Interview – ACH

1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers of BWR??
-My name is A.C.H! Mr. Motivation, Captain Motivation, and any cool nick name you can think of! I love video games, long walks on the beach, haircuts, chicken wings, and when you call me big poppa! I’m a hero spreading motivation & joy thru the crazy and sometimes wacky world of pro wrestling! I also wrestle for Ring Of Honor while saving dogs from burning house!!!! #GoGOACH
2. How did you get involved in Wrestling and how would you sum up your training experience??
-I was a fan like everyone else. I started training in Austin, TX under a local pro wrestler from TX named Mr. B for a month in a half, and shortly after that I moved to San Antonio, TX where i was trained under Jerry Reyes. Most days Jerry couldn’t make training so I would work with other students like Gabe Tha Babe, Dragon X, and Chino. But on most days it was just me by myself going over rolls, running the ropes, and working on new ideas for moves etc. Due to their work schedule they couldn’t make all the training sessions. I still found ways to get a lesson in, or work on my craft.
3. You currently work for Ring of Honor and have done since 2012 facing Kyle O’Reilly at Death Before Dishonor X since then you have had multiple shots at the ROH World Title Gold and World Television Gold including an epic 30 minute match with Jay Lethal back in August at TV Tapings, what do you make of your rise to the top of ROH and do you think there is a good chance that ACH will be World Television champion or even more by the end of the year??
-It’s a humbling experience for me. Knowing where I came from, what I’ve been through in my career/life, and all the people that have taken time out of their lives to help further my career. It’s just humbling, my dude. I always view my talents as a gift from god that I am able to share with the rest of the world. Hopefully I can impact the world or even someone’s life in a positive way. That’s what I aim to do as a in wrestler. And I work very hard to conquer my goals – so, yes! You will see ACH as TV champ soon! #NextTVChamp
4. Speaking of ROH, you took part in the interpromotional shows with ROH back in August including a match in the historic venue, The Hammerstein Ballroom if you could please describe the atmosphere in the Hammerstein Ballroom and is it as good as everyone makes out it is??
-Unreal! I get goosebumps just talking about it. So, much history in that building and being able to work there is such an honor. It holds up to the legend that it is!
5. Another promotion you work for is PWG a promotion you have been wowing people in, you had two matches at PWG BOLA 2014 losing your first round match and losing against The Young Bucks with Myers and Sabin teaming with you, you are once again facing The Young Bucks next month this time teaming with AR Fox, what are your thoughts on this announcement and do you have any words for Matt or Nick before your upcoming match??
-I’m pumped for the match! Love tagging with Fox… And my words for the Bucks will be shown through my passion in the ring Oct. 17th
6. You were part of Adrenaline Rush with Tadarius Thomas until April of this year where you had your last match to this date on the Supercard of Honor show, will we be seeing a reunion of Adrenaline Rush any time soon and do you want it to happen in ROH or another promotion such as PWG??
-I think that was it. I wouldn’t mind doing it again, but both our singles careers are taking off and we both have grown as wrestlers over last couple of months. Tagging up would be nice, but we both wanna keep up with our singles momentum at this point.
7. As far as i’m aware, you have never been over to the UK to wrestle, would you want to come over here to wrestle if given the chance and have you got a message for any UK promoters who might want you on their future shows??
-I have spoke with  Southside wrestling about taking place in their tournament, but due to schedule conflict was unable to appear. But I will be in the UK this Nov for PCW. Everyone should come check out the show! I’m hoping to come back after this as well.
8. What are your future ambitions for the rest of this year and beyond in Wrestling??
-I wanna keep learning. Period! I would love to retire happy and successful.
9. Where can the readers find you and buy your merchandise??
-twitter: @GoGoACH
Instagram: GoACHGo
10. Have you got any future dates etc you wish to plug??
-Nah. I just want people to know that life isn’t easy and most people already know or have heard that a million times. But I wanna tell them that they don’t last forever, in fact they don’t exist if you smile everyday while going through uneasy times. So, keep your head to the clouds, feet to the ground, and stay motivated. #Motivation
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