Interview – Shane ‘Swerve’ Strickland



1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers??
#SWERVE is a world traveled superstar looking to make a name for myself in the wrestling world. #SWERVE is driven by the success of his peers and motivated by music to perform to his full potential in the ring.
2. How did you get involved in Wrestling??
#SWERVE moved from Pennsylvania, US to Virginia, US to get my training. #SWERVE researched and found Ground Xero Wrestling and that’s where it all started for me.
3. Could you sum up your overall training experience??
Old school. Very down south style with alot of bumping and slow paced method of wrestling which is referred to as the “Memphis” style. Based off of older WWE, NWA, AWA promotions.
4. Any tips for any up and coming wrestlers??
Watch as much footage as possible. Study your craft. Be as determined as possible to be better and never settle for good enough. Work harder to become Great.
5. Recently you regained the Wired TV title after beating Joe Gacy at Dojo Wars 7, how did you feel when you won the title again and have you got a message to anyone on the CZW roster who may want to step up and face you??
Losing my title was something #SWERVE didn’t see being possible. It was a wake up call that anytime #SWERVE steps foot in the ring I’m gambling. Now it’s to a point that I am no longer gambling with my title reign, I’m making a statement. The statement is that #SWERVE is a force to be wreck one with!
6. Speaking of CZW, you recently were part of the Annual European tour wrestling for WXW, TIDAL and Southside, what are your thoughts on coming to England and Germany for the first time and do you want to return next year??
It was an unbelievable experience for the #InternationalSWERVE! It tested me and I lived up to it every step of the way, if not surpassed my expectations. The fans were phenomenal and they welcomed #SWERVE with open arms. The locker room had so much talent as well as great spirits. It’s not a question of “IF” #SWERVE will return, but “WHEN”..
7. When you were on the tour you took part in UK’s first Aerial Assault match, was it good to take part in a match that had never been over here before and make history over in the UK??
It’s always a great moment in your career when you can make history in this business. Myself, along with 5 other competitors will forever be remembered in the UK as being apart of the 1st Ever Aerial Assault match.

8. Who stood out to you and the rest of the CZW roster while you were over in the UK and Germany??

The Aerial Assassin Will O’Spreay, Marc Andrews, Bad Bones John Klinger, Robbie X, The Hunter Bros, El Ligero, and Kay Lee Ray.

9. You took part in a Teabag Deathmatch at TIDAL which is unique to say the least, what is your opinion on this match looking back on it??
#SWERVE hates tea… next time, we shall do Coffee vs Teabag Deathmatch.
10. You took part in the Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup earlier this year getting to the final before losing to Drolix, after competing in your first one do you want to return next year and go all the way??
It was heart wrenching losing in the finals to say the least, #SWERVE vows that next year I will win the entire tournament!
11. You made your debut for DGUSA last year competing in four matches including two Six Way freestyles, after debuting for them is your ambition to go to the Japanese version of Dragon Gate or even the UK version in future??
If #SWERVE was given the opportunity to travel over to Japan or UK for Dragon gate than without a doubt #SWERVE would take it.
12. At the weekend you face off with Amazing Red at XWA presents Lockdown, have you got any words for your opponent??
Amazing Red was someone #SWERVE had studied and looked up to for over a decade in this business now. It’s truly an honor. But now it’s my time to step up and become the new legend of professional wrestling. And this starts with competing against, and BEATING the current legends like Amazing Red. This will be a match up that the fans are going to love and remember for years to come. The passing of the torch.
13. What are your future ambitions in Wrestling??
To travel the word more and more and make an even better living for myself than I already am. Be it with international companies or nationally based television,  my goals are always to do better than before.
14. Where can the readers find you on Social Media and where can promoters book you??
Facebook: Shane Swerve Strickland/ Twitter and IG: @STRICKLANDSHANE
Booking inquiries email:
15. Any future dates or anything else you wish to plug??
#SWERVE Merchandise available @randomthingsco and on CZW Cage of death Dec 13th Flyers Skate Zone Voorhees, NJ!

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