Interview – Lance Lawrence





Photo Credit : Oli Sandler

1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers??

My name Is Lance Lawrence I am an energetic high flyer, I have been wrestling for 2 years and have loved every minute of it.

2. How did you get involved in Wrestling and could you sum up the training experience you received??

I have been in love with wrestling since i was 6 years old and I knew it was what I wanted to do, So I researched wrestling schools and I went to IPW training and It was a real experience to learn all the ins and outs of wrestling.

3. Going onto your first match, do you remember who it was against and looking back on it now was it good or bad??

My first match was against Jonathan Windsor and looking back it was a good match I was nervous but I learnt so much from one match.

4. You were initially part of The Whizz Kids with Joel Martinengo before joining up with Peace as The Peace Kids, why did you split up to form with Peace??

The Whizz kids was an idea I had because both Joel and I were fairly new and we thought that a young high flying tag team would be exciting, I wouldn’t say we broke up it was just because Joel was so young he had other things In life he needed to pursue. Peace and I teamed originally because I was used to being in a tag team and peace wanted a tag partner it was supposed to be a short term thing but we gelled well together and people enjoyed our gimmick so we thought why not team together while both also having a singles career.

5. You made your Rushden debut taking on The Prime Time Crew for the Tag Team Championships, have you got any words for PTC ahead of your rematch and you have been part of EAW before but not before last month in Rushden their main show, what are your thoughts on joining the Rushden roster??

Our Rushden debut for EAW was good the crowd were awesome but the PTC cheated to win but we have a rematch on the 2nd of November and it’s time EAW had tag team champions they can be proud off. Joining the EAW roster is great they have a lot of talent and I want to be on the top of the list.

6. You faced The Magnums for The Wrestle Force Tag Team Championships on the 21st September, what are your thoughts on the match in general??

Facing the Magnums was very frustrating we were close to winning the tag gold when one of the magnums decided to hit me with the belt and steal the victory but I will move on and not moan about it, they are very talented but it’s only a matter of time till I will get another tag title shot.

7. You made your TIDAL debut at High Tide back in June taking on Team Amazing, what are your thoughts on the match, atmosphere and will you be returning to TIDAL in Season 2??

Wow our Tidal debut was amazing the crowd were crazy and they were definitely fired up, we really wanted to make an impact and I hope we did, team amazing were definitely the sort of opponents we wanted and i really hope we will be back for season 2.

8. Have you got a message for all the readers??

I’m really grateful to people reading this article its a great chance for people to learn a little more about me and for me to put myself out there a little more.

9. Where can the readers find Lance Lawrence??

People can find me on Facebook I have my own page – Lance Lawrence Twitter – @Lance_WhizzKid And if anyone would like to use me on any of their shows my email is

10. Have you got any dates you wish to plug??

Dates I would like to plug 2nd of November EAW 14th and 15th November for Lucha Brittannia

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