DVD Review – WWE Attitude Era Vol.Two


This is my latest WWE review and the second review of this week after WWE SummerSlam 2014! In a stark contrast from that, we have the second volume of The Attitude Era! Presented by Michael Cole, this DVD continues to tell the tale of the Attitude Era after the first DVD. This is a mix of both interviews, full moments and matches including:

– 30 unfiltered matches ranging from WWE Championship bouts to rare classics from RAW, SmackDown, Heat and much more.

– The entire once in a lifetime cast from the rebellious to the demonic, the iconic, and the just plain weird.

– Delicious Divas breaking WWE hearts and boundaries.

– Vignettes taking you inside the APA’s “office”, behind the Walls of Jericho, aboard The Godfather’s Ho’ Train and much more!

It’s part 2 of the most watched, most controversial and most violent era of WWE history! Relive the rise of Austin 3:16, The Rock, Triple H and many more!

Highlights from Disc 1 include the hilarious and infamous Val Venis/Kaientai “choppy, choppy your pee pee’ segment, The Stone Cold and Vince McMahon angle from the 13th April 1998 and the hilarious DX Take New York segment as well as other matches such as Owen Hart vs Shawn Michaels, The Rock vs X-Pac and also vs Ken Shamrock and the debut match of Chainsaw Charlie also known as Terry Funk.

On Disc 2, we get quite a lot of the Godfather a.k.a Charles Wright including Godfather & Val Venis vs. Mark Henry & DLo Brown from Rock Bottom and also a country segment. Other highlights of this disc are more of Edge with him reminiscing about the brood, Edge vs. HHH, Stone Cold vs. Kane, The Hardy Boys vs. Edge & Christian and Rock vs. The Undertaker in a Casket match which look good on paper while looking at the listing before watching and have good execution especially because of the crowds which smash the crowds that RAW currently attracts! We end this Disc with Jeff Jarrett vs Test in an Intercontinental championship match which I think was good to showcase as it is a match that has not really been seen since it aired and that’s one of the main reasons why this DVD will be getting top marks!

On Disc 3, we start off with Ron Simmons who gives us the story of APA which is followed with a match vs Kane and X-PAC which shows Kane speaking on his own for the first time in WWE after a great and hilarious match between the 4 men which made the DVD great! Following on from Simmons we get a profile on Mark Henry a.k.a Sexual Chocolate at that time and the concept behind the character and how it was born, this was followed up with his Sex Therapy Sessions, after this was the Mark Henry and Mae Young hotel segment on RAW in February 2000 which is hilarious but also disturbing at the same time! Following on from this we get some great matches including Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho vs Tazz and Chris Jericho vs Kurt Angle which explored the debut of Chris Jericho in WWE! Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko followed this which wasn’t as good as their ECW battles but was still fun to see on Heat as one of the unseen battles on the disc, we then get two matches which included the women of the Attitude Era with The Rock and Lita vs Angle and Steph and Lita vs Ivory vs Jacqueline which are good to see as it was at a time where The Rock and Lita were incredibly over and this showed with the crowd who were on fire again. This was against their two challengers and the match following this was also good as it showcased 3 of the best Women’s wrestlers of the time and the outfits they wore at the time showed them to be sex symbols and Divas like Sable and Sunny were at the forefront! This was also at a time where they could do basically anything as it wasn’t as controversial then and that was the beauty of the Attitude Era!

A profile followed about Gerald Brisco and his weak stomach which followed with matches vs Crash Holly and then an evening gown match where they dressed as women vs Pat Patterson which was hilarious because it was that bad and should of never really happened especially as it diminished the Hardcore belt and I never want to see it again really!

The DVD ended with Trish Stratus the best Diva in the history of the company in my opinion and also the hottest of the era! Ron Simmons who started the DVD ended talking about wanting Trish to ride with them! We then got a great match between The Rock and Lita and Triple H and Stratus which was one of the only times where Women main evented Raw and even though it was short, it was a very entertaining match which again showcased 4 of the best at the time and also the crowd was red hot again!

Overall, Attitude Era Volume Two wasn’t really highlighted by must see matches but it showcased some of the most famous stars of the era mixed in with some of the underrated stars of the era! As well as some unseen gems of matches that only ever aired on Heat and Velocity, comedy segments and lots of females bearing all as well as blood and hardcore with some great matches with the likes of Lita, The Rock, Trish Stratus, Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle mixed in there to make this DVD a great trip down memory lane which I would highly recommend!

Rating 4/5 – Granted some of the matches shouldn’t be on here but there are some real gems on this that make it a must see trip down the great time that was the Attitude Era, an era WWE will never be able to recreate and in general one of my favorite era’s of WWE which makes it an easy 4/5!

If you want a copy of this release that was released last Monday please go to : http://www.wwedvd.co.uk/attitude-volume-p-11860.html?osCsid=71c61a4eab27b1165134c8bea7361815

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