Interview – Young Money Chong

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Photo Credit to : Petra Den Tenter and Tim Boudewijns.

1.First of all, please describe yourself to the readers in as much detail as you need??

Young Money Chong is an independent pro wrestler who’s trying to entertain the masses through the crazy world of professional wrestling. I had my first professional wrestling training back in 2006. I started out in The Netherlands with Pro Wrestling Holland and realized a huge part of my dreams in the summer of 2014 by training and wrestling in the United States under the watchful eye of Brian Kendrick. I’m hungry to learn and experience more in the world with and through professional wrestling.

2. How did you get involved in Wrestling and how was your experience when you trained??

I recall my first match that I ever watched back in 1998. I was immediately hooked from the first second and knew I had to be involved with professional wrestling. I started training in 2006 and joined Pro Wrestling Holland in 2007. There I continue to train to this day. My experience is that professional wrestling in the Netherlands is small. All Dutch knowledge comes from foreign wrestlers/countries. For example, I’ve done multiple wrestling seminars to sharpen my skills with names like Chavo Guerrero Jr., Billy Gunn, Bully Ray and many more. There is a big difference between the knowledge Dutch wrestlers have now and 7 years ago. Wrestling in the Netherlands is evolving. More and more wrestlers sharpen their skills and experience more outside the country. This only betters the Dutch wrestling scene and training. Unfortunately, professional wrestling in the Netherlands is still small. Therefore, you’re limited to training. You have to take your own responsibility to train as much as possible, in The Netherlands and outside the country, to improve.

3.Being from Netherlands originally, how would you assess the current state of the Dutch Wrestling scene and who would you say are the major players in the rise of this??

As I said, the Dutch wrestling scene is evolving each year in quality. Training, show quality and wrestlers are all improving by each show. All the wrestlers gain more experience through training and wrestling in foreign countries. They take that knowledge and experience back to The Netherlands where they either share or showcase their skills. The Dutch wrestling scene stays a small business though. Each day, everyone is doing their best to promote professional wrestling and showcase it to the Dutch in hopes of having people enjoy and support the product.

4. My blog is based in the UK hence the name British Wrestling Revival, would you come over to the UK if you had the chance and do you have a message for any promoters reading this??

Yes, I definitely would! I’ve never wrestled in the UK and the UK Wrestling scene is booming at this moment. I would love to visit the UK and wrestle. Any promoter interested can add and contact me through Facebook (Tom Chong).

5. You returned to the WXW/Westside Dojo this year in Germany, is it good for the Young Money Chong character to branch out to other countries and is one of your future ambitions to do this with other countries further afield??

It definitely is better to branch out. Visiting other countries and wrestling as much as possible helps you learn more and helps you gain more experience. The more I wrestle, the better I can become as a wrestler. Visiting other countries also means new opponents to wrestle and new people to meet. I’ve only wrestled in four different countries at this moment. Those countries are The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the United States of America. I want to add more countries to that list!

6. You were the PWH Television Champion up to last weekend, how did it feel to lose the title and will you be cashing in your rematch clause soon??

Yeah, I did lose it this weekend to Johnny Evers, thanks for reminding me! Whenever there is footage available, then you will see that there was outside interference. Without it, I would still be PWH Television champion! So if the PWH board is smart, I won’t have to cash in any rematch clause. They should give me my rematch without me asking!

7. You have been working for PWH since 2009 a year after your in ring career started does this show the faith in yourself from the people who run PWH and do you think PWH is a good atmosphere to work in, in terms of fans and also backstage??

As I said before, I continue to train with PWH to this day. PWH has done a lot for me as a professional wrestler in The Netherlands. They’ve helped mold me in the professional wrestler that I am and I continue to improve with help of PWH. Anybody looking to train in The Netherlands, Pro Wrestling Holland is the place to be. The backstage atmosphere is great too. The fans are always loud and crazy during our shows, which add to the backstage atmosphere during shows.

8. Final 3 questions for you, how did the Young Money Chong name come about??

Chong is my actual name. And I’m in this business to make money, and I’m young. Stick that together and there you go.

9.Where can the readers find Young Money Chong??

People can add or contact me on Facebook (Tom Chong) or follow me on Instagram (@youngmoneychong).

10.Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??

Follow me through Facebook to keep up to date on future wrestling dates. Check out Pro Wrestling Holland TV on Youtube or for matches containing myself. Support PWH and Independent pro wrestling in general so I can keep entertaining you through this crazy world that is called Professional wrestling.

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