DVD Review – TIDAL Wrestling presents TCW vs CZW : Against All Odds


Welcome to my latest TIDAL Wrestling DVD review. This is their second show of Season 2 (their first being It Came From Under The Deep which will be reviewed this weekend) after the end of Season 1 which ended at 20,000 Leagues Under The Tyne on the 22nd June 2014. This time it is Against All Odds which is a war between TCW and CZW, CZW of course also have a partnership with Southside in the UK and WXW in Germany and for TIDAL to get this in their first year of business shows how good of a promotion they are and how professional they are. I am really glad to do DVD reviews for them into the Second Season and beyond!

This will be the third DVD review that I will be doing my new reviewing style which is of course match name, entrances which arent on this DVD, winner of the match and how they won followed by my rating and thoughts so gone away apart from my WWE PPV reviews the old style which took forever to write and made me not be able to enjoy the wrestling that I was watching which in my opinion is wrong.

Match 1 – Dan James vs Sean Only

I have heard of both men before and of their feud but I am too south of the country so I haven’t seen them live as they don’t come this far down. This was the only non CZW bout on the card so credit to TIDAL for showcasing these two men on the show. This show also marks the debut of Leeds University Union as a replacement for the Cockpit which is now closed. This was a good opening contest which showcased Sean Only who had the MMA style and Dan James who’s trademark is the Armbar. Also it showcased two lesser known wrestlers on the card and gave them a platform to introduce themselves to the TIDAL crowd. Dan James dominated but Sean Only fought back to win by submission with his guillotine after the two men exchanged momentum at the end of the match.

Rating 2/5 – A good opener and I want to see them back in TIDAL, the reason why it got a 2 is because it was just that an opener which got the crowd into the event!

Match 2 – Liam Lazarus vs Shane ‘Swerve’ Strickland

This was the first TCW (represented by Lazarus) vs CZW (represented by Strickland) match and it was a TEABAG DEATHMATCH!! This was between one of my top 5 favorite British Wrestlers today Liam Lazarus who always gets me in the mood when I watch TIDAL and I end up singing We Like To Party all around the house when I’m done watching TIDAL DVD’s! Not to mention he is a BWR alumni and a really nice guy! His opponent was Shane ‘Swerve’ Strickland who is coming to BWR in the future for an interview so watch this space who is the current CZW Wired Champion and also wrestles for the likes of Evolve/DGUSA in my opinion watching Strickland on CZW he is one of the best in the world in my eyes. TIDAL have really showcased Lazarus in their product and he has gained this match with Strickland because of that in my opinion. Lazarus gave Strickland a cup of Yorkshire tea and he drunk it but tried to spit it in his face, he ducked but Strickland performed an enziguri on him to start the match off! After a great match which is my sought of match between two of my favorite wrestlers who both can perform high flying moves and also included weapons, Lazarus went over Strickland via pinfall after Vengabuster onto the teabags! Strickland came back to the ring and put his arm up and shook his hand as a sign of respect and helped Lazarus throw teabags into the crowd.

Rating 3/5 – Strickland is awesome and so is Lazarus who showcased why he is one of my favorite wrestlers in the UK and my overall favorite on the TIDAL roster and it is 1-0 to TIDAL in TIDAL vs CZW!! The rating was due to the fact it was better than the first but was a teabag deathmatch so it wasn’t a normal match i’m used to but of course your going to get that with Lazarus and CZW!

Match 3 – Violet O’Hara vs Kimber Lee

Another wrestler that TIDAL introduced me to was Violet O’Hara who has held her own in TIDAL over the past year and even though she is small she is a very good wrestler and like Lazarus has earned this opportunity to be on this card vs a CZW talent because like Lazarus she has held her own and has been a bit of an underdog in TIDAL over the past year. TIDAL are really good for this as they do book wrestlers who normally wouldn’t work for promotions like this and really develop them into title contenders into the promotion and I wouldn’t be surprised if over the next year Lazarus is champion and O’Hara is if there is a Women’s title in the future. Her opponent is Kimber Lee who is also coming to BWR in the future, she was the first graduate of the CZW Training Academy and is a mainstay in the CZW Womens division and CZW’s female promotion owned by DJ Hyde, Women Superstars Uncensored. She is also part of the tag team The Cherry Bombs w/ Cherry Bomb in promotions such as Smash. After a great hard hitting women’s match, Kimber Lee defeated Violet O’Hara by Pinfall and for the first time, O’Hara shook another competitor’s hand unlike with KLR when she kicked her in the head. This could maybe symbolize a face turn in the future but I’m guessing we will have to wait and see!

Rating 4/5 – One of the best women’s matches I have seen and definitely wasn’t a toilet break match like a lot of wrestling fans describe women’s matches to be. This was a great segway to the Rampage Brown vs DJ Hyde match!

Match 4 – TIDAL Championship – Rampage Brown vs DJ Hyde

Rampage Brown is of course one of the best wrestlers in the UK today and a marker of that is the fact that he used to be part of WWE developmental. At only 31 years of age he still has a number of years left in Wrestling which is a good thing if he stays on the British circuit as he is an integral part of it! He won the title at High Tide off the first champion El Ligero in a great match back in June. DJ Hyde on the otherhand is a BWR alumni and was my second ever audio interview in fact, he is the CZW owner having taken over from John Zandig in 2009, He is the current Rockstar Pro champion and has held the CZW Iron Man/New Horror title but never the Heavyweight strap which shows that he isn’t just there to make himself champion. Hyde cut a heel promo before the match started and made the match CZW rules! This match was crazy and just how I like it especially with Rampage Brown, every single match bar a few now that he has had in TIDAL have included going out into car parks and the bar so this was no different. This match included everything including them going into the front of the Leeds University Union and taking the fight there, Hyde being chopped all the way round the ring by all the fans as well as some insane wrestling in the ring. In the end Rampage Brown ended up getting the victory and retained the TIDAL championship.

Rating 4/5 – This was a great match and the fact that the fans went around chopping Hyde made this match for me and if I was at the event itself, I would have marked out after doing that and felt that I got my money’s worth!

Match 5 – Joseph Conners vs Drew Gulak

Joseph Conners is my 2nd favorite wrestler in the UK just behind Mark Haskins, I was there when he turned on Paul Malen with the belt and the feud engulfed in Southside and have bought a shirt from him before and got complimented on the shirt by him at a EAW event in September! I have basically all his merchandise and I don’t buy a lot of Wrestling merchandise all together. He was the first wrestler I saw live and to see him grow and grow and grow over the past year is amazing and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the next big talent to be snapped up. His opponent was former CZW Heavyweight champion Drew Gulak, a BWR alumni and the champion on last years tour. When he broke out last year I thought he would be the next big thing in America and I still heavily believe that! Conners played the face for the first time in the while and it was weird as i’m so used to him playing heel. It was a great technical encounter between one of the best in Europe vs one of the best in America, it was a good choice by TIDAL management to put this where it would be stupid to put another deathmatch in it’s place and it gives the crowd in attendance a change of pace. Reason why I didn’t write much for this match was the main reason was that I was hooked and couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Drew Gulak won in the end which was weird as normally the British talent goes over the American talent but it was very much deserved from Gulak who had the advantage basically all the match, Conners got back intowards the end with a great spot with both men exchanging slaps and Gulak won it with a rollup. This was an amazing match which showed the in ring prowess of both men and once again showed why Conners is a credit to British Wrestling. In the end Conners shook his end and looked spent before showing his respect to the crowd.

Rating 5/5 – This was all explained above but this was an awesome technical match and considering I really enjoy both wrestlers work immensely, it had to get a higher grade than what other people may think. The commentators were right that DVD doesn’t do it justice and I bet live it was even better!

Match 6 – El Ligero vs Rich Swann

This match is between one of the best talents in Europe today, El Ligero versus Rich Swann who as well as being my favorite wrestler outside of the UK is one of the best in the world currently and shows that time after time in promotions such as PWG, Evolve, DGUSA and Rev Pro and Southside over here. He is a former FIP Tag Team Champion, RPW British Tag Team Champion, Open The Triangle Gate Champion and Open The Owarai Gate Champion to name a few and is one of the most in demand wrestlers in the States currently. He is currently over here on a tour of the UK concluding on Saturday I believe! This is a classic match that pits two of the best high flyers in the world against each other and this was a great sub main event and it was great to put this here after a technical match to have another change of pace. This was really fast paced and both men went for it with some hard hitting shot as well as the high flying moves that are expected. This included an epic Reverse Hurricanerana and after an epic match Ligero ended up winning it with a FMO. They shook hands at the end of it even thought they weren’t going to originally!

Rating 5/5 – Another excellent match to follow the Conners vs Gulak match and was a great change of pace. They both have great in ring chemistry and it showed in this contest.

Main Event – Biff Busick vs Martin Kirby (CZW Heavyweight Championship on the Line)
Biff Busick is someone who has flown onto the radar over the past few years after starting to work for CZW! Since then he has gone onto work for the likes of DGUSA, FIP, PWG and C4 to name a few. It always seems to happen with the European tour that the Wrestler that goes over there comes back and loses and this was the case with Busick as he lost it to Sozio at the weekend so it probably means Sozio will come over next tour! This of course means Busick won this match as Kirby doesn’t hold the title. Kirby is a great wrestler for Busick to work and is always a standout on cards up and down the country. He even didn’t audition for TNA BB2 because he wanted Travis to have the opportunity and he opened up the indiegogo page for donations for Kris Travis and his cancer fight. I have interviewed Busick before but never Kirby but there is a reason why which I won’t go into at this moment. This match was a great contest as it was a great end to the show with the title on the line. It was a proper match which included a lot of holds and was more technical but it was hard hitting as well with some great takedowns. This match though was going to be and always was going to be a match where Kirby dominated and then Busick would pick up the win in the end. It had everything a main event needed from high flying to Busick being thrown onto a wall. This included a lot of chairs and a lot of stiff shots as well as Busick being thrown onto about 6 chairs. Busick left the ring with Kirby following him and Kirby brought him back which meant they would fight on the stage and they did. Busick won after Busick flattened him with an uppercut and a suplex!
Rating 5/5 – WHAT A MATCH THIS WAS! Busick once again showed why he is so damn good and Kirby showed as well why he is so damn good! MOTY candidate for sure and a great end to the show!

Rating 9/10 – TIDAL’s second show was so good and add CZW onto that you have a winner. Reason why it didn’t get ten was the fact that the Sean Only vs Dan James match was good but if it wasn’t on there and It got straight to the TIDAL vs CZW action it would of got ten as it was forgettable after all the great matches!

I would like to thank TIDAL for the opportunity as always to review the DVD’s they produce
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