DVD Review – WWE Slam City



Welcome to my latest WWE DVD review and the first as part of me doing WWE reviews permanently after my month trial!

The first DVD to be released in the month of November is WWE Slam City, this DVD is aimed at a younger audience so it is a departure to what we’re used to from WWE Home Video. These shorts originally aired on WWE Network and includes Mattel Style representations of WWE Superstars like the Rumblers action figures you see in the shops. These WWE Superstars have been fired from their jobs at WWE by The Finisher who has locked Mr McMahon up in a crate. Superstars such as John Cena: Mechanic – The living embodiment of hustle, loyalty, and respect. In SLAM CITY, he works blue collar in an auto repair shop, embracing his love of cars and providing a valuable service to the community.
Kane: Cafeteria Cook – A monstrous demonic creation straight from the pits of hell. In SLAM CITY, he is employed as a short order cook in the elementary school cafeteria, surrounded by the most evil and foul creatures on the planet…children!
Rey Mysterio: Crossing Guard – The high-flying hero of children everywhere, Rey now dedicates his days to ensuring the protection of our most vital assets as they make their way to and from SLAM CITY Elementary School. He is still WWE’s giant slayer, only now, the giants are semi-trucks! have to find these jobs on the outside in this fictional city!


This is released in the UK on November the 3rd so I got it on early release to review while it will then be released in the United States on November 25th! It is good to see it released in the UK before the States so people who haven’t seen it through the website can get a feel for it before we get the Network later on this year. Also at a price of only £7. it is affordable and is also a good present idea for the Kids for Christmas. All the characters follow a different path such as Rey Mysterio being the crossing guard in the first part he saves the kids from a lorry and in the second part, Sandow gets involved and in the end Mysterio saves both him and the granny and the Rock and Mark Henry constantly fighting over pizza in this arcade and these stories are easy to follow so everyone can keep up with what’s happening.


Rating 5/10 This opinion may differ with other reviews of this DVD but I enjoyed it for what it is animated shorts featuring WWE Superstars but it is just that and this will appeal to children but not to the adults. Like I said it is good to release this in November just before Christmas to put more stocking fillers/presents in their mind before the big day! Overall, this DVD is easy to watch and with 26 short episodes it takes little time to watch and review, the only other problem with this is that it gets repetitive and if it was longer it would have got less than 5!

Thanks to WWE Home Video/Fetch for having faith in me and keeping me on as a reviewer! Expect a lot more of these sort of reviews!

Want to preorder a copy of Slam City and get it on the release date of 3rd November : http://www.wwedvd.co.uk/slam-city-p-11881.html?osCsid=62dd22e1b2ebfe50fa78abbe22d3b23c

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