Review – WrestlingStore Presents Live Wrestling – Bedford – 24th October 2013


This is my first review via Vimeo On Demand. I attended this show last year, I emailed Mark from WrestlingStore a few weeks back about doing reviews and I was supplied this for free. In a way it is kind of a year on look at a show I went to and thought was great, I will be attending their next show next month at the Corn Exchange and I cannot wait to do so.

The first match was between Mark Haskins and Lion Kid. Haskins has been my favorite wrestler for a few years now and Lion Kid who I have met in the past is a great wrestler and a great guy to talk to in person. The two men made their entrances into the Corn Exchange but before the match could get underway, Lion Kid was smashed with a chair to the legs, Haskins then cut a great promo about Lion Kid being a false idol  and he hates the fact that he was the poster child for the event and he couldn’t even compete! Stixx came out of nowhere to accept Haskins’ challenge and Stixx started the crowd with chants of you suck towards Haskins who was standing outside of the ring disputing the challenge. Stixx threw Haskins back into the ring and ended up smashing his head off the turnbuckle a few times for good measure to start the match off. Stixx threw his face right into the turnbuckle and then threw him front first to the ground. Haskins escaped the ring and took a shot at Lion Kid. Haskins went through the turnbuckle onto Stixx and after smashing his head onto the apron he threw him back into the ring. Haskins took control from there using moves including a snapmare to gain advantage on Stixx. Stixx got back into the match by dropping Haskins face first. Haskins though wasn’t out of it for long by kneedropping Stixx, Haskins covered Stixx but he only got a 2 count. Stixx retaliated with a couple of forearms. Haskins got a sleeper hold applied off the counter and followed this up with a leg lariat. Haskins continued to block the airways but Stixx countered with some forearms and a scoopslam. Stixx threw Haskins into the corner and was hit a left arm clothesline followed up with a snapmare and a clothesline onto a grounded Haskins. Stixx went to the top rope and Haskins threw Chris Roberts the referee into the rope to make Stixx fall and get dropkicked by Haskins. Stixx fell out the ring because of this and Haskins came over and applied the Abdominal Stretch on Stixx in front of all the fans on the entrance way! Haskins cleverly ran back into the ring to leave Stixx on top of the entrance way to try and get a countout victory but it didn’t happen. Haskins continued to apply the pressure on Stixx by spearing him into the turnbuckle. Haskins kept Stixx down and then went onto the apron and jumped over the turnbuckle onto Stixx with a double knee drop. Stixx though wasn’t allowing himself to be beaten and when Haskins came for him in the corner he dodged out of the way and came back with a shoulder block. Stixx followed this up with a drop onto the turnbuckle and a big boot. Stixx charged into Haskins which Haskins reversed but Stixx went up to the top and performed a diving shoulder block. Stixx pinned but it only got him a 2 count. Haskins stayed on the ropes after an irish whip and threw Stixx to the floor with a lariat. Haskins went into an armbar but Stixx grabbed hold of the ropes. Stixx rolled through but Haskins got a crescent kick and a suplex but he couldn’t quite get the 3 count. Haskins once again went for the armbar. Stixx though countered this and planted him down to the mat. Haskins got Stixx’s left arm once again locked through his legs. Stixx got him up and dropped him on the turnbuckle then followed this with a spear and this got Stixx the win.

The next match was between Martin Kirby who got a good reception from the Bedford crowd and Noam Dar who is one of the best in the UK today for his age and is one of Scotland’s finest exports and was the heel in the match. Chris Roberts checked Kirby but Dar was reluctant to part with his jacket. Kirby took the jacket and put it on himself taking the mickey out of his pose. The two men locked up with Kirby driving Dar into the corner ad this happened again but the other way round. Dar recieved a cap from a member in the crowd and the two men locked up again with Dar applying a side headlock and Kirby reversed and did the same. Dar booted Kirby in the midsection which was followed by another sideheadlock and a shoulder block. Dar was drawn into the turnbuckle with a kick, Kirby shoulder blocked Dar and then struck him with a leg lariat. Kirby put Dar into the corner and speared him into the corner, he went for the cover but only got a 2 count. Kirby continued momentum by shoulder blocking him in the corner. Dar countered with an European Uppercut which was followed by a dropkick by  Dar into Kirby in the corner. Dar made Kirby gasp for breath by pressing down on his throat on the turnbuckle. Dar performed a left handed strike, shoulder thrust and a snapmare but Kirby caught Dar throwing him into the corner but Dar kicked him off the apron after Kirby jumped over him. Dar went out of the ring to throw Kirby into the guardrail. Dar smashed Kirby’s head off the apron after this. He then added insult to injury but dropkicking his knee off the corner post. Dar continued to work on his injured left knee but then when Kirby got up he continued to work on it striking it with a running boot. Kirby tried to get back into the match and did so in the end. Dar came back into the ring and got the connection witha clothesline and backhand chop. Kirby caught Dar with an enziguri and drove Dar to the mat but couldn’t get the three count. Kirby went to the top rope but Dar caught him. Dar connected with a suplex but he transitioned into the knee bar. Kirby got to the ropes and Kirby got some shots to the midsection and a few shots to the jaw. They exchanged pin attempts but neither man could get the three count. Dar smashed the knee again and Dar double stomped onto the knee. Kirby finally tapped out after a knee bar by Noam Dar.

The next match was a British Rules match between BWR alumni and overall British legend Johnny Kidd and ‘The Anarchist’ Doug Williams. This match is fought over 6 x 5 minute rounds and you need 2 pin falls or submissions. Dar was Kidd’s water boy and Kirby was Doug Williams water boy. Round 1 started with Kidd getting the arm lock on Williams grounding him. Kidd got it again with Kidd forward rolling, Williams was grounded on the floor by Kidd focusing on the knee of Williams. Kidd got him down again with a top drop hold, Williams did push ups and rolled out. Williams snapmared Kidd but he wasn’t kept down for long as Williams was caught in the bridge of the nose by Kidd. Kidd got the abdominal stretch locked in on Williams to wear Williams down. Williams escaped but Kidd could only get a 1 count. Williams went for the arm of Kidd to great success going for it again when they got up but Kidd got back into the match as soon as he was out of it. Round 1 ended with both men getting a towel and some water. Round 2 then started with Williams drop toe holding Kidd. Kidd was tied up by Williams but he got his own back by going for the arm of Williams. Williams tried to get up but Kidd got him down twice when he tried this. Williams got back in by trying to block the airways of Kidd. Kidd got Williams to the ground once again blocking the airways on Williams. Williams escaped and locked in the toe hold on Kidd. Williams smashed the shins on Kidd when they were grounded and Williams got Kidd to keep his knees on the mat. Kidd was locked in again after a pin attempt from Williams. Williams allowed Kidd the gap to strike with a boot to the face but Williams got Kidd to the floor again twice. Kidd went for the knee before the end of the round happened, they shook hands and went for water and towels again. Round 3 started with the two men locking up again with the score at 0-0. This round Kidd scored the first fall with a quick roll up after Williams controlled much of the round. Round 4 started with Williams getting the knees to the back of Kidd who and this was followed up with Kidd who kicked Williams in the head whilst pulling his arms. Williams put his arm out but Kidd wouldn’t shake his hand. Kidd and Williams had their arms locked so it was hard to see who would get the upper hand but it was Williams who got Kidd down to the mat and he pinned him but the round ended before he could do anything. The fifth round started with Kidd wrapping his hand through the back of Kidd. Johnny Kidd was wrapped up by Williams but both men were causing pain to each other. Kidd got the pin on Williams multiple times. They shook hands while they were on the floor.  Kidd was pushed into both turnbuckles but Williams jumped over Kidd on the top rope which allowed him to roll him up and get the fall. The final round started with the match at 1-1. Kidd didn’t want to shake Williams hand but instead got Roberts to put them between them to guard from trickery. Kidd switched from a full nelson to a wrist lock from behind to a headbutt to the behind of Williams. Kidd did this once again after but Williams got the upperhand by driving his feet into the back. Williams attempted the roll up but was kicked away. Kidd kicked the back of Williams and Williams got Kidd locked up but once again Kidd never gave up pulling the neck back of Williams while wrapping his legs. Williams irish whipped Kidd but the two men collided. Kidd rolled him up but could only get a two and the same happened with Williams. Kidd tried the boston crab but was rolled through to no avail. Kidd pinned him again but the match ended at 1-1.

The next match was between ‘Party’ Marty Scurll and ‘The Future of Flight’ Ricochet. Marty Scurll came out to the ring as the heel cutting a promo calling the fans peasants and claiming that he is the best in the UK. He went on to make a comment about slapping a boy’s father, ironically the lads were sitting next to me on the front row and were making remarks of Zema Ion even though Scurll looks nothing like Ion but Scurll put them in their place. He went on to say once he beats Ricochet he wants the respect he deserves. Ricochet then came out to the ring and being an Indy Wrestling mark and an avid watcher of DGUSA and DG Japan I marked out when he came to the ring. Both men were introduced by Ring Announcer and Rev Pro owner Andy Quildan. The bell rung and Scurll refused to wrestle until the fans were silent. Ricochet hung from the turnbuckle to irritate Scurll. The two men locked up with neither men getting the upper hand initially. Scurll tried the wrist lock but was grounded by Ricochet. Ricochet was then kneed to the midsection and the air was taken out of him by Scurll but he he performed an impressive hurricanerana. Ricochet backflipped off the rope while Scurll was out of the ring which was pretty awesome live. Ricochet had the wrist lock locked in on Scurll and he was flipped over by Ricochet. Ricochet kept the wrist lock applied but Scurll countered with a wrist lock of his own. Ricochet tied Scurll’s legs up and a pin followed. Scurll tried to kick him in the groin but Ricochet had it scouted. Ricochet then rolled Scurll up and nearly caught Chris Roberts but Scurll low blowed Ricochet while Roberts was distracted. Scurll raked the eyes of Ricochetbefore European Uppercutting RIcochet but Ricochet responded with his own. Scurll returned this and then he back hand chopped Ricochet multiple times in a Tommy Dreamer give me more esque fashion. Scurll chopped Ricochet to the ground and then he kept the head to the apron. Ricochet responded with a kick but it didn’t stop Scurll who performed a back breaker on Ricochet. Scurll kicked the back of the knee and the chest of Ricochet. Scurll left the ring and smashed him off the apron. Ricochet got double axe handled by Scurll and then chopped but Ricochet european uppercutted Scurll. Scurll ‘s momentum was stopped and he was caught. Ricochet staggered and the two men exchanged European Uppercuts until Ricochet took control with a backwards flip. Scurll went for the chicken wing but Ricochet got him into the corner. Ricochet flew from the top rope to ground Scurll, Ricochet said he was going to finish it but Scurll poked him in the eye. Scurll got the advantage with a lariat and then got planted after they ran the ropes. Scurll went to the turnbuckle waiting for Ricochet. Scurll charged in and he went for a tornado DDT but couldn’t get it. Scurll finally got it though and went for the chicken wing. His arm dropped twice but he got back and Ricochet got to the ropes for Scurll to release the chicken wing. Scurll put Ricochet to the top rope and he went for the superplex but Ricochet blocked it.  Ricochet connected with a shooting star press but only got a two count. Ricochet suggested he was going to the top for the 630 senton. Ricochet landed on his feat and got a Northern Lights suplex. They both blocked the other until Scurll suplexed him. Ricochet got one to counter Scurll’s. Ricochet got up and he got forearm smashes on Scurll. Scurll choked Ricochet but Chris Roberts was enziguried by Ricochet by accident. Ricochet went for the count but there was no referee. Ricochet tried to make him get up and Scurll got his chain in hand which hit Ricochet square in the face. Scurll pinned and Ricochet kicked out. Haskins came out onto the entrance way with water . He got some into his mouth and he tried to spit in Ricochet’s face but he ducked out the way which meant he spat in Scurll’s face. Ricochet flep over the top onto Haskins and Ricochet kicked Scurll for him to get a Shooting Star Press to get the victory!!! This ended a great match and a great event!

Rating 9/10 – Watching this back it shows how great this event was and every single match was amazing! The production values live are amazing and on DVD/On Demand, WrestlingStore have done a stellar job! Only reason why it did not get a ten in my eyes was due to the fact it only had 4 matches, 4 matches that were amazing but if it had just one more it would get a clean 10/10! I cannot wait to go back to Bedford for the next installment next month!

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