DVD Review – Brothers of Destruction : Greatest Matches


This is my 3rd and final WWE DVD review for the month of September and we are going out with Brothers of Destruction : Greatest Matches! On this DVD set, We get 4 matches from their initial run back in 2001 and 3 matches from their latest run between 2006-2008. From other people’s reviews of this set, they don’t feel  the matches on this were worthy of a DVD release and this had no need to come out on DVD but I will be giving my thoughts on this today!

First of all, we get a bit of a profile of the Brothers of Destruction to start of with before going into our first match

The first two matches on this set showcase BOD against two of the best tag teams of that era, Edge and Christian vs The Dudley Boys. After these matches the focus of the set changes slightly with their feud with DDP showcased and a match with two of the rising stars of that time Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire who went to WWE after WCW and failed. We finish off their first run with a Unification Steel Cage match from Summerslam to end their initial run. Also the first run showcases Kane in his mask while in the second run in 2006 he was without the mask.

The DVD then switches to a package of Five Years Later and this was followed with 3 matches starting off with MVP and Mr Kennedy in a match on Smackdown back in August of 2006 before their singles matches at Armegeddon with Kane defeating MVP in an Inferno match and Undertaker defeating Mr Kennedy in a Last Ride match and finally their last match together which was between BOD and The Miz and John Morrison who were at the time the ECW tag team champions. This was the first and last time that you saw Kane who was ECW Champion and Undertaker who was World Heavyweight Champion both holding titles at the same time which is why in my opinion that it is on the set and it is a great moment to behold.

Rating 4/5 – I watched this on a Sunday and it was a DVD that I could sit and watch without it being too long and taking days to review like normal. Some of the matches I had seen before such as the Edge and Christian and Dudley Boys matches so It was good to go back to re watch them and enjoy them all over again. This is an essential collection for anyone who is a Brothers of Destruction fan such as myself or anyone who wants a casual watch and doesn’t want a set that will take a day to watch and all the reviews I have seen that berate this DVD aren’t true in my opinion now that I have watched this set myself. A lot of people will want to know why I haven’t done this like the MITB 2014 review and that is because I wanted to showcase a wide range of reviewing techniques I can do during my month trial them being Compilation review which was giving my favourite and weird moments, MITB which was over 5,000 words and gave every single move possible (biggest review I have done to date) and this one which is short, gives the reader every single match and also my thoughts on it!

If you are even more of a fan of BOD, grab the BluRay to get these following matches :

Blu-ray Exclusives 

Raw 21 September 1998

vs. Steve Austin and Billy Gunn


Raw 12 October 1998

vs. Steve Austin and The Rock


Backlash 29 April 2001

WWE World, I-C, & Tag Team Championship Match

vs. Steve Austin and Triple H


Raw 22 April 2013

w/ Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield

I would like to thank WWE Home Video UK/Fetch for giving me the opportunity to review these three titles this month and I hope I am good enough to continue to do this!

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I have two DVD reviews to bring you next weekend from Pro Wrestling Chaos (To Crown a King inc. Chris Masters) and CSF Wrestling (Total Elimination 13 ft. Sabu) so watch this space for them and more interviews as usual!




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