DVD Review – TIDAL Wrestling It Came From The Deep


Welcome to my latest TIDAL DVD review and the second in the past two weeks! This event is the first of Season 2, It Came From The Deep which was held at the Dolphin Centre in Darlington!
The card for this is as follows :

3 Way Dance –
Perfect Purdie vs Danny O’Docherty vs Jainus Centurian

Falls Count Anywhere –
Ruby Summers vs Violet Vendetta

AJ Anderson vs Dave Carbon

2 on 1 Handicap

The Proven vs Martin Kirby

Matt Myers vs Liam Lazarus

El Ligero vs Johnny Moss

Nathan Cruz vs Dara Diablo

The first match was the 3 way dance between Perfect Purdie vs Danny O’Docherty vs Jainus Centurian

We started off with a promo from the debuting Danny O’Docherty who had some words for his opponents about him travelling up and down the UK he takes them all. O’Docherty wouldn’t get inside the ring and even when the bell rung he left. This match started off between Jainus and Perfect Purdie who wouldn’t let the fact that Danny wouldn’t get in the ring shy them away. Docherty stepped inside the ring to beat the living daylights out of Purdie. I actually really enjoy the Danny O’Docherty gimmick to be honest as I think having a Gypsy traveller is original and different especially on the British scene. I got introduced to Purdie and Centurian through TIDAL and the same applies to Docherty. This match was a good opener which really got the crowd into it. Perfect Purdie ended up winning the 3 way dance by pinfall after Docherty hit Centurian with the Brass Knuckles which led to a pinfall by Purdie to get the win.

Rating 2/5 – Good opener and if this storyline continues and the matches become longer because of a result it will get higher as I really enjoyed the debut of Docherty and the continued use of Centurian and Purdie. Like I said in my previous TIDAL review (cheap plug please view) I love the fact they use the talent that are in my opinion under used such as Purdie.

Match 2 – Liam Lazarus vs Matt Myers

This match was between two BWR alumni and two of the best and nicest guys on the UK scene right now, Liam Lazarus and Matt Myers. This match is abit weird because traditionally Lazarus and Myers normally are a tag team but TIDAL show that anything will happen! I love both men’s gimmicks especially Lazarus with his We Like To Party/Lazabus gimmick. This was a great match as both men know each other inside out due to being friends! Lazarus may have messed about but when it got down to it he still wrestled even though his fun really annoyed Myers to a point that he threw the friendship out the window. Lazarus ended up winning again to give himself further momentum for the rest of Season 2 and really start his Season 2 with a bang! Lazarus got him in the Small Package rollup for the victory which was a surprise. Lazarus and Myers shook hands once again as a sign of respect and like Aaron the commentator (follow him on Twitter @AaronBeatUp) said I think as well they are the future! Lazarus then stayed in the ring saying where he has come from as a replacement in TIDAL to challenging for the belt and now he wants to challenge for the belt again and basically calling out Rampage Brown! He ended getting everyone to chant We Like To Party a chant that always seems to get in my hand thanks to Liam!

Rating 3.5/5 – A great match that should of been higher up the card but I mainly think that because thanks to TIDAL I have really enjoyed Liam and Matt’s work at the moment and hopefully we get both of them down South soon enough!!

Match 3 – Violet Vendetta vs Ruby Summers

This match was Falls Count Anywhere between Violet Vendetta who has really been making a name for herself on the British scene over the past year with matches versus other BWR alumni’s Lana Austin and Nixon Newell and Ruby Summers who will be the next interviewee and the next Wrestler of The Future interviewee, she has wrestled for the likes of Pride, H.O.P.E and TIDAL over the past years and will be a breakout star next year in my opinion. Vendetta did not mess around beating the hell out of Ruby from the start but Ruby didn’t let her do it for that long reversing and throwing everything at Violet. Violet wouldn’t either and when both women were outside of the ring, she made Ruby pay for getting back into the match. Ruby though started throwing DVD’s at Violet which made her even more angry and both women went out onto the stairs to battle as it was Falls Count Anywhere. Ruby led Violet into the toilet but both women went back into the Dolphin Centre only for Violet to spit drink in her face. The fight didn’t continue in the ring with Ruby double axe-handling her off the radiator. Slaps continued from Violet which was followed up with Violet submitting her on the merch table. Vendetta smashed her a few more times for good measure.

Rating 3/5 – This was good as it put over Violet Vendetta on her TIDAL debut but it wasn’t longer in my opinion and hopefully we get the rematch soon in Darlington as I enjoyed it!

Match 4 – The Proven vs Martin Kirby in a 2 on 1 handicap match
The next match was a handicap match between Martin Kirby and The Proven who consist of Sam Wilder and Caz Crash. The reason why it was a handicap match was due to the fact that Kirby’s normal partner Kris Travis was taken ill at the time which followed up with him being diagnosed with cancer, Get Well Soon Trav! I was surprised with this match to be honest as normally with handicap matches it is tornado but they used tag team rules with Caz Crash starting. This soon changed though especially towards the end of the match where they threw everything at Kirby to try and put him away resorting to tornado rules in the end but Kirby threw Wilder into Crash and got a rollup to defy all odds and win the match even after getting beaten the crap out of by The Proven and this showed at the end of the match with Kirby hardly able to walk. This was a great encounter and it changed my opinion of the Proven from a team I don’t really enjoy to a team that I cannot wait for their next move in TIDAL. This match also continued to see why Kirby is one of the most highly rated prospects in Europe!

Rating 4/5 – This was a great match and showcased all 3 mens talents to the highest level and the fact that Travis wasn’t there didn’t really matter in the sense that they still put on a cracker of a match and would have been even better with Trav.

Match 5 – Johnny Moss vs El Ligero

Again like the Proven vs Kirby match, this came about due to a replacement originally it was Ligero vs Mastiff it changed to Moss vs Ligero. This is refreshing for me as I really enjoy Moss’s work and it will be good to see Ligero start his Season 2 off right with a good win. This was a bit of a dream match between one of the most feared competitors in Johnny Moss who competes on a regular basis in countries such as Qatar and not forgetting Ligero who always impresses and is one of the best in Europe and even travelled to Switzerland a few weeks back to win the title. This match was abit of a contrast as you had the hard hitting Johnny Moss against the quick and agile El Ligero. Johnny Moss was the worthy winner of the match after dominating Ligero most of the match using his hard hitting style to get the better of Ligero on this occasion. Props to Ligero though who wouldn’t give up and battled back at certain points in the match to nearly get the win. This was match of the night so far and once again I was really impressed by both men and I’m looking forward to seeing if there will be a rematch soon enough. Moss ended up winning after Moss picked him up and tombstoned him to the mat.

Rating 4.5/5 – This was another match that even though thrown together worked and I have grown to like Johnny Moss even more after this match with Ligero always being one of my favorites the opinion doesn’t change!

Match 6 – Dave Carbon vs AJ Anderson

Carbon made his debut at their previous show 20,000 LUTT impressing me and this time he was up against one of my new favorite British wrestlers in AJ Anderson who I got introduced to match wise by TIDAL and he always impresses me on these Darlington shows where he mainly appears. There was a back story with this match about Anderson never being beaten by Dave Carbon and he wanted to prove again that he can beat him after all these years. This was a great match that showed some great ring psychology from the two men and the fact they know each other inside out made it even better as they scouted each others moves.  Dave Carbon defied the odds to end up beating AJ Anderson to win for the first time ever basically separating his shoulder and added insult to the injury by stamping on the shoulder and performing the submission again that took him out. Perfect Purdie came in to save AJ Anderson from further injury and this was a great segway to set up for a match between the two later on in Season 2. This was a legitimate injury and Anderson was out for nearly two months after this match returning to action at All Star.

Rating 3/5 – This was a good match to break everything up and give the people at the venue something different in a grudge match after the war between Moss and Ligero and it delivered where it should of!

Match 7 – Main Event

Nathan Cruz vs Dara Diablo

This match was between ‘The Showstealer’ Nathan Cruz and Dara Diablo. Two of the top competitors in the country. Cruz had to step in for Rampage Brown as another replacement after their original title match was called off for now. This was Cruz’s return to TIDAL after an absence and Cruz was jeered by the crowd which made him angry. This also marked his return to Darlington after his last match with ‘The Whole Shebang’ Johnny Gargano which is reviewed in a previous review earlier this year. Both men had offence and fast pin attempts but Cruz always had the edge in this match winning it by kicking him in the face finally and basically cheating after a low blow. Diablo did all he could but it was the referee being knocked out that was the pivotal point in the match. Another great main event and Nathan Cruz impresses me again with his performance and his gimmick always sways me towards him as a cocky heel.

Rating 4.5/5 – Great match like Moss vs Ligero and really highlights both men’s in ring prowess and even though it was another replacement it delivered for sure and I think this is better at this point to put Cruz over instead of Diablo challenging straight away!

Overall Rating – 8/10 – Another solid effort from TIDAL and even though this is not their Leeds show which is their main show, I always enjoy these shows due to the fact it introduces me to a whole different spectrum of Wrestlers that we don’t normally get to see on the main Leeds show such as AJ Anderson and Perfect Purdie! I cannot wait to review their next show and it looks from the outset of Season 2 it is going to be another good year for TIDAL Wrestling!

would like to thank TIDAL for the opportunity as always to review the DVD’s they produce
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