DVD Review – Pro Wrestling Chaos To Crown A King


This DVD review is long anticipated and has took me longer than expected to complete! This DVD review marks a new style of reviewing I will be doing, I will be writing the match name, who won and my thoughts on the match to make the reviews concise.

Match 1 – JD Knight vs Dave Mercy

As a surprise to the fans of Pro Wrestling Chaos, Mr Anderson came out to the ring to announce the two men and hype the crowd up ahead of the match! First out to the ring was JD Knight who got a bad reaction from the Yate crowd and was playing the heel in the match! And the next out to the ring was hometown hero Dave Mercy, who got a huge reaction from the crowd! He got them massively fired up and was playing a different gimmick than he normally does in promotions such as Triple X where he plays the Bump n Grind gimmick! JD Knight ended up initially winning the match but they found a weapon that he used on Dave Mercy which made the referee restart the match and he ended up winning with an RKO to advance to the Final of the King of Chaos tournament to face the winner of the next match Mike Bird vs Wild Boar!

Rating – 3/5 This was a good opener and really got the crowd fired up for a great night of action! Mercy showed that getting the crowd behind you works and that was evident with his win against a hated wrestler like JD Knight! You could tell though that Dave was saving something for later on and hopefully that will be evident in the final!

Match 2 – Mike Bird vs Wild Boar

Mike Bird who is coming to BWR soon for an audio interview (cheap plug) came out to the ring as a heel and didn’t shake hands of any fans at all! The next out to the ring was BWR alumni Wild Boar who I will be seeing live for the first time myself this month who got a great reaction from the Yate crowd. After a great encounter by both men where neither man got the real upperhand and it was more technical than the previous match with most of the match Mike and Boar weared each other down on the floor which I like to see sometimes as a change of pace and this was good tactics by PWC Management to put the match here on the card, Mike Bird came out the winner by pinfall after performing a Neutraliser to Advance to the Final of the King of Chaos tournament where he would face Dave Mercy.

Rating 4/5 – I thought this match was awesome as it included two of the best in the UK in my opinion which meant this was going to be a higher mark than the other KOC match! I was glued to my computer screen watching this and it made me get excited for the Mike Bird vs Dave Mercy final later on in the DVD!

Match 3 – Dick Morgan, Alex Steele & Eddie Dennis vs Gideon, KillBane & Ian Williams

The first out to the ring was Dick Morgan who is part of the Wyld Galleons who got a great reaction from the crowd especially the children in the crowd. Next was his first opponent Ian Williams who snuck up behind Dick Morgan and attacked him, KillBane also came in with Gideon and they hit him with a kane. Eddie Dennis and Alex Steele came out to the ring to help Dick Morgan out. Gideon, KillBane and Ian Williams went to the outside and Dennis danced in front of the Yate crowd. Dennis challenged Gideon, Killbane and Ian Williams to a 6 man tag team match which Gideon accepted.  Dick Morgan, Alex Steele & Eddie Dennis defeated Gideon, KillBane & Ian Williams by Pinfall in the end after a great encounter which showcased apart from Eddie Dennis some great unsung talent on the UK scene that normally we don’t see but I would like to see more off and hopefully PWC can give us more of this in the future!

Rating – 3/5 Tag team wrestling at it’s finest and a great chance for any one who was there or anyone watching the DVD like myself to get accustomed to some new talent which is no bad thing! A great match to carry on an already great show so far!

Match 4 – Rampage Brown vs Big Grizzly

Next match was between Rampage Brown who I watch a tonne of as part of being a reviewer for many major British Wrestling promotions like Pro Wrestling Chaos and never get bored of watching and Big Grizzly who I have never seen a match of before but he has wrestled for PWC before being defeated by Dick Morgan at the first Pro Wrestling Chaos but apart from that he has wrestled for the likes of Triple X Wrestling, Infinite Promotions, CSF, NWA : New Breed and the infamous Wu Tech Wrestling just to name a few! Grizzly got a heel reaction from the crowd especially the children who were calling him fat and teddy bear. Rampage Brown then came out to make his debut for PWC, Brown got a great reaction from the crowd and this is fitting really of a great wrestler who was wasted by WWE Developmental in my opinion. Rampage Brown defeated Big Grizzly by Pinfall after a hard hitting encounter by both men, after this match I hope to see more of Rampage and Grizzly in Chaos and I hope PWC management can make that happen in the future. Rampage hit his famous Samoan Drop to get the victory.

Rating 4/5 – This was a great match to lead into the marquee match between Chris Masters and Jeckel. I think Rampage Brown and Big Grizzly showed why they are both two of the best heavyweight’s in the country today and I hope for a rematch soon in PWC or any other promotion!

Match 5 – Chris Masters vs Jeckel

Chris Masters was the replacement for ROH Champion at the time Michael Elgin who wasn’t able to come over to the UK but in my opinion it is better to bring Masters over as it draws in the kids who see WWE and nag their parents to go! He was facing Jeckel who has been wrestling since 2003 where he made his debut for CSF since then he has wrestled for the likes of 4FW, LDN, AWW and Pro Wrestling Pride. Jeckel was the first wrestler to be introduced to the crowd and he got a heel reaction from the crowd with boo’s and you suck’s ringing through the crowd. Jeckel epitimises a proper heel and one who doesn’t speak but just uses his big demeanor and his actions to get the crowd scared by going up to their faces and shouting in their faces. Chris Masters followed with a huge reaction from the Yate crowd, Masters came out with his PCW heavyweight championship around his waist and he went around touching everyone’s hands and the amount of kids who swarmed around him was unreal. Meeting Masters in March, he had the same effect on me as i grew up watching Masters and when I met him same with The Hurricane, Sabu and Chris Hero I was truly awestruck. Jeckel defeated Masters by pinfall after a great match, I always love watching Masters so it was great to watch another match from him as he never gets boring and it was good to see Jeckel go over as it gives him momentum going into future Pro Wrestling Chaos shows.

Rating – 4/5 another great match and a good opportunity to put one of the best heels in the promotion over against a top international name! Masters is a great name to draw and put another sublime effort in against Jeckel another one of the unsung British talents!!

Match 6 – Mike Bird vs Dave Mercy for the King of Chaos Championship

All the talent surrounded the ring to see the historic moment of the first KOC champion being crowned. Mike Bird was first out to the ring and he was fired up as soon as he entered past the curtain! Dave Mercy got a massive reaction from the wrestlers and the crowd and he was fired up as well and he wanted the belt. Chants of Dave rung around the venue. I didn’t write much about each match for a reason as I just wanted to watch it and give my thoughts at the end and hopefully that pays off with the standard of review! After a great encounter that I was glued to Mike Bird beat Dave Mercy by Pinfall to become the first ever King of Chaos and since then he has defended against El Ligero at Fiesta Del Rey Chaos and I cannot wait to see that match and also his match vs Rich Swann later on in the month!

Match Rating 5/5 – Like I said I was glued to the match and I cannot wait to see what happens next in the King of Chaos saga. It’s a great idea in my opinion as all matches are 20 minutes which is great and doesn’t make it too long but not too short either! Dave Mercy never gave up in this match but didn’t come out on top unfortunately! Hopefully a rematch will happen int eh futrue and it’s a match I would love to see in the future!

DVD rating – 8/10 – I loved this show and was glued from start to finish! I cannot wait to review the next show including the likes of El Ligero, Kay Lee Ray and Pollyanna. It was a great show that showcased some of the unsung talent like Dave Mercy as well as well established names like Rampage Brown and Chris Masters who was the main draw! Pro Wrestling Chaos continue to impress me and they are rapidly becoming one of the best promotions in the country and this DVD shows this to it’s fullest! Finally the production values are great and have got better as the promotion has worn on!!

Thanks to the team at Pro Wrestling Chaos who allowed me to review this free of charge something that they didn’t have to do!

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