#BWR Wrestlers of The Future Interview – ‘Fantastic’ Jack Fox


1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers of #BWR??

My names Jack Fox and I’m a cruiserweight wrestler who strikes hard, moves fast and is always looking to put on the best show possible. You could say I’m pretty fantastic.


  1. How did you get involved in Wrestling and how would you sum up your training experience??

I began training with Andy Simmonz at the Portsmouth School of Professional Wrestling back in September 2012. Training under Andy has been an amazing experience. I’ve met some great people and made good friends. At times the training is hard but it’s always rewarding. Hard work and deduction plays off. Also being able to get advice from Andy Quildan has been extremely rewarding, as well as learning from Marty Scrull, Rishi Ghosh and Ian Logan. I recommend the Portsmouth School of Professional Wrestling to anyone wanting to breaking into wrestling. 

  1. You are the current One To Watch Trophy Holder and have recently defended it against Will Ospreay, how did it feel to win the title, what are your thoughts on your match with Will and have you got a message for any perspective opponents??

Winning the trophy was great. It being called The One to Watch has brought me some attention. The guys down at South Coast Wrestling have given me nothing my top competition and great opportunities. Facing Will was amazing. I’ve known him for years personally and watched him develop into one of the best performers in the UK. So when I found out I’d be facing, well I was extremely excited. He had just main evented York Hall and won the British Cruiserweight Championship… and I beat him. Just saying.  

4, What are your future ambitions for 2015 and beyond and where do you see yourself being in 5 years time??

My goal for 2015 is to do work more shows, get my name out there and become a better wrestler. Training at the Portsmouth School of Professional Wrestling I have the chance to work my way up to Revolution Pro Wrestling shows. York Hall is a massive goal of mine and I’d like to see myself there, hopefully in 2015, Revpro is where my focus lies right now. As for other ambitions, well I like Progress Wrestling a lot and I feel I’d fit well there. We will see. But as I said Revpro in my main thing right now. 5 years from now? I’d love to be making a living in wrestling. I look at Japan and I’m amazed by the style of the junior heavyweight style, I’d love to go there. WWE the big one of course, I think it’s what everyone is really working for.

  1. Where can the readers find ‘Fantastic’ Jack Fox, where can promoters book you and have you got any future dates you wish to plug??

You can find my on twitter @RealJFox

For bookings contact jackfoxbookings@gmail.com

Also, December 6th Revolution Pro Wrestling is live in the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth. Going to be a big show, I don’t know if I’m on it. But if you’ve like the interview or seen me before, pester the guys at Revpro. Let them know you want to see some Jack Fox. Or don’t, it’s up to you! Also February 7th I’ll be taking on Eddie Dennis in Bournemouth for South Coast Wrestling. Head over to their Facebook for more details soon.

Thanks for your time guys.

“Fantastic” Jack Fox

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