BWR Wrestlers of The Future Interview – Ruby Summers


Photo Credit : David and Sammi Photography! Used with permission!

1. First of all, describe yourself to the readers of TheBritishWrestlingRevival??

I’m a 22 year old female pro wrestler from Yorkshire, approaching my second year active on the British circuit, I’ve wrestled for promotions such as House of Pain: Evolution, Tidal Championship Wrestling and New Generation Wrestling amongst others.

2. You currently train with Grapple and NGW, how did you get involved in Wrestling training, how has your experience so far been and would you recommend either training schools??
I got involved in wrestling early 2013, I’d watched WWF/WWE since I was a little girl and always idolised Lita and Trish stratus, its always been something I’ve wanted to do so after I’d finished college I decided that I was gonna find a training school, luckily one of my friends was already training at Grapple and took me along one day, I trained with Paul Clarke and JC Thunder, I’ve learnt so much from both of them, I branched out to NGW in January 2014, where I’ve been trained by El Ligero, Nathan Cruz and Rampage Brown. I would definitely recommend both training schools for anyone ranging from absolute beginners to people who have been doing it some time.

3. You have worked for the likes of TIDAL and HOP:E. what are your thoughts on the matches you had for these promotions and do you think that promotions such as TIDAL and HOP:E are paving the way in British Wrestling currently??
I’m quite happy with all of my matches at these promotions, I’ve always been given great opponents who really challenge me such as Nixon and Violet Vendetta to name a couple. I haven’t managed a win at Tidal just yet, but I did manage to break Violets winning streak in singles competition at House of Pain. I definitely feel that both Tidal and HOP:E are very strong promotions full of great talent and are making a big name for themselves on the scene.

4. What are your future ambitions in terms of Wrestling and where do you want to be in 5 years time??
I’m pretty sure more or less every female wrestlers dream is to make it to WWE and become divas champion, and I’m not saying I wouldn’t, because that would be more than a dream come true, but pushing that to one side, my goals for the next 5 years is to wrestle for promotions such as PCW, IPW:UK and Progress in the UK and maybe even overseas at places such as CZW, OVW and Shimmer in the USA, amongst many others.

5. Where can the readers find Ruby Summers and have you got any future dates etc. you wish to plug??
I’m on twitter – @RubySummers_x
I’m also on Facebook – Ruby Summers
And you can find me at upcoming shows, Tidal on November 7th in Darlington where I’ll be taking on Nixon and Kay Lee Ray, then on the 14th of November where I’ll be debuting at Pro Wrestling Kingdom, for the Kings and Queens tournament, teaming with Chris Brookes in a match against Pete Dunne and Leah Owens.

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