DVD Review – CSF Total Elimination 15


Welcome to another DVD review, this time it is of another new promotion that I have started reviewing DVD’s for that being Combat Sports Federation, CSF run out of places such as Melksham, Frome, Bridgwater and Weston-Super-Mare all down in the Somerset area! I had wanted to be affiliated with CSF for a while (since I started in fact) and I finally got my wish about 2 months ago. We had our usual troubles that seem to always occur with my address but I finally received the DVD about 2 weeks ago. Some people may know that I have been busy lately as usual so I haven’t had time to do it up to now as I have 2 weeks off currently!

Before I get to the review, here is a cheap plug for their show on Saturday!

The full line up for this Saturdays live event in Bridgwater, Somerset:

T.L.C: Loser leaves CSF
Dave Mercy v Alex Steele

‘Flash’ Morgan Webster v ‘Pride of Wales’ Eddie Dennis

Kay Jutler v James Baker

Odyssey & Reece Taylor v Big Grizzly & Nathan Bane

Wild Boar v Gideon.

Info/Tickets: csfwrestling.co.uk

This DVD is of a show which took place in August last year and it was their 15th anniversary!! They had a wrestler to fit the bill of an anniversary of this type which was ex WWE/TNA star and ECW legend Sabu, I met him last year on his tour and this is about the 4th DVD I own which includes Sabu on his tour which is quite funny!

Match 1 – Kay Jutler vs Sammy K

Kay Jutler who has appeared for the likes of NWA:New Breed and Total Action Wrestling in the past hit the ring and tried to cut a promo about his opponent Sammy K who promptly came to the ring before he could say anything. After a good opening match between two unsung wrestlers in my opinion, Kay Jutler ended up winning the match by pinfall. I was glued to this match from start to finish and that was the reason why I didn’t write that much about this match. This showed me why Kay is so well thought of in the British Wrestling industry today and CSF are showing his talent off to crowds such as this one in Weston-Super-Mare.

Rating 3/5 – Great opening contest, if longer it would have got 4-5 stars.

Match 2 – Odyssey vs Danny Media

This match was fought under a 20 minute time limit. Stu Odyssey hit the ring first, he is another wrestler known down my neck of the woods for competing for NWA: New Breed. Odyssey didn’t tap anyones hand and from this you could tell he was playing the heel in this promotion like in NWA. You couldn’t really tell this from the start due to it being just one camera shot and it being dark in general but this does not hinder this DVD at all and it still shows off the message Stu is trying to portray as a bad guy. Danny Media was next to the ring. I had never heard of him before watching this DVD and had to do my research on Cagematch about him before hand and from that you can tell he is a regular for CSF and has also wrestling for Pro Evolution Wrestling in the past as his only dates in 2012. Also Danny is a local lad and is from Weston-Super-Mare so it makes sense to have someone like Danny competing on a show like this as a type of hometown hero that the fans can get behind especially the children and parents. I had never seen Danny wrestle though so this was a new learning experience for me. He went around touching every fans hand. When they were both in the ring there was an obvious size difference between the two and this was a classic David vs Goliath type match. This ended up being just thaat with Danny overcoming the odds to win the match by Submission to score an upset against a bigger guy. Overall this was a good encounter where it Stu had the upperhand but in the end he did overcome those odds. Again this was a good chance to see two good unsung wrestlers on the scene which i firmly believe in as a British Wrestling blogger/superfan and it is good to see them utilised by CSF and from watching this DVD so far it is what they do best and is something I believe in myself so hats off to them

Rating 3/5

Match 3 – Nathan Bane vs Kid Lykos

This match was for the CSF All Nations championship held by Nathan Bane. First out was the man himself who held it for an astonishing 462 days before losing it to Charlie Garrett less than 2 weeks ago in Frome. His opponent was Kid Lykos who I have seen perform on a number of occasions for promotions like PWC and New Level Wrestling. I really enjoy this guy’s work and he is a Lion Kid type wrestler who is a high flying animal. He is a type of wrestler that children get behind and nag their parents to buy all the merchandise. Lykos flew around the ring dodging his opponent in the opening exchanges until the huge strong figure of Nathan Bane took over grounding him on the turnbuckle and the ropes. This was a theme throughout the match and was a good tactic by Bane to not let him use any of his high-flying moves against him. Even the fans couldn’t get him out of the predicament he was in and even when he did have a chance to turn it around he couldn’t. He flew onto Bane off the top turnbuckle onto the outside but Bane resorted to dirty tactics to end up winning the match, throwing the referee into the chain on the rope he had taken off him following this up with smashing the title against Lykos. There was no referee though to get him the three count and it took a while for there to be a three count.

Rating 3/5 – Another 3/5, a great example of a heavyweight heel going over a fans favorite a match I always enjoy watching in British Wrestling. This put Bane over in my opinion as it strengthened his title reign.

Match 4 – Semi Main Event Team H8 (Gideon and Jeckel) vs Big Grizzly and Wild Boar

Wild Boar and Big Grizzly were introduced first to the crowd in this tag team match, Ironically I reviewed a DVD the other day which included these four men so I get to see them all again which is no bad thing. Gideon and Jeckel ironiclly played the faces in this match and it is the first time I have seen either men playing a face character. This match was a great example of 4 heavyweights in a great tag team contest and like the first match, I have to say I could not take my eyes of my TV screen watching this and that is the main reason why I didn’t write that much for this match as I write my review straight afterwatching the DVD’s so it comes from memory. This was a great bridge towards the main event of Eddie Dennis vs Sabu. Team H8 ended up winning by pinfall but they had to work hard for it and even though they started off in control, Boar and Grizzly dominated until towards the end where Gideon and Jeckel fought to get back into control and they did. Gideon enziguried Grizzly which followed with a stunner move which got them the win.

Rating 4/5 – Rating speaks for itself, a proper good tag team match which I couldn’t take my eyes off.

Main Event – Eddie Dennis vs Sabu

This match was a no DQ match which of course is going to happen with a wrestler like Sabu. Eddie Dennis came out first playing the heel as far as i’m aware based on his current gimmicks in most if not all promotions and the fact he was shouting at the fans to shut up while in the ring. Sabu was then introduced to the fans, in my opinion watching most of his events in the tour by now he seems to be quite big with fans of a certain era which is of course the ECW era and when I saw him live it was evident most of his fans were men with friends or husbands/wives who brought their kids along to see a wrestler who was big in their era which is fair enough as he did pioneer Hardcore Wrestling. ECdub chants rang around the Winter Gardens in  Weston Super Mare. Even though it was no-DQ they didn’t go straight to it instead focusing on the technical side first. It wasn’t until Eddie Dennis tried to bring a ladder in that the violence started with Sabu hitting him with a baking tray on the outside. He also brought in a steel chair, Dennis reversed to throw him into the ladder. Sabu returned the favor, he went for an Air Sabu but was caught and thrown back into the ladder. Dennis was getting frustrated after not being able to get the three count and went top rope trying to jump off the ladder onto a chair positioned on his stomach but Sabu threw it in his face.  Sabu tried again to hit the Air Sabu but was thrown down by Dennis but Sabu hit the Arabian Facebuster on Dennis. Sabu then threw him onto the ladder and hit another Arabian Facebuster. Sabu then flipped over onto Dennis off a chair and the ropes. Dennis went back into control but it wasn’t for long with Sabu winning the match by pinfall to the delight of the fans in attendance.

Rating 5/5 – A great end to a great event, love seeing Sabu in another match and these matches never get old no matter how many times you watch them or who its against.

Overall Rating – 7/10 this was a great event showcasing some unsung talent with some well known talent (this is from a first time viewer so I didn’t know them before. Thanks to CSF who have introduced me to a new crop of Wrestlers! Only problems were and the promoter even said this to me was that it is only one hard cam view and this showed with the darkness which made you not be able to see the wrestlers that much in the entrances but apart from that it was a great event that everyone should go out and buy for the bargain price of £6.00 w/ free delivery at that price they are basically giving them away!!

Thanks to CSF for letting me review this DVD now go and support them :

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