Interview – Cryptico




1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers of BWR??

Entertaining, Fun, High flying, fast, OLE!!!

  1. How did you get involved in Wrestling growing up??

Ever since I could remember I have been a fan of wrestling, my parents tried to stop me watching it as I was getting into trouble a lot at school for pretending to be wrestlers and wrestling my friends. I always wanted to train but never could find a place close enough to where I lived to go. Until a few years ago I found a place in Nottingham.

  1. Could you maybe sum up your training experience??

Hard, stressful and painful but most of all fun and rewarding. I was trained by Paul Malen and with 6 months of hard work I made my debut.

  1. At Lincoln Fight Factory Wrestling Body Slams to Cancer you teamed with Terry Isit to pick up the win against Alexander croft and Toxico what are your thoughts on the match and was it a good feeling for yourself to give up your time for charity by competing in this event??

I was contacted back in may about this event by Hayden and jumped at the chance to help out such a great cause. The event was a huge success raising well over £2000 for the charity.

The match itself was strange as I have a strong rivalry with terry and he is not someone I can trust to have my back in the ring as we have had plenty of wars in the past and most likely lots more in the future. But on the night we put our differences aside and got the job done. As for my opponents Alexander croft and toxico I was more focused on toxico as he is a fellow luchador (being more of a heavyweight than a flyer) so it was an interesting dynamic to have in the match but my fast paced lucha libre style was to much for him and a 619 sealed the win for our team.

  1. You made your debut for EAW at Divide and Conquer defeating Blake on your debut, what are your thoughts on EAW as a promotion and are you looking forward to returning this weekend to team with EAW Academy trainee Eddie Stevens as they take on Alexander Croft and Terry Isit in fast paced Tag Team Action??

EAW is an enjoyable promotion to work for and have lots of young promising talent on their roster along with some strong well-established wrestlers as well. Which I am looking forward to being in the ring with,

I am looking forward to returning to EAW this weekend to continue to work my way up the ranks and earn myself a chance at one of EAW’s Titles. My partner Eddie I don’t know too much about him but I have heard he has talent between the ropes so I look forward to teaming with him. As for my opponents Alexander and Terry, I have faced them both numerous times and they think they know everything I can do In the ring but trust me I have plenty more I can do in the ring that is yet to been seen.

  1. You have made your name for yourself in Megaslam Wrestling, is it good to be part of a touring promotion so you can visit different towns/cities and meet different fans along the way??

Of course megaslam gave me my first match and break. I have to thank them for that as it gave the chance to perform all across the country and to take part in two six week tours of the summer camps also.

I love travelling from city to city meeting fans as not only does it get my name out there it gives me the chance to learn what each audience is like as everyone is different so it’s a great learning experience for me.

  1. Tonight at FUTR 2 you are facing Gabriel Kidd, Bully Boy Carter and JG Nash in a 4 way match, have you got any words for any of your opponents and do you think FUTR is a good idea to showcase talent such as yourself that are up and coming??

Yes Gabe, Bully and JG Nash, lets see if you can keep up with the Lucha because trust me I’m not going to go down without a fight, OLE!!!

FUTR itself is not a good idea it’s a FANTASTIC idea as it gives talent like myself looking to get onto to bigger things for our careers a chance to showcase what we can do in the ring for a new audience on a bigger scale.

  1. What are your future ambitions in Wrestling??

To make a full time living from it and to hopefully travel across the world entertaining fans across the globe. I would love one day to step in the ring with my idol Rey Mysterio.

  1. Where can the readers find Cryptico on Social Media??

I have 3 accounts: Facebook- TheCryptico, Twitter – @TheCryptico and instagram – LUCHA_BOY

10. Have you got any future dates you wish to plug??

Everything that I am doing is always up on my Facebook so just check that for all my upcoming dates.

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