Interview – Sammii Jayne



Photo Credit – Fiona Fraser and Jamie Stewart

1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers of BWR??

I am Sammii Jayne, I’m a happy go lucky kind of girl.

2. How did you get involved in Wrestling??

I watched it growing up and was hooked from the get go, I always wanted to try it so I eventually found a training school 30 minutes from my house and plucked up the courage and decided to try it out.

3. You started off wrestling 9 matches for Scottish Wrestling Entertainment before wrestling for Fierce Females, what are your thoughts looking back on it now on your first matches back in 2012??

I have definitely come along way since then, I enjoyed every match as it was a different learning experience. My first match was against Nikki Storm and it’s great to see where we both are now.

4. Speaking of Fierce Females, you have worked for them second most over the past two years including nearly winning the title from Kay Lee Ray, is it your ambition by the end of the year to win the title finally??

I would definitely love another opportunity to face Kay Lee in the future but for now I am just enjoying each match and working with new opponents. It’s a privilege to be part of Fierce Females and I am looking forward to where the promotion is going.

5. You faced Nixon Newell at Strewth Sheila who was debuting, was it good for yourself a bit of a veteran in Fierce Females to wrestle a newcomer to the roster in Nixon and a wrestler who doesn’t normally come up here??

Yes Nixon has really been making a name for herself so to get the chance to face her was great. I think she is extremely talented and I loved the match and had so much fun. I hope to get the opportunity to wrestle her again in the future.

6. Next weekend you are facing Viper and Shanna for Discovery Wrestling in a 3-way, have you got any words for Viper and Shanna ahead of this match next weekend and what can the Discovery fans who have not seen you before expect of you in the match next weekend??

I am really looking forward to making my debut for Discovery Wrestling against Shanna and Viper. Both girls are phenomenally talented so it will be a great experience for me but don’t underestimate Sammii Jayne. I try to bring abit of everything to my matches from high flying to technical so expect the unexpected!

7. You are also facing Viper the week after for Scottish Wrestling Alliance with the special referee Fiona Fraser, could you go through the feud in the buildup to the match??

Yes I am really looking forward to this match. Fiona and Viper have history so Fiona will be unpredictable as the special guest referee. Myself and Viper don’t always see eye to eye but we certainly bring out the best in each other when it comes to our wrestling so I can’t wait for this match.

8. What are your ambitions for the future?

I just want keep improving, learning and training and we will see where that takes me.

9. Where can the readers find yourself on Social Media??

I have a twitter @SammiiJayne21 and a Fanpage on Facebook under Sammii Jayne!

10. Have you got any future dates or merchandise you wish to plug??

I will be wrestling for Discovery Wrestling on Saturday 11th of October, then for Scottish Wrestling Alliance on October 18th and then Fierce Females will be doing a charity show on October 26th in aid of Breast cancer and I will be wrestling there too. Tickets still available for all!

Please go and support Sammii if you could as she is one of the best up and coming talents to come out of Scotland today!

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