Interview – White Tiger

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Photo Credit : Jez Bradshaw

1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers??

I’m a high flyer with a mix of tech and power, with a kung fu background.

  1. How did you get involved in Wrestling??

Its happened many years ago, I was in France of all places and myself and a mate was talking about following our dreams. After the holiday I got a call from the same mate about a wrestling school in Coventry and we checked it out the following week.

Started training the week after.

  1. If you could please sum up your training experience??

I have trained with a lot of different trainers from Coventry, Kent, Scotland, Nottingham and Enderby. All great for different areas for wrestling. From high flying to submission holds.

  1. You have actually wrestled 11 years but you have finally just come back, how have you improved since you took a break from Wrestling??

Working with a great trainer Joe Buckton LCW Head Trainer. Who worked with me and the rest of the LCW crew to master our craft. If we want to try something Joe would show us how to make it safe and the best place and time to use it.

  1. Tonight for United Wrestling, you are facing Squirt have you heard of your opponent before and if so what are your thoughts on him and have you got any words for him??

I have heard of Squirt. He’s young and hungry. Already a champion which isn’t easy to do. The words i have for him? You have what i want! Be carful.

  1. You initially wrestled for LCW Elevation and now you are making your debut for the main roster on November 1st, is it good that you have had a quick rise to the main roster and due to the fact Xander Cooper will not be competing do you have any words for any potential challengers??

Debuting on the LCW main roster is what everyone in LCW Elevation is working hard to do. I have worked hard to get here. Thats only the start. Now I have to work harder to stay there. I have gone face to face with Xander Cooper before and others from the Cooper Nation. Cooper is a leader for a reason but im up to the challenge!

  1. You wrestled for EAW at the Carnival show, was it hard for you to wrestle in a confined space and is your goal in the future to join the main Rushden roster??

You never know whats round the corner and what doors are open, So never say never.

  1. What are your future goals and ambitions in Wrestling??

The goal is always WWE/NXT but I would like to work in Japan and other country’s

  1. Where can the readers find you on Social Media??

I have a page on Facebook with updates and pictures.

10. Have you got any future dates you wish to plug??

United Wrestling on the 31st Oct

LCW Hallowicked on the 1st Nov

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