’s first show and it was sold out, so I’m really proud of that.

2. How did you get involved in Wrestling and if you could sum up your training experience??
R: I  started watching wrestling on TV as many kids did, back in 2005, and I just fell in love with this, didn’t really know why. Kind of like falling in love with an ugly woman: you just love her, you don’t know why but it feels right. So I started training in 2006 and since then I’ve had the oportunity to be trained by Kenzo Richards, Rob Van Dam, Paul London, Johnny Moss, Ultimo Dragon, Dick Togo, Doug Williams, “Old School” Oliver Jones, Davey Boy Smith Jr, and while I’m in England I like to show up at 4FW and Pro Wrestling Live to train with the guys there.

3. You are a coach at CTW in Portugal, how does it feel to train some of the potential stars of the future and is there anyone in the centre you think could make it big??
R: It’s an huge pleasure to be able to train them and share the things I’ve been able to learn all over the world with some of the greatest. My job here is not to be the mean, tough guy. It’s up to them if they really want this or not. Not that the trainings we do are not tough, I give them a hard time when it comes to that, but besides that I like to interact with them as a friend and not sargent. At the end of the day it’s their decision if they want this or not, this business is not easy and they need to know if they are getting home hurt for a dream they want to make happen or for no reason whatsoever. It’s a life changing decision. We do have some people that if they keep working hard on this, one day you’ll be reading about them.

4. You embarked on your first tour of the UK last year, how did the tour come about and what has been your favorite moment so far in the UK??
R: A friend of mine invited me to go to England and I got shows at 4FW and PWL. After that some promoters who watched my matches gave me opportunities to work in other companies and since then it has been like that. For me every minute I spend in the UK is my favorite because I absolutely love this country. English breakfast rules, the cities are lovely, TESCO is my bestfriend, love Poundland, and I could I would eat meal in my life at the Chinese Buffet. Above all that, I have met some of the best people while I travel around England.

5. You return to the UK next month, are you looking forward to returning to the UK and which promotions are you wrestling for so far as part of the tour??
R: I’m super happy to come back to the UK, looking forward to meet new wrestlers and have new adventures. And eat more Chinese Buffet. I’m wrestling for Pro Wrestling Live, UKPW and Extreme American Wrestling.

6. Speaking of the UK, finally you broke your arm last time on the tour and you are only just returning to action next month, how did it happen and has it fully healed??
R: The guy I was facing that night was faster than me, so I got kicked right in my arm, which caused it to break for the second time. So I underwent surgery last April and have been out for 6 months. It’s healed but I’m still working on it when it comes to the muscle level.

7. You are returning to RCW as part of the Rising Stars show on Saturday October 4th 2014, are you looking forward to returning to Spain and have you got a message for Jahre and Carranza ahead of your match??
R: I’m excited to go to Spain and see all of my friends there. RCW is a very professional company and one of the best in Europe. They bring exciting names like Paul London, Davey Richards, etc. I know it’s Jahre’s last match, but I’ll will not go easy on him, and I’ll bring my best game.

8. Speaking of messages, have you got a message for the readers??
R: I ask you to support professional wrestling the best way you can, by going to shows, cheering, booing, buying your favorite merchandising. Just support the best way you can. And don’t forget: Wrestling is the only show in the world you can directly be a part of.

9. Where can the readers find Red Eagle on Social Media?
R: You can find me on Facebook of course at, on Twitter at @RedEagle_PT and on Instagram at redeagle_wrestler.

10. Any future dates or projects you wish to plug??
R: I have a Red Eagle comic book coming out, translated to every language which I’ll let you with some exclusive footage. At the moment here in Portugal we are working on our next show, if you want a sneak peak of our show in August you can go to this link .



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