BWR’s Wrestlers of The Future Interview – ‘Tornado’ Matthew Hopkins


1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers??

I describe myself as a , energetic, flip loving and a casual person

2. You currently train with House of Pain Wrestling, could you sum up your training experience so far and is the HOP Academy as good as people say it is??

In my opinion the house of pain is the best there is and my experience has been amazing and i owe it all to stixx the hop trainer

3. You are currently one half of the House of Pain Tag Team Champions with Gabriel Kidd, how did it feel to win these titles and have you got a message for the Foundation who you will be facing next month at Our House??

It was absolutely amazing experience winning the belt with Gabriel kidd and all I need to say to the foundation is watch you’re back

4. What are your future ambitions being at the start of your career and in the future would you want to go to the big companies abroad or would you rather stay over here??

I want to go to the top of the wrestling business whether it is here or abroad

5. Finally, anything else you need to plug and where can the readers find ‘Tornado’ Matt Hopkins??

The readers can follow my page on Facebook to keep up with events and news my page is Tornado matt hopkins and if anyone wants see what house of pain can do I will keep you posted on shows

Please go and follow Matthew on his Facebook page!

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